7 Japanese things to buy to beat the rainy days

Japan will be entering the rainy season called "tsuyu" from June onward. This period also experiences high temperature, and you might feel uncomfortable, but with these items, you should be able to have a pleasant time this season!



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The rainy season in Japan, with its high temperatures and humidity, is not a pleasant time. Here is a list of some interesting Japanese goods that you can buy to make this unpleasant time a little bit more bearable. 

1. Vegetabrella

Vegetabrella is an umbrella that looks like a lettuce. Having a cute umbrella like this will make you look forward to the rainy days. You can buy it at Tokyo Noble or any of LOFT stores for 4,860 yen. You can also order it online if its raining and you don't want to go outside. 

2. SUSU Umbrella case

You might wonder why exactly you need a umbrella case, but if you have ever ridden a crowded train and had someone's wet umbrella or bag touch your clothes, you will know why. The special fibers inside the case can be used to easily wipe the water drops off your bag and keep your umbrella safely tucked away. It is sold for around 1,500 yen. 

3. Petla Rabbit Umbrella

On the outside, it looks like a stuffed animal, but there is a small umbrella hidden inside the rabbit case. Because of its appearance,  you can leave it on your desk as an ornament or keep it attached to your bag all the time, which will prevent you from forgetting to take it with you. It is sold for 2,500 yen. 

4. Teburanbrella

Tatsuo Yamashita/Flickr

The terburanbrella is a hands-free umbrella. The name is a play on the words "tebura", which means empty handed, and "umbrella". Although it does look a bit silly, it is useful if you are injured or if you have small children with you need you to go shopping in pouring rain. It is sold for 4,280 yen. 


UnBRELLA is an umbrella that is inside out. This another useful item like the umbrella case mentioned above. With this, you won't have to worry about your umbrella wetting someone's clothes or bags in a crowded train or bus. At 9,720 yen, it is a little bit on the expensive side.  

6. Pegs

Using cute pegs like these will make doing laundry a little bit more fun during the rainy season when clothes just do not dry. You can buy four cat pegs for around 650 yen online. 

7. USB shoe dryer


The worst feeling is when your shoes get wet and you have to wear them for rest of the day. But with a USB shoe dryer, you do not have to worry about that anymore. Your shoes will be dried by the time you go home in the evening (6-7 hours). It is sold for 1,980 online. 

Title image: bee/PIXTA

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