Aizu decorated candles are one traditional handcraft we are proud of

The history of decorated candles in Aizu, Fukushima is long. They say it started when a feudal lord encouraged people to plant lacquer trees over 500 years ago. The sap of this tree became a lacquer paint, while the wax came from its fruit. As a result, both lacquer and candles have been traditional handcrafts in this area.

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Beautiful picture on candle handle 

In 1590, distinguished technicians were sent from the west to Aizu. They taught how to increase the quality of candles, and helped to make them popular in Japan.
As a result, decorated candles started to be loved among the upper class, lords, shrines and temples.
It is said that winter in Aizu has a lot of snow and it is impossible to get flowers for the buddhist altar, so instead they lit these decorated candles.

You can try decorating them in Aizu

There are many traditional candle shops which allow customers to experiences paint ing their own candles. It must be a nice memory when you visit this area.


This shop has a 300 year history. You can learn their great technics there!

This festival began to make people learn more about Aizu candles in 2000. More than 10,000 candels are lit up at the same time all around the city.

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