[Osaka/Kimono Rental] An Authentic Kimono Rental, Fitting, & Hairstyling Plan!

This is an opportunity to try on a kimono, the national dress of Japan. The traditional T-shaped garment is worn by wrapping it around the front of the body and tying it at the waist with a sash known as an obi. The plan includes the rental and fitting of a kimono, an obi, and a pair of zori (Japanese sandals), as well as free complementary hairstyling.
The kimono experience lasts the course of the day, and next-day returns are also possible!

Choose from a Selection of Over 1,000 Different Kimonos

There are many different kinds of kimonos available for various occasions, whether you’ll be wearing it for a stroll in the city, or to a formal event like a wedding or a tea ceremony. There are also specialized types of kimonos such as the furisode (long-sleeved kimono), worn at traditional Seijinshiki (coming-of age ceremonies), and hakama (formal skirts) for graduation ceremonies.

The Only Store for Kimono Fitting with Direct Access from Osaka Station!

The quick and smooth fitting and rental return at Osaka Station let you set off immediately for some kimono-clad sightseeing in Umeda!

Free Hairstyling and Abundant Accessories to Enhance Your Style!

An experienced hairstylist will provide a free standard hairstyling of your choice while also offering suggestions for the best styles to match the kimono and occasion. Numerous accessories such as floral decorations, ornamental string, and Japanese umbrellas, in addition to some unique ways of tying the obi, open up a host of variations to coordinate for the perfect commemorative photo or social media post.

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From 3,190 yen