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Things to do in Japan

11 Great Locations to Enjoy Wisteria Arbour in Japan

Japanese wisteria mesmerize people by its mysterious beauty and fragrance. Long strings of flowers in various colors are treat for eyes and souls especially when they are witnessed in great locations. Here listed are the popular sites to enjoy tunnels of wisteria for reasonable cost in a town or in a remote area. If you are to come Japan from mid April to early May, why don’t you enjoy wisteria in full bloom?
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12 Nara’s Temples and Shrines Flourishing with Vernal Flowers

Nara, within one hour distance from Kyoto and Osaka by train, is where Japan’s first capital was and is full of temples and shrines with long history. Most of them are located in rural areas or deep in mountains without eye-sores of high-rise buildings but often with beautiful gardens. Why don’t you stretch your leg to give spring colors to your trip?
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Things to do in Japan

20 Sites to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Japan Except Metropolitan Areas

Hanami or cherry blossom viewing is Japan’s popular events in spring and there are many spots and ways to enjoy it throughout Japan. Here listed are Japan’s great spots except famous sites in Kanto and Kansai regions to enjoy cherry blossoms. Picnic, stroll under flower tunnels, or party under the blooming trees-why don’t you stretch your leg for wonderful experience?
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10 Tokyo’s Accommodations to Experience Japanese-Style Inns

If you look for traditional Japanese style ryokan in Tokyo, there are not many but some ryokans and alike still remain. Here listed are the accommodations ranging from generously priced ryokan housed in traditional Japanese architecture to a bit pricey but modern facilities with luxury. Why don’t you try one of these for intriguing experience?
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The Tokyo’s Top 10 Ramen Restaurants Chosen by Ramen Experts in Japan

Here listed are the top 10 ramen restaurants in Tokyo metropolitan area from down to top chosen at Ramen Walker Grand Prix. It is promoted by the information site, Ramen Walker, specialized in ramen restaurants in Japan. The database includes over 57000 ramen restaurants. Its honorable grand prix is voted by ramen lovers including 100 specialists who frequently eat ramen for their profession or for pleasure- some eats more than 500 ramen a year!
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