7 Unique All You Can Eat Buffets in Japan

Love all-you-can-eat buffets? Here are a few Japanese all-you-can-eat places that specialize in specific foods to satisfy your cravings.


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When you think of an all you can eat buffet restaurants, probably you think of pizza, pasta, dessert, and maybe even sushi. But you probably didn't know that in Japan there are places where you can eat as much avocado or natto as you want. The following restaurants and cafes specialize in one food ingredient, so if you love one of these specific items, these are the places to go.

1. Natto 

Natto is an acquired taste due to its smell and slimy texture but it has a lot of fans. In Sendaiya in Ikjirioohashi, Tokyo, you can eat eight kinds of natto as much as you want for 780 yen. It is a set menu and comes with rice and miso soup. So far, the record of most dishes eaten is 35, but it is probably better to enjoy eating natto rather than trying to break the record. You can also buy surprising food made with natto, such as natto ice cream and natto doughnuts. Although they do not sound tempting, I am curious how a natto doughnut tastes. Also there is a vending machine in front of the restaurant in case your natto stock runs out in the middle of the night.

2. Avocado

At Mexican Dining Avocado Shimokitazawa branch in Tokyo, you can eat as many avocados as you want for 700 yen. However, you have to order the dish between 5:00-7:30 pm and after that, you can eat as much avocado until the restaurant closes at 11pm. Avocado is sliced and served with three sauces: salt, wasabi soy sauce dressing, and chili mayonnaise. You will have to pay 100 yen if you would like extra sauce.

3. Cookies

Although 60 minutes of all you can eat cookies might not appeal to everyone, those with a sweet tooth might not be able to resist this opportunity. At Aunt Stella at Esola Ikebukuro branch in Tokyo, you can eat as much of 16 kinds of cookies for 880 yen for 60 minutes. You can choose one drink from coffee, tea, milk, and orange juice. 

4. Vegetables

At Yasai no Ousama in Ginza, Tokyo, you can eat as many vegetables as you want for 999 yen during the weekday lunch time and 1,260 yen on weekend lunch time for 60 minutes. It is not like the complimentary salad buffet at a pizza and pasta restaurant. There is a salad bar with unusual vegetables, as well as vegetables cooked in tomato sauce, vegetable tempura, vegetable curry, rice and some meat dish, such as fried chicken, for those of us who are meat eaters. Considering how pricy vegetables are in Tokyo and the tendency people have of not eating enough vegetables during their vacation, this might be a good place to go.

5. Pancakes

At ELK in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, you can eat as many pancakes as you want for 1,000 yen. It even comes with soup of the day and coffee or tea. Maple syrup, honey, butter, blueberry jam, and whipped cream are free. If you crave something salty, you can order bacon, scrambled eggs, or a small salad for an additional cost of 220 yen. This is only offered from 10:00am - 12:00pm.

6. Hamaguri (common orient clam)

For those who love clams, you can eat as much Hanaguri as you want at Botefuri in Koshigaya in Saitama Prefecture for just 2,000 yen. If you are just going to eat hamaguri, you will have to order at least one drink. Considering it is 390 yen for three hamaguri, you just have to eat twelve and you have already gotten your money worth.

7. Mentaiko (Spicy Cod Roe)

At Hakata Motsuya Yamaya, you can eat as much mentaiko as you want for 980 yen. There are many branches of this restaurant, so you may be able to find one closer to you. I don't think you can eat that much mentaiko on its own but thankfully, the price is not just for mentaiko. The price is for a lunch set menu and it includes as much mentaiko, karashi takana (spicy pickled vegetables), and rice. There are four lunch sets you can choose from: fried chicken (karaage), ginger pork (buta no shougayaki), chikuzenni (stewed chicken and vegetables), and the daily lunch set. 

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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