[2023 Edition] 8 of the Best Places in Osaka For Enjoying the Beautiful Autumn Foliage

From majestic castles to serine waterfalls, Osaka is home to some of Japan’s best autumn sightseeing. Alongside savoring scrumptious Osaka cuisine and intermingling with the friendly Kansai locals, visitors to Osaka in autumn will be presented a marvelous display of autumn beauty, thanks to the fiery red maple leaves, golden ginkgo, and more contributing to the vibrant Osaka autumn scenery! Here are 8 of the best places to visit in Osaka during autumn to see the beautiful autumn foliage!

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When Is the Best Time to See Autumn Leaves in Osaka?

While it depends on the area and year, the best time to see autumn leaves in Kansai, Osaka generally falls between late October to early December. Before making any plans, be sure to check the latest forecast.

1. Minoo Waterfall

Encompassed by lush wilderness, the 33-meter Minoo Waterfall is considered one of Japan's most scenic waterfalls. During autumn, the surrounding forest glows with sublime fall colors, forming an enchanting seasonal spectacle. To celebrate, a fun-filled, jovial autumn festival is held, attracting visitors from across the region. If you prefer seeing autumn colors naturally growing in the wild, this is the best place to go!

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2. Osaka Castle Park

The tapestry of gingko, cherry, zelkova, and more on the grounds of Osaka Castle Park form a gleaming web of color surrounding the iconic castle tower, culminating in a scenery almost too beautiful to look away from! The park’s eastern side in particular features a 1 km circuit lined by golden gingko trees fit for a refreshing fall stroll. Best of all, being virtually in the middle of Osaka City, access to public transport is easy and there are dozens of other renowned tourist attractions to check out nearby!

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3. Katsuoji Temple

Katsuoji is a spacious temple complex attracting worshippers from across the nation. The deeply forested grounds and surroundings include an abundance of deciduous trees flaunting vivid autumn foliage, including maple, ginkgo, and cherry. Everything is lit up at night on the weekends and holidays, creating an even more mystical atmosphere.


4. Daiitokuji Temple

Daiitokuji is a remote temple in the mountains bordering Wakayama. Despite its location, the temple grounds and surroundings are often frequented by sightseers from all over Osaka, particularly during the fall. The area boasts a delightful assortment of maple and gingko trees alongside rustic temple buildings weaving together picturesque scenery, the most famous of which is the dazzling vermillion pagoda. There are also a number of waterfalls in the area, alongside rivers, lookouts, shrines, and trails to scratch that adventurous itch!

5. Inunakiyama Onsen

Reachable after an hour’s drive from Osaka City, Inunakiyama Onsen is a lesser-known hot spring resort tucked away amongst the hills and valleys of Mt. Inunaki. From the resort town is a hiking route lined with phenomenal autumn scenery taking you deep into the wilderness to discover hidden temples and waterfalls. After exploring the area, head back and soak in a hot spring bath and take in the scenery while relaxing.

6. Mt. Kongo

Despite being Osaka’s highest peak, the summit of Mt. Kongo can easily be ascended almost entirely via cable car alone. From there you can explore and hike the summit and surroundings while relishing the lush nature, amazing fall colors, and incredible views stretching across to Osaka Bay. The hiking routes are mostly easy and can be enjoyed by families and hikers of all experience.

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7. Midosuji

Midosuji, the main street of central Osaka, features a pleasant and spacious sidewalk shaded by over 900 ginkgo trees radiating a crisp golden color during autumn. Running almost perfectly straight for over 4 km, Midosuji makes for an exhilarating cityside stroll or cycle amongst the fresh autumn air. You’ll pass by famous Osaka neighborhoods like Umeda, Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori, Ame-mura, and Namba, allowing you to tour the city while checking out the seasonal splendor!

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8. Daisen Park

Daisen Park is a sprawling outdoor complex sitting between ancient tumuli. The park grounds feature a Japanese garden, pond, library, peace tower, museum, playground, and plenty more, providing an entire day’s worth of enjoyment. Naturally, the park also looks fantastic during autumn, which is heightened at night by majestic illumination displays.

Osaka: An Autumn Paradise!

Osaka is jam-packed with spectacular autumn scenery - both within city limits and in the surrounding countryside! With a boundless assortment of parks, mountains, prominades, and more to explore, lovers of autumn should definitely be making Osaka their go-to place to enjoy the charm of Japanese fall!

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