6 Cheap But Trendy Spots to Shop in Tokyo

Tokyo isn't just a city of alleyway shops and commercial buildings! There are many shopping centers and malls where you can enjoy shopping or even going there on a date. Here are 6 shopping malls where you can cheaply enjoy shopping.

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1. Venus Fort

Tim Kelly/Flickr


Venus Fort was opened in Palette Town in 1999 to be a shopping theme park aimed at women. This mall, which is designed to look like a 17-18th century European town, has around 160 stores including fashion, miscellaneous goods, cosmetics, and restaurants. The fountain plaza is a space that will make you want to take photographs.

Business hours: Shopping and services - 11AM - 9PM, Restaurants - 11AM - 11PM

HP: www.venusfort.co.jp/multi/index_e.html

HP: www.venusfort.co.jp/multi/index_tw.html (中文)

HP: www.venusfort.co.jp/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 1-3-15 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo (Google Map)

2. Diver City Tokyo Plaza 


This establishment was designed to be a theater-like urban space where people of all ages could enjoy having fun, shopping, food, and exercise. There are about 13 restaurants in the food area.

Business hours: Shopping and services - 10AM - 9PM, food court - 10AM - 10PM, restaurants - 11AM - 11PM 

HP: www.divercity-tokyo.com/en/

HP: www.divercity-tokyo.com/tw/ (中文)

HP: www.divercity-tokyo.com/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 1-1-10 Aome, Koto-ku, Tokyo (Google Map)

3. UrbanDock Lalaport Toyosu

Hajime NAKANO/Flickr

UrbanDock Lalaport Toyosu was opened in 2006 as a representative commercial facility of the Tokyo bayside area facing the ocean. There are around 180 stores featuring genres such as fashion and miscellaneous items. There are also various restaurants and a movie theater so you can spend an entire day there.

Business hours: Shopping - 10AM - 9PM, restaurants - 11AM - 11PM, services - 10AM - 9PM

HP: toyosu.lalaport.jp/en/

HP: toyosu.lalaport.jp/tw/ (中文)

HP: toyosu.lalaport.jp/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 2-4-9 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo(Google Map)

4. Mitsui Outlet Park Tama Minami-Ozawa

Mitsui Outlet Park Tama Minami-Ozawa was designed to look like a South African provincial town, and they have about 110 storefronts in three zones from both domestic and international brands that include casual fashion, miscellaneous goods, luxury brands, a supermarket, gardening shops, and restaurants.

Business hours: Shopping - 10AM-8PM, restaurants - 11AM-10PM, supermarket - 10AM-10PM, gardening and pet shop - 10AM-8PM

HP: https://mitsui-shopping-park.com/mop/tama/english/

HP: https://mitsui-shopping-park.com/mop/tama/tw/index.html (中文)

HP: https://mitsui-shopping-park.com/mop/tama/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 1-600 Minami-Ozawa, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo (Google Map)

5. Aqua City Odaiba 


ITA-ATU/Wikimedia Commons

Aqua City Odaiba is a huge shopping center adjacent to Odaiba Seaside Park. It has about 80 stores, mostly casual fashion brands. There is a wide variety of restaurants, including Japanese, Western, Chinese, and Italian cuisines, making up a huge gourmet zone by the waterfront. There's also a multiplex cinema that has the latest video and audio technology so you can enjoy movies there as well.

Business hours: Shopping - 11AM - 9 PM, restaurants 11AM - 11PM

HP: www.aquacity.jp/transer/english.html

HP: www.aquacity.jp/transer/chinese-traditional.html (中文)

HP: www.aquacity.jp/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 1-7-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo  (Google Map)

6. Decks Tokyo Beach 

Dick Thomas Johnson/Flickr

Decks Tokyo Beach, also called an island mall or a seaside mall, is a huge facility that includes the popular indoor amusement area Tokyo Joypolis. The building was built to look like a boat, and the open terrace that looks like a deck is unique and stylish. You can enjoy not just shopping but also an atmosphere reminiscent of Japan's Showa era, as well as barbecue in which everything is available for you! You can definitely enjoy it with your whole family.

Business hours: Shopping and cafes - 11AM - 9PM, restaurants - 11AM - midnight

HP: www.odaiba-decks.com/services/en.php

HP: www.odaiba-decks.com/services/tw.php (中文)

HP: www.odaiba-decks.com/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo  (Google Map)

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