7 Delicious and Convenient Izakaya Open Until Early Morning in Osaka

Osaka has a ton of delicious gourmet restaurants, and as a sightseeing destination, it has many people passing through each year. People have so much fun, they completely miss the last train home, or maybe they just want to keep drinking until the early hours! That’s the kind of situation these convenient izakaya (Japanese pubs) were made for, as you can spend some time dining with friends as you wait for the first train of the new day. Keep reading to find out all about 7 great izakaya in Osaka that are open until the morning.

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1. Japanese Bal Kitsune (Shinsaibashi)

Japanese Bal Kitsune is an izakaya with a fashionable and cozy interiors that is open until 4 in the morning (excluding Sundays and Mondays). On top of that, it’s conveniently close to the station! 

This place is most famous for its raw oysters, and no matter what time of day (or night) you come, fresh oysters are always on offer. You can also order large steamed oysters with an amazingly springy texture. You won't be able to get enough of these sweet, delicious oysters that have very little bitterness. Aside from raw and steamed, there is also oyster nanbanzuke (a sweet and sour marinated dish), deep fried oysters, and various other oyster dishes to enjoy. 

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2. Showa Taisho Horumon Sennichimae Branch (Nippombashi)

Showa Taisho Horumon is an izakaya that has an interesting interior, as it is fashioned in the traditional Japanese working class style. Here you can eat horumon-yaki, a dish made of grilled pork offal that is popular among the masses. Fortunately, the place is open until 5:00 am (excluding Sundays and National Holidays)!

This place boasts a bountiful array of different horumon (offal) dishes. There are over 40 different types available to choose from, including very rare types. You can cook it yourself over a charcoal brazier covered in wire mesh, which is probably the most delicious way to enjoy horumon. The restaurant is also appreciated for its reasonable prices that allow diners to have a filling meal for under 1,000 yen.  

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3. Tsuru Ton Tan Soemoncho Branch (Nihombashi)

Tsuru Ton Tan is a restaurant specialising in creative udon (thick noodle) dishes, but of course they also offer the classic udun dishes too, such as kitsune udon (udon with deep-fried tofu) or nabe-yaki udon (udon stew). Aside from udon, the seafood bowls, consisting of rice topped with fresh seafood, are also recommended. The restaurant's spacious and casual atmosphere, moddeled after a Japanese house, make it quite easy to relax and spend time. 

There are many different types of udon dishes, but the one that you should definitely try is the Mentaiko Cream Udon. The udon in this dish is enveloped in a luxurious, creamy broth flavored with mentiko (spicy cod roe). They change the menu according to the season, so you can look forward to different dishes each time you go. 


4. Hirokazuya Higashi-dori Branch (Nakazakicho)

Hirokazuya is a restaurant specializing in okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes). It’s open until 7 in the morning, and this particular branch has both counter and table seats, so it’s easy to while away time here. Osaka is famous for its okonomiyaki and negiyaki (okonomiyaki with green onions), and since this store specializes in those dishes they are of course cooked to perfection. 

Of course okonomiyaki is prominent, but the Tendon Stew is also a popular menu item. The meat does not have a potent smell, but rather offers a sweetness when eaten together with cabbage. One of the good points of this izakaya is that many of its dishes pair well with alcohol. 

5. Chinese cafe Eight Shinsaibashi Branch (Namba)

Chinese cafe Eight Shinsaibashi Branch is a Chinese restaurant in the Ebisu Bridge area, just under the famous Glico Sign, one of the icons of Osaka. The restaurant is located in the floor above the H&M. Convenience is this restaurant’s strong point, as it’s open for business 24/7. There are 200 seats, so it’s also quite big for a restaurant around that area. The restaurant itself is ostentatiously decorated, and it’s worth visiting just for its appearance alone.  

The Peking Duck would be a bit of an opulent dish to try. Thickly sliced in front of the diner’s eyes, it’s quite a filling dish. The leftover meat is either fried or made into a soup, so the duck is enjoyed in its entirety. 

6. Kassen Kichizaimon Higashidori Branch (Higashi-Umeda)

Japanese food made from fresh ingredients can be enjoyed at this izakaya, which is open until 5:00 am. It’s accessible from both Umeda and Osaka station so it’s very convenient. Wagyu beef, sea bream, tuna, soft-shelled turtle, and blowfish - all of these highly prized delicacies are available. The prices are a little higher than a normal izakaya, but the quality makes it well worth it. 

The Simmered Rockfish is a must-try dish, and the high-grade rockfish is as delicious as you would anticipate it to be. The flavor of the sauce is soaked into the fish, and of course the flavor of the fish itself is also properly observed.  

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7. Shinkawa Nishiya (Namba)

Located in the Namba area, Shinkawa Nishiya is an izakaya operating until 5:00 am. It’s famed for its delicious food, so it is often packed full of customers.  Fortunately, you can eat a ton once you get in! The freshness of their seafood is also incredible. The Assorted Dish has 7 different types of fish chosen each day for their freshness. Enjoy trying each one to appreciate the differences in flavor. Note that the bill is paid before the meal, so please pay as you order. 

The dashi-maki (a type of rolled egg) is also a masterpiece at this restaurant. The soft texture of the egg is fantastic. On top of that, the freshness of the onion in the Awaji Onion Maruyaki is also superb. You may not be able to eat it in one bite, but the heat of this dish penetrates to its core, making it soft and easy to eat. It’s the perfect dish for a cold winter. 



These izakayas, introduced in this article, are open until morning in Osaka. Of course drinking till morning is a thing, but if you’re feeling a little peckish these places will satisfy those times too. Every single one has delicious food! That’s typical Osaka-style.

*Thumbnail Source: Henry Burrows/Flickr  (*Photo depicts Okonomiyaki at Hirokazuya in Osaka.)


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