5 must-have stationery items you can buy in Japan!

Do you appreciate “Japanese quality”? If you do, you should definitely try using Japanese stationery! Here are the best recommended stationery supplies that are very popular among Japanese people!



1. MONO Eraser

MONO Eraser is known as the best eraser in Japan.

MONO erases pencil completely without getting dirty or dirtying your paper.

Look at this photo carefully. Did you notice that each corner of the eraser's cover is scalloped?

Can you guess why?

It's so the cover doesn't damage the eraser as you use it.

The company behind it, Tombow, never misses small details like that in order to deliver the highest quality product. 


2. Frixion Series

LivingShadow/Wikimedia Commons

The invention of these colorful pens, Frixion, was amazing.

What is special about Frixtion is that it is an erasable pen that actually works. 

 Frixion became super popular especially among businessmen and businesswomen who are always so busy that their schedule changes every day.

3. Compact scissors from MUJI



The well-known Japanese lifestyle goods store, MUJI, also offers great stationery.

Have you ever wished to have a pair of scissors in your pen case? Normal scissors are too big to carry around on a daily basis. However, MUJI created these compact scissors that have their own cover so they're safe to carry around and are useful. 

4.  Post-its

Post-its are the internationally famous and common sticky labels that people around the world rely on. However, there are Japanese-only varieties especially in shape and design, so you can find some unique versions here.

5. Fude pen

Mariko GODA/Wikimedia Commons

fudepen (筆ペン) is a Japanese writing instrument. It consists of a brush-like pen nib with a refillable or replaceable ink reservoir that writes like a Chinese ink brush.

With a fude pen, you will be able to practice writing Japanese calligraphy no matter where you are.

Some people use fude pens to draw too.

Pentel is a very popular and traditional fude pen maker. You can find Pentel fude pens quite easily at a stationery shops, supermarkets and even at some convenience stores.


The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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