7 Lunch Spots in Ueno With Great Food That Are Convenient For Sightseeing Too!

Ueno is one of the main historic sightseeing spots in Tokyo. From Ueno Park – which is known to be a great place to view cherry blossoms – to shopper's paradise, Ameya-Yokocho, there's plenty to see and do in Ueno. They're all within walking distance. Add some great lunch spots to the list and you're in for an even more enjoyable trip! This time, check out some conveniently located lunch spots in Ueno that serve up great food.

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1. Ueno no Mori Park Side Cafe (Ueno Station)

Within the sprawling compounds of Ueno Park, you'll find a zoo, historical museum, art museum and more. It's definitely one of the most well-known places in the city. Located within the park is Ueno no Mori Park Side Cafe, a cafe that serves meals as well. It's really spacious too! There are terrace seats that offer an even lovelier dining environment. It's a great place for people to take a break at when visiting the park. 

The popular Mori-no-Garden (Forest Garden) Sandwich is a delicious sandwich set. Fresh vegetables, cheese, roast beef, dessert and soup are included in this set, making it a sumptuous meal. It's highly recommended for those who want to try a bit of everything! 

2. Guruatsu (Ueno Station, Inari-cho Station)

Built on the concept of "Good Meal, Good Life!", Guruatsu sells soy milk scones, tofu muffins and other foods that are both delicious and good for the body. The simple and calm decor in the shop is also very charming. The scones and muffins are made without using animal products like milk and eggs, so they taste wholesome and you can eat several without getting sick of them.

The daily lunch menu (starts from 870 yen plus tax) includes deli items served with a generous helping of seasonal vegetables, scones, muffins or brown rice onigiri (rice balls). It's really a hearty meal! You can choose to dine in or order your food to go.

3. Vinuls (Ueno Station)

Vinuls is located on the first floor of Atre, a retail facility connected to Ueno Station. Here, you can sample authentic Spanish cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is great, and there's even a terrace area where you can look outside at the street as you enjoy your lunch.

The top pick here is the set called Yoshida Pig Plate Lunch (1,580 yen). It's limited to just 20 servings a day. The domestically reared Yoshida Pig that's used in the dish is especially tasty. In addition to pork, there's omelette or fish dishes, as well as green salad or bread that's included in the set. It's a filling meal that will satisfy your taste buds.

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4. Okinaan (Ueno Station, Inari-cho Station)

A 3-minute walk from Ueno Station is where you'll find this small building with a facade that seems steeped in history. This is where Okinaan, a soba restaurant with a long history in Ueno, serves up their delicious noodles. 

Don't you want some refreshing soba (buckwheat noodles) for lunch to perk you up and get you ready for the rest of the day? If that sounds like you, then Okinaan's Negi Seiro (800 yen) is the perfect choice for you! Dip the cold soba noodles in the hot dipping soup. The soba and fried eggplant come together to create a luxurious taste. Come taste the traditional food of the common people in Japan!


5. Unagi Kappo Izuei Main Restaurant (Ueno Station, Keisei Ueno Station)

This is another restaurant that's been in Ueno for a long time. Unagi Kappo Izuei specializes in eel dishes. It's a restaurant that's been in business for over 290 years (since the middle of the Edo period), has appeared in ukiyo-e paintings (genre of Japanese art that flourished from the 17th - 19th centuries), has been the setting of various novels and more. It's a part of Tokyo's history. One of Ueno's famous spots, Shinobazu Pond, is right in front of the restaurant.

The Unajyu is definitely the thing to eat. Soft and fluffy eel with just the right amount of fat, coupled with the rich and deep taste of the sauce. You'll think that the eel is melting in your mouth! It tastes awesome with the rice! You can also sprinkle as much Japanese pepper as you'd like.

6. Isen Main Store (Ueno-Hirokoji Station, Ueno Okachimachi Station)

The Isen Main Store is tucked away in a narrow street that's quiet even though it's near the main road. Here, traditional-style tonkatsu is served. The special characteristic of the tonkatsu here is that it's so tender that you can cut it with your chopsticks. The restaurant looks clean and pretty with its plain wood counter seats. If you'd like to relax and enjoy your meal leisurely, you can go for the tatami seats.

The combination of the texture of the tonkatsu breading and the tenderness of the pork is so harmonious that it'll leave you at a loss for words. They're also famous for their katsu sando, a sandwich made from toast and tonkatsu. 

7. Tensuzu (Ueno-Hirokoji Station, Ueno Okachimachi Station)

Tensuzu serves Tokyo-style tempura. There are counter seats, table seats, and tatami seats available, but it's recommended to go with the counter seats. You'll be able to see the tempura being fried right before your eyes! Their tempura is skillfully fried. The sound of the tempura frying and the fragrance of the sesame oil is sure to whet your appetite. 

Their ten-don is a popular menu item that you must try. Large fried prawns, shishito peppers, Japanese whiting (sillago) and eggplant covered in thick batter are placed on top of a bed of rice. You can taste a variety of ingredients in this dish. The batter, soaked with sauce, is also really delicious!



There are many shops that have been in business for a long time in Ueno. New shops are also continually sprouting up, so you'll be able to find something to suit your mood or availability! Be sure to check things out in advance so you can enjoy an amazing lunch!

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