3 Selected Official Hotels of Universal Studios Japan! Enjoy Your Stay Just as Much as the Park Itself!

Universal Studios Japan, frequently referred to as USJ, is an amusement park located in Osaka where you can have a fantastic time regardless of how old you are. After a full day at the park, USJ partner hotels offer a means to keep the excitement going well beyond the end of the day. This will be an introduction to 3 hotels which add luxury and leisure to your experience on a visit to the well-known park.

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Hotel Universal Port

Hotel Universal Port is a 15-story hotel overlooking the cities and ports of Osaka and Kobe, and can be found standing just by Universal City Station. At night, the rooms provide a scenic view of the streaking car lights and lit-up buildings below. Guest rooms range from twin-sized rooms to suites, all of which cater to different group sizes and occasions. The Port Deep Ocean Floor interior is designed with a deep-sea theme, and you'll have little difficulty easing into the soothing, marine-colored rooms. The hotel is known for its colorful selection of rooms, from USJ character-themed rooms to guest rooms spacious enough for parties and large gatherings. 

The restaurant, called Port Dining Ricorico, provides a buffet-style menu, and inside you'll find the Rex Cafe and a Lounge simply called Lounge R, both of which are designed with a theme of the prehistoric dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex. At Lounge R, a looming, larger than life T-Rex skeleton hangs from the ceiling. At Ricorico, they offer around 90 different entrees under the theme "Japan's Food Capital: Osaka." The restaurant has three zones: the family-oriented zone, a group-oriented zone, and a relaxed zone, each of which offers a different atmosphere and pacing for your meal which best suits your interests at any given time.  

Being an official partner hotel of USJ, Hotel Universal Port offers a number of lodging plans in collaboration with the park. Of these packages, the USJ one-day studio pass plan and the Minion-themed Minion Room lodging plans are especially popular. Plans are extremely comprehensive, with specially prepared rooms like the WAKUWAKU Wonder Room filled with children's playthings, and the Family Room that comes with toys, plush dolls, and a work desk.

Hotel Keihan Universal Tower

This hotel is also located in a prime location for those visiting USJ, being situated at an arm's length from the park. Standing 138 meters tall, the view from the 32-story building is nothing short of spectacular. Guest rooms are arranged to accommodate whoever you may be traveling with, from couples, families, or even larger groups. On the 31st floor, which is the highest accessible floor, there is a natural hot spring where you can have the stunning experience of bathing while taking in the views of the Osaka and Kobe cityscapes below. You can also try out the relaxation treatment at the beauty salon.  

The buffet-style restaurant, called "The Garden" offers a casual dining atmosphere where you can eat at your leisure in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Everyone from young children to their grandparents can find friendly options that work for them amongst the broad variety of options available. Enjoy dining on high from The Top of Universal, situated at the top floor of the hotel where the nighttime scenery of Osaka and Kobe lie sprawled out beneath you. The setting is perfect for a special commemorative occasion.   

Being an official hotel of USJ, the hotel offers a number of exclusive benefits with their park packages. Aside from the Studio Pass and lodging plan, you can also buy your USJ admission tickets in the hotel. Additionally, you also have the benefit of storing your luggage while you make your way around the park, as well as the option to ship gifts you purchase while at the park. Furthermore, you'll find that you can watch free USJ related movies in your room to experience the full extent of what the park has to offer.  

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The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan

This USJ partner hotel stands just by the main gate of the park. As its name suggests, the hotel's design concept is heavily rooted in elements of its affiliated park. Just one step into the hotel, you'll find a world designed under the concept of a Journey Through American Beyond Time and Space. The elevator to the guest rooms is designed in the likeness of a time machine, which then travels to various floors with interior themes that range from the 1900s to the 2000s across 598 guest rooms. A flexible range of different types of rooms are available from the Standard Floor to the Luxury Floor. The hotel is especially equipped with services for guests with children, and amenities like strollers and cribs can be provided as needed. 

The buffet-style restaurant Akala has the feel of a Hawaiian resort, and the pink and white interior is based upon the motif of a Hawaiian quilt. At Akala, you'll have the chance to try the chef's diverse repertoire of signature dishes, as well as other choices like the abundant fruits, salads, and desserts lining the tables. 2 kinds of chocolate gush down the chocolate fountain, and combined with the kid's corner, children are sure to have loads of fun.

At the Park Front Hotel, there's even a service specifically for children known as the Time Travel Concierge, where the friendly guide takes children in elementary school and younger on trip through time on the time machine. Donning a silk hat, a tail coat, and a large golden metal, the Concierge is easy to spot, but pops out suddenly, so spotting him is a kind of exciting and rare surprise. All children staying at the hotel are granted kids passports, and by collecting special stamps from the Time Concierge, they can trade them in for some goodies. 

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Stay at a USJ Official Hotel to Fully Capitalize on Your USJ Experience!

There are numerous partner hotels in close proximity to USJ, each of which offers their own unique services. The windows of the guest rooms also offer scenic views of the nearby bay area. After a full and exhilarating day at USJ, please consider a stay at one of these USJ partner hotels, where you'll find exciting events that keep the fun going well past the end of the day.

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