5 Japanese Chocolates that Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

You only need one of these and your chocolate craving will be completely cured.

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1. Meltykiss

Meltykiss are tiny cube-shaped sweets that consist of a layer of chocolate wrapped around another flavored chocolate like vanilla, strawbery or green tea. Each Meltykiss cube is small, but the flavor combinations and the smooth texture of the outer layer of chocolate make each one a wonderful experience.

2. Meiji Almonds / Macadamia

The Meiji chocolate-covered nuts series is just like any other chocolate-covered almond or macadamia nut, except so much better. The chocolate layer around each nut is thick, but not too thick so that it takes forever to bite through to the middle. The chocolate outside is also soft and easy to bite through, unlike some chocolate-covered nuts that are hard and tough. And the sweet and salty combination is absolutely perfect.

3. ¥10 Chocolate Pieces

Aside from the GIANT assortment of chocolates and snacks at the conbini (convenience store), there is also usually a very small section for individually wrapped pieces of chocolate. Because each piece is just the one, they are very cheap--usually ¥10 and no more than ¥35 at the most. Despite the price, each piece is chocolate to the core, and the sweetness isn't overwhelming or too subtle.

4. Apollo

Apollo chocolates are another Meiji product and are tiny cones that are a mix of both strawberry and regular chocolate flavors. If you buy a box of Apollo, chances are you will eat the whole box in one sitting and then curse yourself for not buying another. The strawberry chocolate flavor and the regular chocolate blend together to become a sweet, yet not cloying, flavor, and each cone melts on your tongue.


LOOK chocolates are created by Fujiya and, like Meltykiss, are blocks of flavored chocolate surrounded by a layer of regular chocolate. Unlike Meltykiss, however, the insides are creamier and also come in a wider variety of flavors. Each LOOK box seems to be a different palette of flavors, from "parfait" to "matcha desserts" to "fruits ala mode." No matter the flavor, though, LOOK handles the sweetness perfectly so that even the banana parfait chocolate isn't an overload of flavor.



The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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