A Comprehensive Look at Botanist Tokyo’s Top Natural Products

Japanese cosmetics are known for being high-quality, and are popular throughout the world. Out of the many brands that currently exist, Botanist’s products have been gaining massive popularity within Asia. There’s a specific line that’s only available at Botanist Tokyo, which opened on July 15, 2017 in Harajuku Omotesando. Here’s an introduction to the store and the exclusive products!

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[Only at Botanist Tokyo] Botanical Shampoo & Treatment

This is a part of the popular Botanist product series that is only sold at Botanist Tokyo. When the store opened in July 2017, this Open Commemorative Total Kit completely sold out!

Made out of carefully selected plant-derived ingredients, they are natural products that feel great on the skin. They smell of muguet (lily-of-the-valley), which in the language of the flowers, represents the bringing of good luck. With their sophistication and original labels, they will make your bath time both blissful and luxurious.

Testing Them

The products foam very well and wash off easily. After use, the hair stays smooth all day and smells amazing. It almost smells like you've put on perfume, except it's not as strong as that! Great for those that want a great and natural, but not overpowering fragrance.

(from right to left)

・Botanist Tokyo Open Commemorative Botanical Shampoo - smooth (muguet & tuberose) 

・Botanist Tokyo Open Commemorative Botanical Treatment - smooth (muguet & nectarine) 

・Botanist Tokyo Open Commemorative Botanical Shampoo - moist (muguet & orangeblossom)

・Botanist Tokyo Open Commemorative Botanical Treatment - moist (muguet & nectarine)

This series of products that gives you smooth hair is only sold at Botanist Tokyo (1,400 yen plus tax for each), so be sure to get some when you're in Tokyo!

Check Out Their Regular Botanical Shampoo & Treatment Products Too!

You'll also be able to find their regular shampoo and treatment products at Botanist Tokyo. Since their market debut, they've maintained steady popularity.

There are also many other haircare and beauty products available. Trying the testers can be pretty fun!

The first product on the right in the photo is the Botanical Hair Water (apple & peach, 1,400 yen plus tax), a water-type treatment that can also be used as a perfume replacement. The next product is the Botanical Hair Milk (moist or smooth, 1,700 yen plus tax) that's full of plant ingredients that will penetrate and repair your hair. Lastly, there's the Botanical Hair Oil (moist or smooth, 1,700 yen plus tax). This will help bring out the natural shine in your hair.

Testing Them

As mentioned earlier, their regular products are quite popular as well. The hair water, hair milk and hair oil all give different results, so it's best to use all of the products instead of just one.

The Botanical Hair Mask (1,700 yen plus tax) pictured below is highly recommended. It provides concentrated care and treatment to your hair, so it looks as shiny as if you went to a salon for treatment!

Botanical Body Soap & Milk

Botanist products are not just focused around haircare. There's also a comprehensive range of body care products, such as their Botanical Body Soap (various types at 1,000 yen plus tax for each). Carefully made from natural botanical ingredients and water, it won't strip away the natural oils on your skin. It's also eco-friendly, as it can easily be broken down by microorganisms after you rinse it off. Alternatively, there's the Botanist Botanical Bar Skin Soap (1,000 yen plus tax). This soap takes 75 days to make, and is full of concentrated beauty ingredients.

Both of these products are great for those with sensitive skin, as they're natural and creamy. They're also great for those looking to lead a more healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle!

They'll be going on sale from October 16, 2017, so look out for them!

Testing Them

When using the Botanical Body Soap, it feels as if you're being enveloped by tiny bubbles. After usage, you will feel like every part of your body, down to your pores, is squeaky clean. The skin feels really smooth afterwards too!

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[Hot Topic] Botanical Mouth Wash & Botanical Tooth Paste

The diem Botanical Mouth Wash (Ginger Aroma Mint or Rose Aroma Mint, 1,000 yen plus tax for each) is an oral care product made from plants and other natural ingredients. It helps to prevent bad breath, gingivitis and periodontitis. The fragrance comes from essential oils, so you'll be able to enjoy a natural fragrance that reminds you of the bounties of nature.

They also sell toothpaste! One key characteristic is that because they don't have synthetic surfactants, they don't foam. Despite this, the diem Botanical Tooth Paste (1,200 yen plus tax) has tooth whitening effects, while the diem Botanical Tooth Gel (1,200 yen plus tax) moistens the mouth and prevents bad breath. They're all made-in-Japan products that use carefully chosen ingredients, so they're extremely popular!

Testing Them

The toothpaste and gel feel a bit strange at first, since they don't really foam, but they polish the teeth well and leave a smooth feel. You'll fall in love with it! It is recommended to use the tooth gel for preventing bad breath in the morning, and the whitening paste in the evening, but there's no problem even if you use them at other times.

By the way, the Rose Mint Mouth Wash sold out when the store opened, so it's definitely a hot item to look out for when visiting Tokyo! 


[Hot Topic] Handy Stick Type Mouth Wash

If you're looking for a light and cheap souvenir to take home, then go for the diem Botanical Mouthwash Stick! They come in a pack of 6 (3 flavors) for just 500 yen (plus tax), so they're very reasonably priced. The new Lime Bergamot Aroma Mint flavor is only available for the mouthwash sticks.

[Only At Botanist Tokyo] Assorted Botanical Candles

You can only find these candles at Botanist Tokyo! Costing 1,800 yen (plus tax) each, there are 5 types - Oak, Dew, Forest, Earth and Turf. They're just the right size to take home as gifts!

What is Botanist Tokyo?

This is the flagship store of the popular Japanese haircare and skincare brand, Botanist. It's a pretty popular place that opened on July 15, 2017. It's near to Harajuku Station and Omotesando, so it's nature-themed storefront really stands out from the surrounding fashion shops.

Inside, you'll find not just Botanist Tokyo's exclusive products, but also a large selection of beauty and health products on their shelves. There's a lot of greenery inside as well, so you'll feel calm. Did you know that all their fake plants can be purchased as well?

The staff sprays fragrance mist within the shop, creating a lovely environment where you can shop comfortably.

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Give the Botanist Cafe a Try!

Head up to Level 2 and you'll find yourself in Botanist Cafe. You'll be able to feel a gentle and natural atmosphere, thanks to the plants and wooden furnishing. This popular cafe also offers free Wi-Fi!

The Botanical Brunch Set (menu and prices may change from time to time), along with their other menu items, are made with plenty of carefully selected fruits and vegetables.

The photo is of the Power Set from the Botanical Brunch Salad Set menu. Chicken, avocado and other ingredients with a decent amount of protein are mixed with vitamin-packed ingredients for a balanced and healthy meal. 

This is the Fruits Set from the Botanical Brunch Salad Set. Figs and other delicious fruits are dressed with a lightly acidic balsamic vinegar. 

They also serve smoothies (800 yen each) in various flavors. Pick from Purple Polyphenol, Pink Vitamin, Yellow Fiber, Orange Carotene and Green Mineral. You can have these to go as well!

They also serve next generation relaxation drinks that are meant to help you chill out. True to their purpose, Chill Out and Chill Out Kola - made with hemp and peppermint extracts - will do just that! The Chill's Cup drink in the photo is made with Chill Out, lime and cucumber slices. It'll leave a refreshing aftertaste in your mouth.

These are available only at Botanist Cafe, so be sure to drop by if you get tired while shopping around Harajuku!


The popular Japanese brand, Botanist, has many simple yet sophisticated hair products that are made with natural, plant-derived ingredients. They also have a plethora of attractive beauty and skincare products for sale. Any of these products are sure to make great gifts for the ladies! Be sure to visit Botanist Tokyo to purchase their exclusive products!

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