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Here it’s not just “anime character bento” made for kids, but we’ll also introduce “cute adult bentos” that you can enjoy at seasonal events.

“Character bentos are where the inside of bentos are made to look like manga, anime, celebrity characters, scenery, or even machinery like cars.”
“In Showa 7 (1932), in the publication “Kids’ Drinks and Bentos,” the two best methods proposed to deal with children’s pickiness was to “process ingredients so that you can’t distinguish them” and “make the food’s appearance beautiful.” At the latest, from the beginning of the Showa era, it can be assumed that the scheme of creating bento that would make children happy had spread.”
“The current spread of character bentos are not because of professional food critics, but rather recipe blogs of regular people. There have been, in succession, books published based off of the gathered recipes of popular bloggers, and blogs have become a big research topic for food researchers.””

Because the bento is made with a riceball base, it’s a bento that’s easy to deal with.
The lines of the eyebrows, eyes, and mouth are cut out of seaweed. The detailed work shines brightly。

Heavy Construction Machinery

This is a themed bento a mom made for her child who was going on a field trip to a factory.
This was probably made while looking at a picture, and it even has the logo of the construction machinery maker. The level of detail is surprising, as she recreated things one would normally miss like the top part of the shovel and the hydraulics damper of the arm that sticks out.

Pokemon – Pikachu

It’s actually omurice. It’s essential to sculpt the omurice in a shape hat resembles what you’re making.
Nevertheless, the balance with the side of the eyes and mouth within the frame of the face is perfect.
I wonder how they calculated it?
I wonder if they habitually create rough draft sketches of their character bento designs.

Moomin – Snufkin

The face and the hat seems to be made of rice mixed with different types of furikake. The lines of the face are very clean, and it’s dished up very smoothly.
They also used the edges of the bento box to skillfully create the lines of the hat.
To make this, it’s necessary to train your powers of observation and your imagination every day!

Princess Mononoke – San

The flesh-colored parts are ham, and the white parts are probably boiled eggs cut into shape. Even so, this is extremely detailed.
Because it’s so perfectly accomplished, it’s too good to eat.
However, if you bring it back home without eating it, Mom will probably make a sad face.

My Neighbor Totoro

Though it seems easy to make because it’s a seaweed-wrapped rice ball, it’s very detailed.
This has been made with artistic inclinations, as seen by the mushroom-shaped weiners and the good color balance.
If it were me, it would be impossible to make.

Mickey and Minnie

Just by looking at it, this bento makes you feel full. You probably feel troubled by where you should start eating from.
If it were me, my lunch break would be over before I figured out where to start eating.

[Adult Character Bento] Snowman

If you have a bento this cute, you wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring it to the office.
When you open your bento, it’s a snowman…it’s even smiling coyly a little bit.

[Adult Character Bento] If you look closely, it’s Mickey!

Here is a Mickey Mouse arranged with one big norimaki rice ball and two smaller ones.
Then it’s filled in with other multicolored side dishes.
If you look closely, it gives off a good feeling of “an adult’s secret enjoyment.”

[Character Bento Goods] Onigiri-type

If you put rice in these cases and push the cap down, you can make rice balls in the shape of bears, rabbits, or flowers.
There are also a lot of items that you can use to cut ingredients into shapes you’d like being sold at the 100 yen shop.
You can also get colorful picks and soft multicolored silicone cups meant to separate side dishes. There are a lot of items that you can use to begin making the inside of your bento box colorful.

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