50 Things to Do in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is a great place to experience the magic and splendor of nature, so why not visit there and enjoy the beautiful greenery and delicious seafood that Hokkaido has to offer?


Things to Do

41.Tokachi Millenium Forest [Sightseeing]

Known as the garden of Hokkaido, here you can feel the magic of nature in this great garden in harmony with nature. In the famous “Earth Garden,” the undulating grass provides a comfortable space. You can rent Segways to enjoy a relaxing tour of the area.

42.Goryokaku Park [Sightseeing]


The star-shaped ruins of a castle located in central Hakodate. From the top of the 107m tall Goryokaku Tower, you can clearly see the unique shape of the ruins. The ruins are open to visitors, and you can pay to enter the Hakodate Magistrate’s Office located in the center. The castle is surrounded by a moat which you can take a tour of on a boat.

43.Moerenuma Park [Sightseeing]

In the Higashi District of Sapporo lies the Moerenuma Park, an art park designed by Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi. The park has a wide variety of art exhibits you can enjoy, and the fountain in the center of the park reaches up to 25m in its dynamic water performance. In summer, fireworks festivals are held here, and you can enjoy collaboration between art and fireworks.

44.Hokkaido Shrine [Sightseeing]

Next to Maruyama Park in Chuo-ku of Sapporo, Hokkaido Shrine is a famous shrine visited by a huge number of tourists in the new year and cherry blossom seasons. The shrine has an atmosphere of solemn harmony with nature, which transforms into a bustling lively atmosphere during the new year season, with countless booths set up around the shrine. The grounds are very large, so you can enjoy a stroll as you visit the shrine.

45.Jingisukan [Food & Drink]


The soulfood of Hokkaido. You can find many long-standing restaurants in Sapporo, but we recommend visiting Daruma. Established about 60 years ago, it is not an exaggeration to say that jingisukan equals Daruma. It is such a popular place, there will always be a queue outside. The restaurant is open until late at night, so why not stop by at the end of your evening out?

46.Lake Kussharo [Sightseeing]

A natural lake located in the east of Hokkaido. It is Japan’s largest and the world’s second largest caldera lake, and on clear days, you can enjoy the spectacular cobalt blue of the lake. In summer, wind-surfing, yachting, fishing and other activities are available, and in winter, swans come by to rest at the lake.

47.Onuma Quasi-National Park [Sightseeing]

A 9,000 hectare park located to the north of Hakodate. The park is made up of 3 lakes and the Komagatake volcano. As well as the speculator natural scenery, you can enjoy the best of Hokkaido, including fishing for pond smelt, riding on the ice on a snow mobile, as well as other activities. The park also has restaurants, a hot spring and a hotel, making it a great place to stay for a night.

48.Mt. Moiwa Ropeway [Sightseeing]

Mt. Moiwa, located in the south west of Sapporo City, is a 531m tall mountain. You can reach the top via a ropeway, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the whole of Sapporo. At the peak of the mountain, there is a restaurant and planetarium, making it a popular spot with tourists.

49.The Otaru Hell Slope [Sightseeing]

An unbelievably steep slope stretching to the south west from the Ororon Line Railway in Otaru City. From the “JIgokuzaka,” or “Hell Slope,” road sign, the slope has an inclination of 10% that increases to 15% in certain places. At the top of the slope is a observatory where you can enjoy a view of the whole of the city of Otaru.

50.Otaru Canal [Sightseeing]

Found on the way to the coast from Otaru Station, the reflections of the street lights at night transform the canal into a fantastic sight. The old storehouses lining the banks of the canal are filled with souvenir shops and restaurants, and bustle with tourists. We recommend you try the local brew, Otaru Beer!


Hokkaido is a great place to experience the magic and splendor of nature, so why not visit there and enjoy the beautiful greenery and delicious seafood that Hokkaido has to offer?

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