The 30 Best Japanese Cup Noodle Flavors to Buy in Japan

Instant noodles were invented in Japan, so it's no surprise that a vast selection of cup noodles line the shelves of Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets. Japanese cup noodles make for an easy snack as well as great souvenirs to take home! There are so many cup noodle flavors unique to Japan, you might wonder where to start the first time you see them in a supermarket. To help you out, here is a list of 30 popular Japanese cup noodles to help you decide which ones to try!


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About Japanese Noodles

In English, we sometimes call cup noodles "cup ramen" or "instant ramen". In Japan, though, there are many instant varities of popular noodle dishes including ramen, yakisoba, udon, and more!

If you're new to the world of Japanese noodle dishes, check out our Quick Guide to 7 Japanese Noodles. This should give you a background to appreciating the huge variety of Japanese cup noodles in this article!

1. Cup Noodle (カップヌードル)

The king of instant noodles, this is the most popular type of cup noodles in Japan.

2. Maruchan Midori no Tanuki-ten Soba (マルちゃん 緑のたぬき天そば)

This is an instant soba (buckwheat noodles) cup with tempura.

3. Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O. (日清焼そば U.F.O.)

They even have yakisoba cup noodles! This one comes with a deliciously rich sauce.

4. Nissin no Don-hyoe Kitsune Udon (日清のどん兵衛 きつねうどん)

If you're craving some udon, this is a great option. It comes with seasoned fried tofu!

5. Marutai Nagasaki Champon (マルタイ 長崎ちゃんぽん)

Chanpon is a regional noodle dish of Nagasaki. It comes with pork, seafood, and vegetables.

6. New Touch Yokohama Moyashi Soba (ニュータッチ 横浜もやしそば)

Yokohama is known for their ramen, and this one is a soy sauce-flavored version with lots of bean sprouts.

7. Nissin Chicken Ramen (日清 チキンラーメン)

Nissin's Chicken Ramen was the first instant noodle in the world! It contains bits of fluffy eggs.

8. Maruchan Kuroi Buta Curry Udon (マルちゃん 黒い豚カレーうどん)

Pork, curry and noodles... what's not to love?!

9. Maru-uma Koebi-ten Soba (まる旨 小海老天そば)

This is another cup noodle with soba. It comes with tempura of small shrimps.

10. Cup Noodle Chili Tomato Noodle (カップヌードル チリトマトヌードル)

Another one from the Cup Noodle range, this chili tomato flavored noodle comes in a big size, too!

11. Nissin Chuka Tantanmen (日清中華 担々麺)

Chinese-style noodles with spicy minced pork. Try it if you're looking for something with a bit of a kick!

12. Maruchan Shiroi Chikara Mochi Udon (マルちゃん 白い力もちうどん)

This one contains mochi (sticky rice cake). You won't find anything like this outside Japan!

13. Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto Miso Flavor (蒙古タンメン中本 味噌味)

Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto is a chain restaurant that specializes in chili ramen. Now you can get their famous noodles in a cup! Look out for their other flavors, including cheese!

14. Cup Noodle Cheese Curry (カップヌードル 欧風チーズカレー)

Cheese and curry. You can't go wrong with this!

15. Tategata Nomihosu Ippai Seabura Tonkotsu Ramen (タテ型 飲み干す一杯 背脂とんこつラーメン)

"Nomihosu ippai" means to drink something up, and that's exactly what you're going to want to do with this. It has a rich tonkotsu (pork bone) flavored soup with pork back fat.

16. Maruchan Gekimen Wonton Men (マルちゃん 激めん ワンタンメン)

If you want more than just cup ramen, try this! It contains wonton for a more filling meal!

17. Maruchan Aomori Miso Curry Milk Ramen (マルちゃん 日本うまいもん 青森味噌カレーミルクラーメン)

Sample a taste of Aomori Prefecture with this miso curry milk flavor!

18. Cup Noodle Rich Zeitaku Toromi Fukahire Soup (カップヌードル リッチ 贅沢とろみフカヒレスープ)

Cup noodles with a luxurious shark fin soup. It is rich in collagen.

19. Cup Noodle Nice Creamy Seafood (カップヌードル ナイス 濃厚! クリーミーシーフード)

The Nice range from Nissin has about half of the amount of fats and calories than the regular Cup Noodle, but tastes just as good! The retro pixelated packaging is fun, too!

20. Nissin Tongarashimen Umakara Seafood (日清 とんがらし麺 うま辛海鮮)

This one is for all the spice fiends! Try this deliciously spicy cup noodle if you dare!

21. Cup Noodle Tom Yum Kung Noodle (カップヌードル トムヤムクンヌードル)

If you're tired of standard Japanese flavors, perhaps this one is for you. Tom yum kung is a hot and sour Thai soup with shrimps.

22. Cup Noodle Singapore Laksa (カップヌードル シンガポールラクサ)

Another one from Cup Noodle's international range, this one is laksa flavor, which is a spicy noodle soup with coconut milk.

23. New Touch Sanma Men (ニュータッチ 凄麺 横浜発祥サンマー麺)

Sanma Men is a noodle dish with a thick soup that originated in Yokohama's Chinatown, and here it is in a handy cup!

24. Chicken Ramen Big Cup Charcoal-grilled Chicken and Wasabi Flavor (チキンラーメンビッグカップ 炭火焼チキンわさび風味)

This is a rather strange combination, so try it if you're feeling adventurous!

25. Super Cup Gyoza Punch Ramen (スーパーカップ ギョーザパンチラーメン)

Do you love gyoza (dumplings)? This tastes just like it!

26. Potemania Noodles Salted Seaweed Flavor (ポテマニア ヌードル のり塩味)

Do you ever crave fried potatoes and noodles at the same time? Well, this is your solution!

27. Maruchan Hot Wonton (マルちゃん ホットワンタン)

If you just want a light meal, try this one. It has a light soy sauce-flavored soup and wontons.

28. Nongshim Japan Shin Ramen Cup (農心ジャパン 辛ラーメンカップ)

These are actually made by a Korean company, but are popular in Japan as well. It is deliciously spicy!

29. Myojo Low Carb Noodles Chicken Flavor (明星 低糖質麺 ローカーボNoodles 鶏白湯)

If you're counting calories, look out for Myojo's range of low carb noodles. This is their light chicken flavored version, but they have many more flavors.

30. Myojo Chukazanmai Akasaka Eirin Sura Tanmen (中華三昧 赤坂栄林 酸辣湯麺 明星食品)

Akasaka Eirin is a renowned Chinese restaurant in Tokyo. You can now try their sura tanmen in a cup! It has a refreshing, sour flavor.

Are you hungry for some cup noodles now? Get yourself to the nearest store and see if they have any of the ones on this list! There are so many more flavors, so keep an eye out while you're travelling around Japan.

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