5 Best 100 yen Cosmetics in Japan

They're only a dollar, but the quality is worth more.

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1. Charcoal Face Mask

This product can only be purchased at the Daiso chain of ¥100 stores.

After letting the mask dry for 15-20 minutes and then peeling it off, the skin on my nose is noticeably clearer. I noticed that blackheads and other foreign particles from my skin were stuck to the peeled-off mask which shows that it really works. It even removed the flaky dead skin cells on the sides of my nose so it now looks much cleaner and smoother.


2. Ellefar Chiffon Eyeshadow


I love bronzy browns and golds, and the bronze shade in this quad is highly wearable. My biggest fear with cheap eyeshadow is it’s going to look cheap—too sparkly or cakey, but this bronze is reason enough to get this quad. It’s sheer and has a nice pink undertone… not orangey at all.


3. Nail Polish


Travis Wise/Flickr

Nail polishes from the hundred yen store are good quality, very pretty and come in a wide variety of colors and types, from simple color to super glittery. There are also stickers for nail art and other manicure tools.

4. False Eyelashes



While false eyelashes (better known as falsies) are probably better quality from "real" cosmetics brands, ¥100 falsies do their job well. For a dollar, there are many different kinds to choose from, and the glue is also sold. When compared to more expensive and allegedly more legitimate falsies, you can hardly tell that the dollar store ones were so cheap.


5. Velvet Eyeliner


This liquid eyeliner is the same consistency as eyeliners from other, popular brands and glides on smoothly. In terms of color and thickness, it can easily be compared to other liquid eyeliners. However, as it is only ¥100, it doesn't last all day as some other, more expensive eyeliners. But it works better than expected and works well if you don't have anything else.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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