[Tokyo/Mitaka] A Sumo Wrestling Experience in the Ring with the Pros! Take Home Some Chanko Soup, the Staple of a Wrestler's Diet

This sumo trial experience is led by 2 sumo practitioners who will serve as your teachers, providing explanations and instructions on how to sumo wrestle through 2 interpreters. This is also a rare opportunity to get into an actual sumo wrestling ring—which typically aren’t open to the public—where you’ll be taught all of the basic customs of sumo, from how to tie the mawashi (sumo loincloth) to shikofumi (ritual stamping).

Donning the Mawashi

First off, you’ll be putting on a mawashi: the one-piece traditional garb of the sumo wrestler.
In addition to solidifying your waist and hips as a center of balance, grabbing the opponent's mawashi is an integral part of performing throws or making them lose their balance.
As a wrestler becomes stronger, the color of the mawashi becomes darker.

Shiko Stamping

This exercise is an excellent way to train your sense of balance and flexibility—the most important elements of sumo wrestling.
Shiko also has a ritual element that involves stamping out evil spirits in the ground as you lift your leg and stamp it down.
Hakuho, who is currently the highest-ranked yokozuna (the highest rank in sumo) in professional sumo, is one of the most ardent believers in the importance of the basic practice of shiko.

Head-to-Head Practice

“Suriashi” refers to a sumo technique of pushing an opponent by sliding one's feet without them leaving the ground.
You’ll put your forehead against the opponent's chest, and hold your hands right below to push him from one edge of the ring to the other.
Through the trial, you'll learn this basic technique of how to best concentrate your mass to push an opponent.

Basic Information


From 13,500 yen