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【NO.1】 ’All She Was Worth’ by Miyuki Miyabe

1992. Tokyo Metropolitan Police Detective Shunsuke Honma, on leave due to an incident on the job, is hired by his nephew, banker Jun Kurisaka, to track down his fiancée, whom he knows by the name of Shoko Sekine and who disappeared from his life after he discovered her credit history was tainted by bankruptcy.

Wonderful Read! As a mystery, it’s got all the intrigue and plot red herrings you would expect. However, if you are even remotely interested in Japanese society or just want to follow someone around Japan, this book does it well.

What a chilling and fabulous novel! As a dilettante in world of mystery, I picked up this novel accidentally in my quest for a new Japanese author. What a delight to discover that Miyabe’s concerns range far beyond those of the typical “who-done-it.”

【NO.2】 ’Byakuyako’ by Keigo Higashino

19 years ago (1972), a pawnshop owner was killed in Osaka. Several suspects were identified. However, the case remained unsolved due to lack of decisive evidence. Since then, Ryoji Kirihara, the son of the victim and Yukiho Karasawa, the daughter of one of the suspects seemed to have walked on separate paths of life. However, mysterious and vicious crimes kept on happening around the two of them. This is an epic story about two persons who lost their conscientiousness from a tragedy.

This is a novel of many twists, depicting mind-boggling series of criminal events and the dark sides of the human minds.

I finished the book 3 days in a row, couldn’t put it down, it’s a mystery, thriller or crime fiction that you want to know what happens next.

【NO.3】 ’Mōryō no Hako’ by Natsuhiko Kyogoku

Police detective Kiba finds himself investigating a very strange case involving a girl hit by a train, her actress sister, and a sinister hospital shaped like a box. As the girl’s friend’s mother becomes obsessed with Mōryō, the police begin finding young girls’ limbs strewn around the countryside in boxes.

【NO.4】 Points and Lines by Seicho Matsumoto

I breezed through this enthralling crime novel. The mystery is complex, the detective work brilliant, and the revelations about Japanese culture are fascinating.

I just finished this book not 5 minutes ago, and it was absolutely spectacular! With a fine eye for detail, Matsumoto creates a stunning novel full of intrigue right up to the very last page.

【NO.5】 Half a Confession by Hideo Yokoyama

Respected inspecter Soichiro Kaji is imprisoned for killing his wife, Keiko, who, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, requested it. His colleagues at Tokyo Police Force discover that Kaji intended to commit suicuide after killing her, but instead went away on a bullet train two days later. A suspicious item is found in his coat pocket that suggests Kaji was unfaithful.

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