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Japanese people are said to be skillful with their hands and pay close attention to detail. Also, among the Japanese, there are many people called “otaku” who focus on one thing with excessive zeal and passion. When those people meet bananas, do you know what happens?

 1. It completely looks alive! A superbly-made horse!

2. This banana ice cream looks delicious!

3. Even the peel has a face neatly carved into it. A smile and a monster…!

4. The power of expression in this piece clearly shows his mental state.

5. The thing eating the banana isn’t a mouse but rather…?!

6. Do you think this banana Venus is beautiful?

7. This Bart Simpson has a bizarre presence.


8. The love Japanese otaku have for Levi Ackerman doesn’t stop!


9.  It’s terrifying to see a banana attacking you from above. The shape of its tongue is so realistic it’s scary.


10. The spiderweb pattern is neatly carved.

11. Namihei-san’s hair curl has been faithfully reproduced!

12. Do you know who this is? It’s Hikonyan ❤

13. This Funasshi looks like it’s having fun!

14. The shape of the hands are amazing but…who are you?

15. The banana peel became the futon blanket! Good night~♪

16 This shark makes great use of the banana’s natural linear beauty!

17. This banana dragon is too cool! The peel looks completely like wings.

18 The mysterious three-dimensionality of this Japanese dragon is intense.

19. They can even read magazines! This banana standing and reading is way too realistic.

20. Doesn’t it look like it was shot with a high-speed camera?

21. Twin banana Sadako! Don’t come closer!

22. Don’t say to give up carving bananas and move onto wood. Banana art has its place in the world, too!

23. It’s definitely revealing a sinister side. The length of the chin and the head compared with the expression makes it look especially strong.

24. G-grandpa, are you melting?!

25. Oh no! I don’t yogurt like this!

26. Before you know it, your yogurt will be completely gone…

27. This delicious dessert became a cruel punishment.

28. When you look at this, don’t you hear Darth Vader’s theme song?

29. A huge Titan has arrived!

30 Oh, it’s Skytree…nope, it’s still a banana! You can definitely feel the height thanks to the faithfully reproduced steel frame pattern!


Video showing how to create a banana art by  banana carver Keisuke Yamada. 


This banana art, where people carve bananas like bronze figures, have become popular in Japan. You can find bananas carved into buildings, anime characters, mascots, girls in bathing suits, and other surprising objects. If you find yourself with some extra time while you’re on a trip to Japan, how about trying to make some banana art yourself? Maybe, if you unexpectedly run into a banana artist, they’ll teach you some tricks and techniques.


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