7 Delectable Strawberry Treats That You Can Only Get in Tokyo!

Thousands of people come to Japan to see the iconic cherry blossoms in bloom in the spring, but spring in Japan has another delicious secret: fresh, seasonal strawberries! Japan is actually the seventh largest producer of strawberries in the world, and new varieties are introduced all the time. In this article, we will introduce seven delectable strawberry treats that you can only get in Tokyo. Our recommendations for strawberry treats in Tokyo range from luxurious afternoon teas to Instagram-worthy, Barbie themed strawberry pop ups, so we're sure you'll find a perfect place to enjoy your favourite fruit this season!

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1. Strawberry Sweets Buffet at ANA InterContinental

Unwind in a lush, stylish atmosphere as you enjoy a strawberry baked cheesecake, strawberry tarte, and many other strawberry sweets at the ANA Intercontinental Strawberry Sweets Buffet this spring. Take a seat and a guide will introduce you to different kinds of strawberries from all across Japan. There’s even a secret starter dish! If you fancy a luxurious break, this is a perfect place for a Mothers Day treat or a romantic date.

2. Strawberry Dessert Buffet at the Westin Tokyo

The Westin offers an annual ‘strawberry affair’ for four months every year. Think colorful sweets in tall glasses, all sorts of cakes and cookies, and 100 varieties of strawberries. The menu changes every month and includes seasonal flavors like cherry blossoms. This feast is available only on weekdays, and it’s worth giving them a call and making a reservation in advance.

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3. Strawberries and Barbies at The Strings Omotesando

This spring, The Strings Omotesando is celebrating strawberries along with the 60th anniversary of the iconic doll, Barbie. The Strawberry Holic Barbie x Ichigo Collection is a lunch and dessert buffet filled with all kinds of strawberry treats inspired by Barbie. If you are looking for an unusual twist on strawberries, if your kids love Barbie, or if you just want to experience something unique in Tokyo, don't miss this chance.

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4. Strawberry Soft Serve at Strawberry Mania

Strawberry Mania in Harajuku is a cute little shop with an extensive strawberry-filled menu and an upbeat vibe. The soft serve ice creams served here are picture perfect! 

This shop is a good place to go if you want an easy-going place to check out some great strawberry treats. The soft serves come in three flavors, strawberry, milk, or mixed. The mixed one makes for a delightful snack and a great Instagram post!


5. Macarons and Tea at Ladurée

Ladurée presents an elegant and tasty mix of its Parisian roots with strawberry season in Japan. Their strawberry afternoon tea is complete with cakes shaped like strawberries and strawberry flavored macarons that melt in the mouth. The store has several locations in Tokyo where you can sit back and enjoy succulent strawberry sweets.

6. Strawberry Shortcake at Aigre Douce

Our recommendations wouldn’t be complete without the mention of a couple of strawberry shortcakes. Other countries may produce some top-quality shortcake, but this is a long-time staple in Japan that surely outranks the competition. Combining cream, strawberries and sponge cake, Japanese strawberry shortcake is a must try for all strawberry lovers.

The chef who helps run the bakery Aigre Douce was part of the team who won an award in the prestigious Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie. Laden with fresh strawberries but still retaining a delicate shape, the strawberry shortcake here is crafted to perfection. There might be a queue, but it will be worth it!

7. Strawberry Shortcake at Berry Berry, Jiyugaoka Sweet Forest

Berry Berry, Jiyugaoka Sweet Forest is a specialty shop is dedicated to strawberry sweets and is in the Jiyugaoka Sweets Forest. This shop has a large variety of strawberry treats to choose from, starting with its excellent shortcake. Enjoy the Strawberry Mont Blanc, the Princess Tiara Roll, or even their crepes piled with strawberries, vanilla ice cream and condensed milk. The only difficulty you might have is deciding what to choose in this strawberry lover’s paradise!

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Discover Your Own Strawberry Love

Strawberries are a great way to enter the wonderful world of Japanese sweets. In springtime, restaurants and bakeries make an extra effort to bring in seasonal flavors with their creative strawberry-based menus.

Whether you're looking for something traditional, luxurious, or completely adventurous, Tokyo has the perfect strawberry treat for you. We hope you enjoy trying out our selections!


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