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1. Nozawa Onsen




The Nozawa Onsen area is in the northern part of Hokushin, the northern part of Nagano that gets heavy snowfall. There are about 30 wells in this area. The natural water is 100% free-flowing, and since many people come to enjoy these hot springs, there are about 200 lodging facilities available to accommodate the guests at this popular tourism area. One recommended ryokan (traditional inn) is the historical, warm Naraya Ryokan.


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2. Bessho Onsen




It’s said that this hot spring will make you a person with beautiful skin, since the weak alkaline water makes skin very smooth. Since the water deoxidizes, it not only helps make your skin beautiful, it also makes you feel less tired and has an anti-aging effect. It’s also good for neuralgia, muscle pain, stiff shoulders, bruises, sprains, sensitivity to cold, and more. The recommended ryokan is Hotel Tsuruya, which is reasonably price but offers delicious food.

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3. Asama Onsen




Asama Onsen has one of the highest volumes of water among all of Nagano’s hot springs. Since there’s so much water, there are many onsen facilities where you can bathe in 100% free-flowing water. The clear alkaline simple thermal water is good for neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, chronic organ diseases, sensitivity to cold, exhaustion, and more. It’s also said to be great for skin. A recommended ryokan is Izumiso, which has a beautiful open-air bath where you can enjoy the sight of seasons all year round.


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4. Yudanaka Onsen




Yudanaka Onsen is famous for being a spring that helps support longevity and health, and it’s split into five areas: Yudanaka, Shin-Yudanaka, Hoshikawa, Honami, and Andai. Each area has many wells. There are many unique lodging facilities in the Yudanaka Onsen area, so many people visit yearly. One recommended ryokan is Kanaguya, which is also registered as a national tangible cultural artifact. It’s historical, has 4 wells, and 8 baths. You can enjoy a luxurious space as leisurely as you’d like.


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5. Yokoda Onsen



Yokoda Onsen, open in 1957, was originally called Shin-Asuma Onsen. Since it’s in the Matsumoto area, it’s also great for sightseeing and cuisine. It’s a simple thermal hot spring, so it’s good for nerve pain, rheumatism, muscle pain, exhaustion, and more. A recommended ryokan is Hakuraiso. It’s a ryokan with an at-home feeling, so you can take it easy during your trip.


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6. Tobira Onsen



Tobira Onsen is an onsen on a mountain that has an elevation of 1050 meters. There’s one inn where you can go as a day trip. That one inn is Myojinkan, which opened in 1931. You can choose to eat their delicious food made with home-grown organic vegetables and local, fresh ingredients in genres between kaiseki course meals, modern Japanese food, or French. The alkaline simple thermal water is good for gastrointestinal disorders, nerve pain, rheumatism, exhaustion, and more. You can enjoy the lovely tree colors during the autumn from the open-air bath.

7. Shoya Onsen




The waters of this onsen are sometimes called “treasure life waters,” and if you drink it, it’s good for gastrointestinal disorders. It will help your tired body relax and feel better. Since it has carbonic acid in it, it’s sometimes called a natural cider, and the brown color of the water is its characteristic. The recommended ryokan is also called Shoya Onsen. It’s hidden away, and it’s a beautiful inn by the side of a river. You can see the river from the rooms, and enjoy eating delicious vegetables from the mountains and fish from the rivers.

8. Shirahone Onsen




Shirahone Onsen is said to be visited by repeat visitors many times a year. The milky white waters are slightly acidic. It’s said to be so efficacious that if you bathe in the water for 3 days, you won’t catch a cold for 3 years. It’s also good for gastrointestinal disorders,  women’s diseases, liver disease, nerve pain, and more. It’s easy on the skin and promotes health. The recommended ryokan is Yumoto Saitou Ryokan, which has 2 large open-air baths. You can enjoy a luxurious time in their baths, their guestrooms, and while you eat their meals.


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