Top 50 Things to Do When You're Traveling in Japan

We’ve chosen the best 50 spots and activities that you must experience when you come to Japan! Discover what the view is like from the top of Mt. Fuji, wear a kimono and stroll the historic streets of Kyoto, visit a maid cafe down in the electronic town of Tokyo… If you’re lost for travel itinerary or bucket list ideas, rest assured that this article has something for you! We hope that it makes your Japan trip even more enjoyable.


Things to Do

41. Experience zazen 

In Buddhism, “zazen” (sitting cross-legged) is a zen training method for focusing the mind. You can experience zazen at a Buddhist temple and people trying zazen for the first time can also participate. It is an event when you can separate yourself from daily life and experience a part of Japanese culture.

42. Eat Wagyu


“Wagyu” (Japanese beef) is a top class beef  in the world that takes time and effort to raise. Kinds like Kobe beef, Matsuzaka beef and Ohmi beef are quite famous.  For eating wagyu in a very Japanese style, “sukiyaki” is recommended. The exquisite taste of the soy sauce and sugar in the pot bring out the delicious taste of the beef.

43. Visit a temple


Temples in Japan overflow with a kind of beauty and wonder like no other countries. Popular with foreigners is the Fushimi Inari-taisha. The line of red archways known as  “senbon torii” is a magnificent view.

44. Watch a festival


Japan’s traditional festivals have many exciting, appealing things. Among others, a famous one is Aomori’s “nebuta matsuri”. Using the paper called “nebuta”, enormous artworks are paraded through the town via car. With 3 million people gathering, why don’t you also try participating in this big event?

45. See Skytree [Tokyo]


Skytree is the world’s tallest radio wave tower with a height of 628.8 meters. From the viewing platform you can see the whole of Tokyo with one sweep of the eye At the “Solamachi” there, you can have fun shopping.

46. Feed deer at Nara Park [Nara]

A big attraction for foreigners at Nara park is that you can feed the deer. There are about 1200 of them. Todaiji as well as other registered world heritage temples are also located inside the vast park.

47. See Kawachi Fuji Gardens [Fukuoka]

The beauty of the wisteria (fuji) blossoms is said to excel here at “Kawachi Fuji Gardens”. The splendor of the wisteria which reaches 1000 tsubos (about 3950 square yards) will leave you lost for words. There is also a wisteria dome, a wisteria tunnel which fascinates spectators. You can see it from the end of April to the middle of May.

48. See the factory night view


In recent years, the factory night view has become a boom in Japan. The lit up factories has a futuristic appearance which beauty is sure to surprise you. Among others, we recommend the night view of the factory that started the boom, the Kawasaki city factory in Kanagawa prefecture.

49. Go to Asahiyama zoo [Hokkaido]


Asahiyama zoo is the zoo located the furthest north in Japan. As a result of being in the cold northern district Hokkaido, it is popular as a zoo where you can see animals like penguins and seals. The penguins strolling around during the first snowfall is very popular and extremely cute.

50. Experience the scramble intersection [Tokyo, Shibuya]

The “scramble intersection” is synonymous with the young people’s district, Shibuya. Every time the traffic lights turn green an insane number of people cross the street, a symbol of the megalopolis that is Tokyo. It’s a popular spot for travellers in Japan so why not go there and see at least once.

This time, we introduced a careful selection of things that you must do in Japan. From seeing and experiencing Japan, we pray that you will have an enjoyable stay!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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