7 Standard Products You Can Buy at Japanese Drugstores

Here is a list of Japanese items that you can find in a drugstore that you will grow addicted to after you use them just once. They're also good to buy and give out as souvenirs when you go home.



1. Cooling sheets 

Cooling sheets are used when people spike fevers, but can also be used on hot days when you don't feel like turning on the A/C. They're made to be soft and stick very well to skin so even if you lie down on your side it won't fall off your head. You don't have to cool them ahead of time, and they aren't bulky, so they're very easy to carry with you during your travels. There are strong menthol ones for adults and smaller, gentler ones for adults, so you can pick the one that works best for you. 

HP: www.kobayashi.co.jp/seihin/nss/ (Japanese Only)

2. Kakkonto (Traditional cold medicine)

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"Kokkonto for when you feel a cold coming," is common Japanese knowledge. It's made from Chinese medicine, and is an infusion of herbs like kudzu and cinnamon to create an effective medicine. If you feel yourself growing sluggish, you should take this to stop your incoming cold from getting worse. 

HP: www.tsumura.co.jp/products/ippan/005/index_50.shtml (Japanese Only)

3. Muhi (Anti-itching medication)

This is another medicine that everyone in Japan knows. It works on all sorts of itches, including those from bug bites. You only need a little bit, and the menthol cools the area down and stops the itching. Muhi comes in various forms, including a roller-type or liquid. Some of them even come with cute character packages. 

HP: www.ikedamohando.co.jp/products/insect_bite/muhi_s.html (Japanese Only)

4. Chocola BB Plus (Vitamins)

This is a popular medicine for young women worried about skin problems and excess tiredness. It's said that taking a B vitamin daily is better than taking a general supplement. You can choose between the cheap pill type or the concentrated drink depending on your needs. 

HP: www.chocola.com/product/lineup/bb.php (Japanese Only)

5. Hananoa (Sinus wash)

When you're suffering from pollen or dust allergies, or just feel like you're getting a cold, let's wash our your sinuses! This wash goes into your nose and exits your mouth, so at first you might feel a little repulsed, but when you get used to it you'll be addicted to the clean feeling. You shouldn't feel any pain. 

HP: www.kobayashi.co.jp/seihin/hna/index.html (Japanese Only)

6. Rohto Lycee (Eyedrops)

When your eyes feel swollen or itchy, or if you've just been looking at a computer for too long, then try a drop of this pink fluid. The package is very cute, which has attracted a loyal base of female customers. The pink color of the fluid isn't from added color, but from the vitamin B12 used. It also has a faint rose fragrance. There's also a limited heart shaped case that you might be able to find. 

HP: jp.rohto.com/learn-more/cn-products/lycee/?jp= (中文)

HP: jp.rohto.com/rohto-lycee/eyedrop/ (Japanese Only)

7. Anmerutsu Yokoyoko (Liquid compress)

This liquid compress works to help your stiff shoulders or muscle pain. The bottle is made especially so you can easily rub it on your shoulders without having to make too much of an effort and can do it yourself. There are many variations and strengths, including one formulated to not smell very strongly.

HP: www.kobayashi.co.jp/seihin/nan_y/ (Japanese Only)

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