[Kyoto/Uji/Wazuka] Taste and Compare 5 Different Japanese Teas, Including Matcha

Just as there are various high-end cultivars of rice like “Koshihikari” and “Sasanishiki,” there are also distinguished cultivars among teas, with each having its own minute particularities.
One of the most famous cultivars, called “Yabukita,” accounts for around 75% of the tea produced in Japan.
In trying each distinctive tea cultivar, you’ll be better able to compare the different characteristics of Japanese tea cultivars on your own tongue, and ultimately catch a glimpse into the profound depths of the world of Japanese teas!
At d:matcha Kyoto, they regularly offer a number of different cultural experience courses to better get to know Japanese tea, including a matcha (finely ground powder of specially grown tea leaves) grinding experience, a tea plantation tour, and a tea tasting of matcha, sencha (infused green tea leaves), and an unscented homemade blend.
Each offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the cultural traditions of Japanese tea right where it's cultivated!

Taste and Compare Japanese Teas

After a preliminary introduction to the fundamental aspects of Japanese tea, you'll be tasting and comparing 5 different kinds of teas: sencha, gyokuro (a special kind of sencha grown in the shade), hojicha (roasted green tea), genmaicha (brown rice green tea), and matcha. In trying these varieties, you should get a fairly good sense of your personal preferences in tea flavor. If you end up taking a liking to any of the teas, they're also available for purchase in the store.

About Single-Origin Teas

The teas commonly sold in stores are blends mixed by tea shops to preserve a uniform standard of freshness. As an agricultural corporation located in the tea town of Wazuka, d:matcha Kyoto has a colorful selection of unique, single-cultivar (single-origin) teas prior to being blended—made possible with the cooperation of local veteran tea farmers.

Available with an English Guide

Every cultural experience course at d:matcha Kyoto CAFE & KITCHEN is available in English.


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