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Japanese canned food

The uniqueness of Japanese cans is that the majority are full of fish! In this picture, all these cans are fish cans. In general one can can be from 100 yen to 300 yen (about 1-3 dollars).

Sea Chicken

We call it Sea Chicken because it taste like chicken breast. It’s a typical Japlish expression. What is really in this can is tuna or sometimes bonito. It’s most of the time put in oil. A light version of these cans are also available for those who are concerned about the amount of oil in the cans.

Basic combination : Sea Chicken with mayonese

Mixing Sea Chicken with mayonnaise is really popular in Japan.We put it in a rice ball and it’s very popular.

Rolled kelp with fish

Here is fish rolled up in kelp. The fish can be Pacific herring, saury, or other fishes.

Inside the can

Here’s how it looks like inside the can! The base of the sauce is soy sauce with sugar. It’s a salted and sweetened sauce that goes really well with white rice. It seems that a lot of people put it in their bento. You can enjoy eating kelp and fish at the same time, and it also look gorgeous.

Saury Kabayaki

This saury kabayaki can is also an essential among Japanese cans. Kabayaki is a way to cook a dish in Japan. You first cook a fish, and then let it simmer in soy sauce, sugar, Sake and other condiment. And finally broil or grill it. This way of cooking is called Kabayaki.

With rice

Put the Saury Kabayaki on top of white rice, add fried eggs, green onions, and you will obtain a beautiful and delicious looking plate!

Even with pasta?

You can find Peperoncino recipes that use Saury Kabayaki as an ingredient. This looks really yummy for a Japanese. In Japan, we like to use Japanese ingredients and integrate it in occidental recipes like pasta. We call it “Japanese style pasta” and it’s very popular.

By the way..

In Japan the Saury’s season is autumn.The Saury looks like a pointy sword, so we can write the kanji of autumn 『秋』, sword『刀』, and fish 『魚』 to write down the name of this fish “秋刀魚” (literally means the sword fish of autumn).

Miso Mackerel

The Miso Mackerel is a famous traditional dish that has been put in a can. The Mackerel is simmered in a condiment called Miso (fermented soy bean paste).

The base ingredient of Japanese cooking : Miso

Miso is fermented soy beans salty paste which is one of the most basic condiment in Japanese cooking.

Inside the can

The Mackerel is tightly packed in a can.

How the Miso Mackerel usually looks like

This is what we can put in cans!

It’s perfect with white rice

This is how you can present this dish. A normal Japanese person would be jumping around in excitement at this view. You would certainly become addicted to this strong flavor dish if you’d try it as well.

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