8 Recommended Guesthouses in Okinawa

There are many guesthouses in Okinawa where you can enjoy how locals live as well as the beautiful beach, if you don't feel like staying in a resort hotel. Here are some of those guesthouses. Why not try experiencing Okinawan life?

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1. Sea~Pappa(Women only)[Naha]






This is an Asian-style, comfortable women's only guesthouse where even women traveling alone can feel safe. They have rental bicycles available for free, and thanks to the kind owners' attention to detail, you can have a wonderful trip for a low price. Enjoy your solo travels by interacting with different people.

2. Iyashi no Guesthouse Hanahana [Miyako Island]




This guesthouse was built with a Hawaiian atmosphere so you can enjoy the resort feeling. It's a charming guesthouse of about ~700 square meters, and they use that space well. You can spend a relaxing time here whether you're alone or with your family, and the at-home feeling permeates the space so you can feel connected to others.

3. Lohas Villa [Naha]



Lohas Villa is a guesthouse facing Naha's Kokusai-doori that has a tropical atmosphere fit for the southern islands. It's in a very good location, so it's recommended for people that want to fill their days with sightseeing and shopping in Naha. The room's air conditioner costs 100 yen for 2 hours to use.

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4. Emix Ishigakijima [Ishigaki Island]

This guesthouse inside Euglena Mall is great even for solo travelers because it's in the heart of the business district. It's completely outfitted with WiFi so it's very convenient. On the room, there's an open space where you can enjoy barbecues. 

Room charges: Dormitory starts at 1,500 yen, single private rooms start at 2,500 yen


5. Akachichi Guesthouse [Onna-son]

This guesthouse was built with the owner's desire for the guests to be excited about their stay here. "Akachichi" means "daybreak" in Okinawan. This guesthouse is perfect to make memories in. Also, it's in a fantastic location, and you can enjoy a picnic-style breakfast.

6. Tokashiki Guesthouse [Tokashiki]

This log house-style guesthouse comes with kitchen and barbecuing facilities. It's in the Terayama Forest Park, so you can enjoy a pleasantly cool time even in the summer. Also, you can rent the building so it's great for families and groups.

7. Nakijin Guesthouse Musubiya [Kunigami]

Musubiya is a guesthouse where you can leisurely enjoy yourself only 30 seconds away from a beautiful beach where you can surf and snorkel. There are plenty of events where you can interact with the other guests, such as a potluck dinner. You can enjoy the 500 yen all-you-can-drink awamori (Okinawan liquor) service and gaze up at the starry sky.   

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8. Guesthouse Familia [Miyako Island]





This facility was built with the philosophy of "meeting people one by one," so you can enjoy events like barbecuing with people you've never met before, and they have many repeat guests. The cost-performance is great, and there are private rooms so women traveling alone can stay here without worry. Also, it's in a location where you can walk to both the beach and the city, so you can definitely have a fun trip if you stay here.

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