8 Japanese dishes that taste like home

If you talk about Japanese food, you probably have the image of things like sushi, sukiyaki, and ramen, but actually none of those are dishes that are eaten on an everyday basis. Japanese home cooking is full of profound charms! Here are some healthy and delicious Japanese dishes that you'll find on everyone's dinner table.


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1. Nikujaga

If you can make this, you'll grab the hearts of Japanese men?!


One of the main dishes in Japanese home cooking is nikujaga.

Nikujaga is made of potatoes, carrots, shirataki noodles made from konnyaku, beef (or pork) seasoned with sake, soy sauce, sugar, and mirin.
It's a meal that if a girl makes it for her boyfriend, it will leave such a good impression that he might even propose.

2. Kinpira Gobou

Tree roots? But it's delicious.

The tingling flavor is an excellent companion to white rice!

Kinpira gobou is a dish made of carrots, burdock root, soy sauce, chili peppers, and sugar to make a bittersweet stir-fry. Since eating burdock is rare for many countries, you may not be able to imagine the taste, butit has a surprising fragrance and is delicious!

3. Stews

An economic, abundant winter dish with endless flavor variations

After you eat all the vegetables and other ingredients, it's standard to put rice or udon in the remaining broth for another meal.

When the seasons turn cold, something everyone will definitely want to eat are stews.
You can buy stew soups at the supermarket that are salt, soy sauce, miso, kimchi, or many other flavors. It's a simple recipe of vegetables and meat or fish that is then placed on top of the table on a gas burner.
It's also popular for home parties because the whole family gathers around the pot.

4. Oden

The taste of home that you can buy even from the convenience store


This is one recipe in mom's arsenal that is made by gently boiling all the ingredients so that the flavor of the soup penetrates through and warms up whoever eats it.

When winter approaches, even convenience stores sell oden because it's such a cold-weather staple.
It's made with things like chikuwa (tube-shaped fish-paste cake), other fish-paste products, konnyaku, daikon, and eggs all boiled in dashi stock.

5. Pork shougayaki

Full of volume! Usually eaten with cabbage.

Super popular with high school boys! It's a standard menu in lunches and set meals.

6.Takikomi gohan

The flavor pierces through the rice and you can eat countless bowls!


There are many variations on this dish, including mushrooms, vegetables, and meat.

7. Kiriboshi daikon

Dried daikon is an all-mighty preserved food

Daikon that has been cut into long and narrow strips is then dried, then stir-fried with carrots and fried tofu. Even though it's simple, its gentle taste makes it a popular, healthy side dish.

8. Saba no misoni

This dish is made of sliced mackerel, ginger, miso, sake, and sugar boiled in soy sauce. Even though it's a perfect meal to go with white rice, lately even in Japan people aren't eating much fish so most young ladies probably don't know how to make it.

It can be said that if you learn how to make this dish deliciously that you've mastered how to cook like a Japanese mom!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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