7 Japanese Beauty Salons You Should Check Out

Want to try out a beauty salon in Japan, but don't have any general information? Here's a guide to 7 famous Japanese beauty salons, with information on their courses and trial prices!


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Beauty salons are popular in Japan. You will probably see at least one advertisement on trains, in magazines, and while watching TV during the commercials. But where are they, and what exactly do they do? How much do they cost? Here is a guide for 7 famous Japanese beauty salons, with briefings on what they do, and their price ranges.

NOTE: Some of these salons have restrictions based on the treatment(s) they offer. Before any treatment, you will have to undergo a consultation that assesses your health history and body to make sure that you will be able to safely receive the treatment in full. In some cases, you may not be able to go through with the treatment, so if you find that one clinic is not able to take you, you will have to try another salon. 

1. Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic


Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic offers facials, body care, bridal courses, head spa, nail treatments and men's courses. For the first time, you can try them at the price of 3240~3980 yen. Official site in Japanese here.

2. Eruse-nu (エルセーヌ)


Eruse-nu offers facial and body epilation and body treatments for fat. For the first time, they offer reasonable prices. For example, epilation for both armpits or the bikini line, 100 yen for one time, and for the course of losing 8 cm, 500 yen. For 1000 yen, you can experience facial, leg slimming or "feather body" for women in their 30's, extreme weight loss, bridal, and acne treatments. For 2000 yen, you can experience anti-aging facials twice. For 3000 yen, you can experience pelvis care and making a new face line course. Also has a men's salon. Official site in Japanese here.

3. Musee Platinum


Musee Platinum specializes in epilation. They often have special campaigns that are only a few hundred yen each (or just one hundred yen, depending!). Official site in Japanese here.

4. TBC


TBC offers epilation, facials, body shaping (losing weight and treatment), and bridal. They offer reasonable prices for trials. For arm pit epilation, it costs 1000 yen. For bikini lines and facial hair epilation, it costs 6000 yen per two visits. For figure shaping, it costs 3000 yen. Also has a men's salon. Official site in Japanese here.

5. Ginza Color (銀座カラー)


Ginza Color specializes in epilation. For trials, you can try the epilation in 22 parts for 300 yen for the first time. Also, for the monthly plan on removing all the hair on the body, you don't have to pay for the first month. Official site in Japanese here.

6. Miss Paris (ミス・パリ)


Miss Paris offers body treatments, facials, epilation, and bridal courses. For 5000 yen, you can experience facials and body shaping. You can also experience free bridal course counseling. Official site here.

7. Ci:z. Labo (シーズ・ラボ)


Ci:z. Labo is a beauty salon that also includes medical care. Dermatologists will guide you through your course. You can try out courses such as acne scars, spots, facial lifts, back acne, hips, arms, slimming, cellulite and bridal at the price of 5400 yen. Also has a men's salon. Official site in Japanese here.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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