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There is a very popular bread centering on Japan students. It is called…

lunch pack.

This lunch pack is a new sandwich packed with various ingredients. Package design also changes depending on what’s inside.

The secrets to being popular?

1. Hands are not dirty.

It is trivial to be able to have a meal without dirtying your hands, or without putting in handkerchiefs or tissues, and is stress-free! When it is a normal sandwich, you need to worry about filling oozing out, but there is no such kind of worries for packed lunches.

2. Can be bought easily

Via convenience stores. Cheap.

You can find lunch pack in the convenience stores or the supermarket.
(Photos are arranged side by side, convenience stores lunch pack corner.) In addition, it is affordable and the price is around 150 yen. It is friendly to the student’s wallet.

3. So much variation!

From the start, these peanuts were the most popular. They have peanut butter inside them. A peanut design is baked onto the surface of the bread and, with branding like this, it points out that these are peanut-flavored. The reason why is…

They’re thinking of those who are allergic.

Those with a peanut allergy can tell just by looking. Instead of just writing it down, it’s certainly much easier for people to tell when there’s a peanut right on it!

It looks like this once cut. (Everyone, dig in without cutting…)

When speaking of sandwiches in Japan, then it is the standard egg salad in a lunch pack. There is no question that it is delicious.

There are also unusual ones..

▼Matcha Milk and black honey jelly (?!!)

Mmm? It contains various stuff. Let try to organize it in our head.

Matcha and…

Milk and…

Matcha×milk. Doesn’t it reminds you something? There’s a drink called Matcha au lait, mixture of matcha and milk isn’t it?

Black honey!

What is black honey?

Brown sugar dissolved in water and boiled and thickened

It is a brown sugar made from sugar cane and often used in Okinawa and kyushu.

Black honey usage example

It can be used this way in cold sweets during summer. The sauce on top of the transparent agar (Japanese jelly) is black honey.
A sandwich that normally uses black honey in this manner. There might be value in testing it once if you like Japanese food?!

▼Yakisoba seasoned with sauce -Mayonnaise flavor-

Yakisoba is a popular noodle dish in Japan. It is stir fried with noodles, vegetables and pork in a special sweet and sour sauce. The flavor of the sauce makes it easy to eat and is also popular for people overseas.

The contents looks like this. A sandwich with noodle fixing is innovative. But it is unexpectedly suits each other well.

It is a standard on rice within Japan if you talk about curry but it is combined with naan in Indian curry and also for sandwiches.

Collaboration with a popular Japanese Curry chain store

The flavor of this curry seems to use the curry house CoCo ichibanya curry through the collaboration with the popular Japan curry specialty store “Curry house CoCo Ichibanya”.

The arrangement also looks delicious….

Put it in a hot sandwich!

Bake in an oven to make the surface brown and put it in a hot sandwich! Please try savoring the taste in your home!

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