3 Japanese Festivals in Tokyo That You Can't Miss in October 2018

Are you hoping to go to a festival while you're in Japan? Here are our top picks of festivals taking place in Tokyo in October. From a beer festival to a firework display, you're sure to find a festival to your liking!

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Nihonbashi Ebisu-ko Bettara Ichi

Held on October 19 and 20 annually, Bettara Market takes place in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. It features portable shrines (mikoshi), classic Japanese festival foods, dancing, and, of course, bettarazuke.

But what is "bettarazuke"?

Bettarazuke is sweet pickled daikon (white radish), a famous product of Tokyo that dates back as far as the Edo period (1603 - 1868). There will be many stalls selling it at the festival, so make sure to try this local specialty!

Don't worry if pickled radish isn't quite your thing. With around 500 food stalls selling bettarazuke and other more traditional Japanese festival food, you're bound to find something more to your taste!

Check out the article below for a list of Japanese festival food! Who knows, you might be able to cross a couple off your list just by going to this festival!

Oedo Beer Festival

Beer lovers, rejoice! This festival, which is dedicated to beer, is returning to Shinagawa, Tokyo, on October 4th!

Oedo Beer Festival is held for 5 days, and is free to enter (you do have to pay for your beer, of course).

As the biggest craft beer event in the country, there will be over 200 kinds of craft beers from Japan and abroad, surrounded by a fun-filled festival atmosphere. You can get a beer for as little as 300 yen, and there will be tasting sets, too!

The numerous stalls will also be selling sausages, spare ribs, tortilla chips, and other food that go great with beer. 

Sounds good? Well then, get yourself down to Shinagawa next week and enjoy a crafty pint or two!

Don't know what beers to try at the festival? The below article has a couple of recommendations that might spark your interest.

Chofu Autumn Fireworks

Chofu, dubbed the town of movies, is located by Tama River, in the middle of Tokyo. 

Their annual fireworks festival is set to take place on October 27, with approximately 10,000 shots of fireworks to be launched against the backdrop of Tama River.

As with any Japanese festival, Chofu Autumn Fireworks would not be complete without some festival food. There will be food stalls at each of the three venues, so make sure to get your fill of yakisoba, takoyaki, and other classic Japanese festival foods!

Did you know that there's a proper way to enjoy fireworks festivals in Japan? Read all about it in the article below!

Which festival will you attend this October? There are other October festivals besides the ones introduced above, so find one that interests you and enjoy the ultimate experience of going to a real Japanese festival!

If you can't make it to the above festivals, check out the articles below to get your festival fix!


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