Always be warm in Japanese roomwear brands like Gelato Pique!

Who says you can't be stylish at home? Many Japanese brands have released their own line of roomwear, knowing that even at home, there are plenty of people that want to stay chic. This article introduces you to one particular brand, Gelato Pique, that sells extremely comfy and cute roomwear. Take a look to see if there's something you'd like!



Roomwear: a fashion trend for staying at home

The concept of room wear is one of those peculiarities of Japan and Japanese fashion that I love – clothes just for loafing around at home in. Awesome.

Roomwear, at first glance, look exactly like pajamas. But roomwear as a concept in Japan is more about lounging and comfort than it is sleeping. Many of the fabrics that roomwear is made of are too thick to be comfortable to sleep in, and they often have details such as bows and hoods that aren't meant for tossing and turning. Instead, roomwear is about changing from your everyday, work-hard self into your comfortable, cozy, warm home attire. 

Popular roomwear brand Gelato Pique

“Dessert for grown-ups” ---
The brand is happily creating relaxing clothing that makes you
comfortable and is fit to your lifestyle, as “fashion in the room.”
"Sweets to wear," to stimulate your room for a dessert,
affordably priced like a dessert, is for all the women like you.

One of the best features of Gelato Pique's roomwear is their "moco moco" fabric, which is made of 41% bamboo fibers. It is almost ridiculously soft, and while it requires a lot of care, it is guaranteed to make you feel the coziest you ever have in your life (as well as the warmest, without being too hot).

Gelato Pique also sells swimwear, outerwear, lingerie, dresses, bags and several other kinds of clothing.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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