5 popular sightseeing spots in Okinawa

Okinawa has many tourist spots and it's sometimes not easy to choose the places you want to go to. Now here's the top 5 tourist sightseeing spots for you to help find where you go.


Things to Do

1.  Shuri Castle

663highland/Wikimedia Commons

Shuri Castle (首里城) is a castle (or gusuku - a castle with stone walls - in the Okinawan dialect) in Shuri, Okinawa. It was the palace of the Ryukyu Kingdom. It was nearly completely destroyed in 1945 during WWII but was reconstructed almost fully in 1992.

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2. Okinawa World

Okinawa World is one of the most popular theme parks in Okinawa and it presents the local history, culture and nature of the area all in one location good for both adults and kids.

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3. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Allentchang/Wikimedia Commons

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (沖縄美ら海水族館) is located within the Ocean Expo Park in Okinawa, Japan and contains several different exhibits showcasing the surrounding world of the Pacific Ocean. It used to be the largest aquarium in the world until 2005.

They translate their website into English, Chinese and Korean, so check it out

3. Ryukyu Mura

Ryukyu Mura is another theme park in Okinawa.  Okinawa World is too far from the aquarium, so people who go to Churaumi prefer to go to Ryukyu Mura. At Ryukyu Mura, you can see and experience Okinawan culture.  They have a lot of trial classes for you to join such as sanshin class, textile class, indigo dyeing class, etc.  You can also enjoy Okinawan folk music and dance performed by local professional musicians!

They translate their website into English, Chinese and Korean, so check it out

5. Busena Marine Park

It's the only underwater observatory tower in Okinawa is located 170 meters away from the shore near Busena Cape.  This underwater observatory tower allows you to view 360 degrees of coral reef with all the colorful coral fish swimming around while you are 5 meters deep in the ocean. Colorful tropical fish and other marine creatures are living in the beautiful crystal blue sea surrounding the underwater observatory tower.  Sailing out to the coral reef with the glass bottom boat, you will see gorgeous coral reefs and all the colorful coral fishes swimming cheerfully.

They translate their website into English, Chinese and Korean, so check it out!

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