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Port Tower Selion (Akita city, Akita prefecture)

The height of the observation deck is 100m.
In daytime, you can certainly see Akita city, all the way to Oga Peninsula, Taihei Mountain, and even Chokai Mountain.
During sunset until nighttime, it becomes a fantastic place to take in the magnificent view of Akita.

Sumitomo Sendai Central Building SS30 (Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture)

The south side of the 30th floor of SS30 opened as a observatory deck for free. The night scenery viewed from the height of 128m might be different from the ordinary view of Sendai, the Mori-no-Miyako.

Gunma prefectural government building (Maebashi city, Gunma prefecture)

The Gunma prefectural government building can be found in Maebashi city, located in the northwestern edge of the Kanto plain.
From 127m above the ground, you can view the whole Kanto Plain in the daytime, and at night you can see the illumination of the Tone river oohashi (great bridge) as well as the night scenery of Maebashi city.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower (Tokyo Metropolis)

You can enjoy the night scenery of Metropolitan Tokyo, from 202m above the ground.
However, the night scenery can be viewed only from the North observatory deck.

I-link Town observatory deck (Ichikawa city, Chiba prefecture)

The night scenery of Tokyo observed from the height of 150m can be described as magnificent.
During the sunset, you can see Mt. Fuji at the far end, so it might be more fun if you visit during that time.

Toki Messe (Niigata city, Niigata prefecture)

From a height of 125m, you can see Sado island in the daytime. At night, the colorful night scenery of Niigata can be viewed.

Toyama city hall (Toyama city, Toyama prefecture)

This observatory deck is 70m above the ground, and is located so that you can see Mt. Tateyama in the back, and Toyama gulf in the front.

Ishikawa Prefectural Government (Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture)

The night scenery of the old capital Kanazawa from a height of 80m might be different when compared to the daytime.

Higashi-Osaka city Government building (Higashi-Osaka city, Osaka-fu)

The view of the Osaka plains from the observatory deck might make you feel like you want to conquer it.

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