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(Model : Rena Takeshita)

There is a perfect fashion magazine for women who want to be kawaii, but at the same time to be sexy to seduce men. 《ar》is a popular magazine among girls and women in Japan. 


 (Model : Masami Nagasawa)

In Japan, the most important thing to be popular among men may be to be kawaii, but some girls think that they need to be a little sexy to be even more attractive.



 (Model : Kiko Mizuhara)

However, in Japan, the notion of “sexy” is seen as a little provocative, so when girls want to add a little sexy charm, they need to know how to be a sexy girl in a natural way.


 (Model : Rola)

So, 《ar》 plays a very nice role in the lives of Japanese girls and women by proposing a perfect balance between sexy and kawaii.

“Ero Kawaii”


 (Model : Yu Hirukawa)

The phrase “Ero Kawaii” is often mentioned in 《ar》. What does it mean in Japanese? “Ero” comes from the English word “erotic.” So it means “erotic and kawaii.”

What is “Mesu Girl”?


(Model : Kiko Mizuhara)

“Mesu Girl” is a word invented by 《ar》. The catch phrase of this issue in the upper right corner is “the spring of mesu girl”. What does this word frequently used in 《ar》? According to the interview of the chief editor who invented this word, “Mesu Girl” means a girl who is happy, healthy and sexy. (The interview is only available in Japanese. If you understand Japanese, click the link below.)

What is “Mesu Girl?” Interview (JP)


Hair style


What 《ar》 proposes to  readers are tips on how to be a “Mesu Girl”. For example, they provide lovely hair style tips and photos.





Of course, they show us the cutest trendy lingerie too.

Skin Care

kawabata takeru_igarishinobu_beautrium_works_主婦と生活社「ar」14'6_2-thumb-345x472-18249

Skin care is one of the essentials to be an attractive “Mesu Girl”!! The magazine often explains the skin care routines which popular models or actresses actually carry out. In this issue, they introduce the skin care products which Masami Nagasawa, a very popular actress, actually uses.



What girls learn a lot about from 《ar》 is makeup techniques.




“I’m going to see my darling with red cheeks!!”

Proposal for girl’s night


They even propose how to get dressed on girls’ night!

Proposal for Rock Festivals


And even the coordinate, hair style and skin care for going to a rock festival in summer!

Enjoy being a girl♡


When 《ar》 invented the word “Mesu Girl”, they had the concept; “Be positive and enjoy being a girl”. Once you read this perfect magazine, you will surely feel that you are happy to be born as a girl!

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