7 Restaurants With Reasonably Priced Lunches at Kagawa, Shikoku

Your time is limited when you are traveling, and the schedule can be very tight sometimes. If you already know which restaurants sell reasonably priced lunches, that will save up some time. Here are 7 great restaurants at Kagawa, Shikoku, that serve reasonably priced lunches!


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1. Konpira Udon - Sando Branch [Kotohira]

The approach to Kotohira Shrine (Kotohira-gu), one of the most famous tourist spots in Kagawa, is filled with shops – such as souvenir stores and udon restaurants – and always busy. Konpira Udon (Sando Branch) is one of this place’s representative spots. Its wooden construction oozes out an authentic Japanese vibe.

This well-established udon restaurant sells a variety of Sanuki udon at a reasonable price. You can have a bowl of udon with lots of different toppings, such as Shoyu Udon (510 yen) – which is eaten with a special soy sauce – and Kitsune Udon (620 yen), which comes with a huge fried slice of tofu.

2. Piko Piko Seinikuten - Kawaramachi Branch [Kawaramachi]

Located right by Kawaramachi Station, Piko Piko Seinikuten (Kawaramachi Branch) is a butcher shop and restaurant. You can have great yakiniku (grilled meat) at this place! Since it is a meat shop, the quality of the meat is unquestionably great. The price is not too cheap if you are having yakiniku, but their lunch menu is pretty cheap and highly recommended.

Their Daily Lunch Special costs only 500 yen plus tax! You can choose between two different meals. The lunch set has 10 different dishes and only 20 are available, so be sure to get there early! Of course, all the dishes are cooked in the restaurant, so the quality of every dish is high.

3. Basu [Takase]

This popular restaurant is called “Basu”! As the name suggests, it operates out of a renovated scrapped bus! One step into the bus will lead you to a restaurant. It is an interesting restaurant with a unique atmosphere. It takes a bit of courage to enter the place, but it is well worth it. The reasonable prices of the dishes here – such as a 500-yen lunch – make this place attractive.

Kara-age Teishoku is a set that consists of fried chicken, a bowl of rice, miso soup, and pickled vegetables. It is really good and pretty filling. You can order take-out as well!

*This place has closed down.

4. Kogane Seimensyo - Zentsuji Temple Main Branch [Zentsuji Temple]

The old station building of Zentsuji Station has a strong Japanese atmosphere, and is registered as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan. If you walk straight from the station for around 5 minutes, you will find Kogane Seimensyo (Zentsuji Temple Main Branch). If you’re visiting Kagawa, trying Sanuki udon is a must-do!

The most standard dish here is the Kake Udon, and you can purchase the small size for 210 yen. Eating it will help you appreciate the great flavor of Sanuki udon! Other than that, the Niku Bukkake (420 yen for the small size) that comes with sweet and spicy meat is also recommended.

5. Renrakusen Udon [Takamatsu]

Renrakusen Udon is located inside Takamatsu Station. Instead of having seats, they only have a counter in the store. That is because this is a so-called tachigui (stand and eat) restaurant. It is extremely popular for being easily accessible and open to everyone.

The signature dish, Niku Udon (500 yen), will let you taste the umami and sweetness of meat! Even though it is just noodles and meat, it is still pretty filling. The Kitsune Udon (400 yen) with a huge fried block of tofu is also recommended! The sweet sauce pouring out of the fried tofu is really good.

6. Gensho - Minato Branch [Sanbonmatsu]

Gensho (Minato Branch) is a self-service udon restaurant. When you enter the store, you order your udon noodles, put the toppings on yourself, pay, and then find a seat. The price is really cheap, but the quality of the noodles is amazing! A small Kake Udon only costs 220 yen.

The noodles are fresh and filling. The Ontama Bukkake Udon (480 yen for the small size) is especially recommended. The rich taste of beef and syrupy egg match really well!

7. Katsuzo - Higashi Bypass Branch [Ota]

Katsuzo (Higashi Bypass Branch) is a reasonably priced tonkatsu (fried pork) restaurant. Other than during lunch time, the prices are always cheap here! A big Katsu-don (a bowl of rice topped with fried pork) is only 490 yen! The aromatic pork is crunchy and you can really taste the rich meat.

Their teishoku meals are also great. The Roast Katsu Teishoku (720 yen) is a bit more expensive than the others, but recommended nonetheless. Don’t forget to pour some sweet and spicy sauce on the pork!


This article introduced some recommended restaurants in Kagawa that serve lunch at reasonable prices. The dishes served are not only cheap, but also high-quality, so visitors can rest easy. Udon is the specialty dish of Kagawa, which is why this list includes many udon restaurants.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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