Discover the 7 Most Photogenic Spots in Osaka

Osaka is a popular sightseeing spot with a plethora of scenic areas. From historical buildings to bustling street corners, the city is packed with stunning views that will have you snapping photos nonstop! With that in mind, here are 7 amazing photogenic spots in the Osaka area!


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1. Tsutenkaku Tower [Ebisucho]

Tsutenkaku is an observation tower that stands in the center of the Shinsekai area. It's quite impressive to look up at the tower from the restaurant alleys lined with colorful signboards. You can gaze at the tower from many angles and enjoy completely different views!

When night falls, Tsutenkaku is lit up, so you can get a perfect picture of Osaka with all the flashy, bright street signs. You can take in all of the city from the 94.5m-high open-air observation tower. Make sure to capture a shot from above of Osaka shining brightly at night!

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2. Hyakuban [Imafune]

If you want to enjoy a retro and out-of-the-ordinary environment, then Hyakuban, a popular restaurant located in Osaka's Tobita Shinchi district, is recommended for you. This two-story wooden building was built in 1918 in the red light district, and is decorated with luxurious, gorgeous ornaments. Each room has a different look, with unique ceiling paintings and other clever decor, giving you lots of places to snap some great shots!

You need a prior reservation if you want to eat here, but it’s a unique chance to enjoy the atmosphere of a former red light district location, so you'll definitely want to peek in for a look.

However, keep in mind that taking photos in the Tobita Shinchi area is strictly forbidden!

3. Osaka Castle Park [Morinomiya, Osakajokoen]

Osaka Castle Park, which contains the famous Osaka Castle, is a spacious area that's full of nature and natural scenery despite being located in the center of the city. Not only is it a great place to get a picture of the magnificent Osaka Castle, but it’s also really pleasant to stroll around the large park. You can enjoy the change in scenery from morning to evening, as well as the changing of the scenic views all year round from season to season.

Osaka Castle Park is also well-known as a great spot to view cherry blossoms. There are over 300 cherry trees inside the park, and every year, from late-March to mid-April, the park is covered a beautiful pink from the blossoming flowers.

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4. Gengahashi Onsen [Teradacho]

Constructed in 1937, this building still retains its look of Showa era modernism. It was the country’s first bathhouse structure to be registered as a tangible cultural property. There are small Statue of Liberty statues reminiscent of the one in New York City, and golden shachihoko (mythical carp with the head of a tiger and the body of a carp) outside, which will have you stop in your tracks to gaze up at them. By the way, the word for taking a bath in Japanese is “入浴 (nyuuyoku)” - sounds like New York, right?

The stones used in the building’s interior decoration are also quite luxurious, but waiting inside is an actual bathhouse. There are jet baths, steam saunas, and other facilities, making it a great, relaxing spot for everyone.

*This place closed down in 2020.

5. Senba Building [Kitahama, Sakaisuji Honmachi]

Semba Building, built in 1925, was a residential and office building that had a basement, 4 stories, and a pent house, something quite rare for buildings during that time. The building hasn't changed much since then, and it has been used for residential housing, offices, and shop since its construction. While it doesn't appear so flashy from the outside, when you enter the building, you'll be shocked at how gorgeous its interiors are.

There is also a courtyard in the middle of the building. Since it gets natural sunlight from above, it’s very bright during the day. There are benches there as well, so the atmosphere is quite nice. If you climb further up, there’s a garden on top, where you can comfortably spend your time staring out at the skies.

6. Osaka City Central Public Hall [Naniwabashi, Yodoyabashi]

The Nakanoshima neighborhood in Osaka is a merchant area that has flourished since olden times. This is where the Osaka City Central Public Hall, which is a symbol of this area, is located. Its profound neo-renaissance style of architecture, with its high level of artistry, has made it a registered Important Cultural Property of Japan. The steel-framed brickwork that lights up at night is a truly beautiful sight.

On the inside, your eyes will be captivated by the various murals, ceiling paintings, ornaments, and stained glass. Also, on the basement floor, there is a restaurant with a retro yet modern atmosphere called Nakanoshima Social Eat Awake, where you can enjoy French and Italian-style cuisine made with traditional Japanese ingredients. 

7. Aoyama Building [Kitahama, Yodoyabashi]

Built as a private mansion in 1921, it is one of the country’s registered Tangible Cultural Properties. Currently, it has various tenants including galleries, cafes, and other shops. 

No matter where you are in the building, all the ornaments and decorations are spectacular. There are numerous points of note, from the oblong windows with their elegant, stained glass, to the delicately twisted, torque wood railings and more. On the 1st floor is a well-established coffee shop known as Sakuraya Cafe, where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee made with a siphon coffee maker.

If you want to take photos while you’re in Osaka, there are many townscapes and sceneries that you can only find there. Just by strolling through the streets, you’re sure to come across unconventional, bustling areas that will surely make you want to snap away. You can enjoy the different faces of the towns based on the changing of the seasons, or even just between the morning and evening. Go ahead and find your favorite spot!


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