[Kyoto/Arashiyama] Take a Tour Amid Autumn Leaves in Saga Arashiyama /Daikaku-ji Temple, Suzumushi Temple, Yoshimine Temple, Matsuno’o Taisha Shrine, and Cycling

Arashiyama is home to an abundance of sightseeing spots including Togetsukyo Bridge, the Path of Bamboo, and Tenryu-ji Temple. This tour extends a bit fit further out from a typical tour constrained to the vicinity of the station, reaching destinations that would be otherwise difficult to get to on foot. You’ll bike across the Togetsukyo Bridge and ride along the Katsura River as you take in the lush Arashiyama scenery and make a stop at Matsuno’o Taisha, Kyoto's oldest shrine, and Suzumushi Temple, where crickets can be heard year-round. The tour also includes an onsen (hot spring) experience near Togetsukyo Bridge. While traveling around by car, you’ll tour Daikaku-ji Temple and Yoshimine Temple. Daikaku-ji Temple is the head temple of the Daikaku-ji School in the Shingon sect and is known for Osawa Pond and countless fusuma-e (paintings on sliding rice-paper doors) and sumi-e (ink wash) paintings. The temple is also known as the founding place of the Saga Goryu school of ikebana (traditional Japanese flower arrangement). Yoshimine Temple is the 20th of 33 temples forming a pilgrimage route across the western part of Japan.

Lunch Recommendations Based on Your Preferences!

Recommendations for the best locations to find your preferred kind of lunch cuisine will be provided a guide who currently resides in Arashiyama and has lived in Kyoto for nearly 50 years.

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