50 Magnificent Views in Japan that You Shouldn't Miss

Japan has so many of the world's famous magnificent views. Although there are so many different kinds, like natural views or cultural sites, the fact they all have in common is that they are all views that you'd "definitely want to see." Here are 50 of those great views.


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41. Iya Kazura Bridge [Tokushima]

Glabb/Wikimedia Commons

This 45 meter-long bridge is made of Actinidia auguta (a kind of kiwi vine) and is known as three of most eccentric bridges in Japan. It is illuminated from 7 pm to 9 pm everyday.

HP: https://discovertokushima.net/en/topics/vine-bridges-in-the-iya-valley/ (English)

HP: https://discovertokushima.net/tw/topics/vine-bridges-in-the-iya-valley/ (繁体字)

HP: https://www.awanavi.jp/feature/kazurabashi.html (Japanese)

Address: 徳島県三好市西祖谷山村善徳162-2 (Google Map)

42. Kawachi Fuji Garden [Fukuoka]


There is a wisteria trellis which is 80 yards and a wisteria tunnel that is 220 yards (you can enter this garden only in the spring and autumn seasons).  The wisteria dome, wisteria trellis and mega wisteria trellis make up a total of 7314 yards squared. Around the garden, there are about 700 maple trees and 18 of those are 70-80 years old.

HP: https://kawachi-fujien.com/ (Japanese Only)

Address: 福岡県北九州市八幡東区河内2-2-48 (Google Map)

43. Gunkanjima [Nagasaki]

Sergio Rozas/Flickr

Hashima Island, which is also called Gunkan [Battleship] Island from its appearance is flourished by the undersea coal mine. Currently, it is an uninhabited island, however one part of the island is available to visit and it's gaining popularity among people who love ruins.

HP: http://gunkanjima-nagasaki.jp/en/ (English)

HP: http://gunkanjima-nagasaki.jp/tw/ (繁体字)

HP: http://gunkanjima-nagasaki.jp/ (Japanese)

Address: 長崎県長崎市高島町端島 (Google Map)

44. Beppu Chinoike Jigoku[Oita]


Beppu has 8 hot springs; one of them is the Blood Pool Hell. Having existed for more for 1,300 years, it is Japan's most ancient natural "hell". Its rarity is recognized by how it was designated as a National Site of Scenic Beauty in 2009.

HP: http://www.beppu-jigoku.com/ (Japanese Only; automatic translation available)

Address: 大分県別府市大字鉄輪559-1 (Google Map)

45. Nabegataki Falls [Kumamoto]


You can see these falls from behind. The waterfall from the back side looks like a water curtain. It is lit up during Golden Week (a series of consecutive holidays).

HP: http://www.town.kumamoto-oguni.lg.jp/q/aview/143/273.html (Japanese Only; automatic translation available)

Address: 阿蘇郡小国町黒渕 (Google Map)

46. Takachiho Gorge [Miyazaki]


The Aso pyroclastic flow is a ravine of columnar joints that flow in a belt shape along the Gokase River. You can look up to the "Manai Falls" located inside the ravine from the pleasure boat.

HP: http://takachiho-kanko.info/sightseeing/takachihokyou.php (Japanese Only)

Address: 宮崎県西臼杵郡高千穂町向山 (Google Map)

47. Yakushima [Kagoshima]


It's a nature island that is 90% forest. There is a cryptomeria tree more than 1000 years old called Yakusugi and also the island's largest tree called "Jomon Sugi" with an estimated age of more than 6000 years. The island is well-known for trekking.

HP: http://www.town.yakushima.kagoshima.jp/en/ (English)

HP: http://www.town.yakushima.kagoshima.jp/cn-t/ (繁体字)

HP: http://www.town.yakushima.kagoshima.jp/ (Japanese)

Address: 鹿児島県熊毛郡 屋久島町小瀬田469-45 (Google Map)

48. Seifa-utaki [Okinawa]


l-v-l l-v-l/Flickr

Okinawa's highest sacred place. Inside the site, the trees grow thick and it has a mysterious atmosphere. The triangle tunnel made from two big rocks that are also called Sangui, really looks like God could live in it.

HP: http://okinawa-nanjo.jp/sefa/en/ (English)

HP: http://okinawa-nanjo.jp/sefa/ (Japanese)

Address: 沖縄県南城市知念字久手堅 (Google Map)

49. Taketomi Island [Okinawa]

William Saito/Flickr

Island that keep the Okinawan ancient views such as wooden red tile roofed houses and roads scattered with white sands. There are also historical buildings such as "Nagomi Tower", "Nishi-sambashi / West pier" and "Kusukumuri".

HP: http://www.painusima.com/en (English)

HP: http://www.painusima.com/tcn (繁体字)

HP: http://www.painusima.com/taketomijima (Japanese)

Address: 沖縄県八重山郡竹富町竹富 (Google Map)

50. Ishigaki island [Okinawa]


Ishigaki island or Ishigaki-jima is one of the most famous island in the Yaeyama Island chain and is the third largest island of Okinawa prefecture. It is the perfect place to feel nature. You can enjoy canoeing in the Mangrove forest, or trekking mountains.

HP: http://www.yaeyama.or.jp/ (Japanese Only; automatic translation available)

Address: 沖縄県石垣市 (Google Map)


The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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