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1. Meiji Hohoemi Rakuraku Cube (Baby Formula)

Say goodbye to embarrassing baby-formula spills when you are struggling to measure out the perfect amount of baby formula cause with this product here, all you need is to just add it to a bottle of hot water. No more bulky baby formula containers too cause these cubes are small in size. They are so easy to use and mighty convenient. It will make feeding time while traveling or for beginners, easy as A-B-C.  


2. Netsu Sama Sheet for Babies (Cooling Gel Sheets)

Cooling gel sheets are the go-to things when someone in the household has a fever and now we have one made specially for our precious bundle of joy. These sheets are fragrance and color free. It sticks really well but it is still safe to use on our baby’s sensitive skin. Naturally these sheets are smaller compared to the usual ones that are meant for adult consumers. They’ll keep your feverish baby cool for 4 hours straight.  

HP: (Japanese Only)

3. Hajimeteno Mask (Facial Masks)


These are facial masks that can be used on babies 18 months and older. The size is perfect for our little ones and it is shaped to allow easy comfortable breathing. A really cute design is embossed on the front and trust us, it’s made of a soft material to make sure your baby does not feel uncomfortable at all.

HP: (Japanese Only)

4. Pip Baby Shower Cap



We all know that no matter how baby shampoos pledge that their formula does not sting our babies’ eyes, it will still sting. To make bath time more pleasant for our babies, this shower cap is our answer. Unlike other shower caps, this particular one here is made from very soft and yet durable material so that our babies won’t feel uncomfortable having it on. 

HP: (Japanese Only)

5. Tampei Baby Snot Sucker

When winter comes, we’ll notice that our baby’s nose gets blocked more often than usual and this is when this baby snot sucker comes in handy. There are those that run on electricity but nothing beats a soft mother’s touch. Plus, this sucker is compact and can be packed in an overnight bag when you plan to travel with your little one. 

HP: (Japanese Only)

6. Sofure Baby Body Bath Essence


This bath body essence is perfect for our baby’s sensitive skin. It will keep your baby’s skin soft and supple and it works great in preventing nappy rashes. It smells of lavender to keep your baby all relaxed during and after bath time. 

HP: (Japanese Only)

7. Nikopika Baby Tooth Cleaning Tools


Nikopika is known for coming up with the most convenient tooth cleaning tools but among all their wonderful gadgets we love their cleaning sheets the most. It’s soft and easy to use on fussy babies. Made from 100% cotton, their cleaning sheets make teeth cleaning fun and fuss free. 

HP: (Japanese Only)

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