Celebrate the 42nd Annual Noryo Bon Odori Dance Festival at Sunshine City this August!

Sunshine City, a popular mall in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, has held a Noryo Bon Odori Dance Festival every year since opening its doors in 1978, and this year's will be held from August 1st - 3rd! Visit this energetic local festival in order to mingle with the Ikebukuro community as well as celebrate the lasting success of Sunshine City, one of the best-known landmarks of the area.

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About the 42nd Annual Noryo Bon Odori Dance Festival at Sunshine City

This large-scale community event draws around 5,000 visitors each year to the roof of Sunshine City Alpa and includes Bon Odori (a type of regional dance performed durind Obon festivals each summer in Japan), taiko drumming performances, and folk music, as well as various food stalls and carnival-style games to enjoy. It's the perfect event that the whole family can enjoy! 

Bon Odori Dance

The Bon Odori dance is performed to various songs, such as "Tokyo Ondo" and "Ozuka Monogatari Ondo." Each community in Japan has their own type of Bon Odori dance, so you can experience a whole new dance at this event even if you've been to other Bon Odori dance festivals in other places in Japan!

Kids Corner

The Kids Corner operates from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm each day of the festival, and lets kids take part in shooting, ball toss, and other carnival-style games for free! 

*Specific games will close when they run out of prizes

Food Stalls

Shops from Sunshine City Alpa will set up food stalls and offer a variety of foods, drinks, and snacks to all visitors to the festival. 

Event Info

If you're going to be in Tokyo, and especially the Ikebukuro area, during the event period, you'll definitely want to head over to Sunshine City to check it out! It's a great opportunity to get a taste of traditional Japanese culture while in the giant metropolis of Tokyo. 

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