Top 10 Souvenirs in the 1,000 Yen Range Being Sold at Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station can almost be called the center of Japan, as it is a prominent transportation hub where various products from all over the nation are gathered. As such, it goes without saying that it is the most ideal place to buy souvenirs. This article introduces the top 10 affordable (around 1,000 yen!) souvenirs being sold at Tokyo Station. If you don't have a lot to spend but you want to purchase souvenirs that look or taste amazing, you need to check it out!

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Top 10 Souvenirs in the 1,000 Yen Range

No. 10: Tokyo Station Baked Chocolate 12-Piece Set (GRANSTA)

This baked chocolate has a special packaging which can only be found at Tokyo Station.

The chocolate has such a deep bitterness that one piece alone would be enough to bring you immense satisfaction.

No. 9: Tokyo Tiramisu Roll (ecute Tokyo)

The smooth and full-bodied mascarpone cheese from Hokkaido comes together with the deep-flavored espresso to form this tiramisu roll, which can only be bought at ecute Tokyo.

No. 8: Maple Walnut Dacquoise 6-Piece Set (GRANSTA)

This treat consists of soft maple cream and walnut sandwiched within a crunchy exterior made from meringue dough.

This is a dacquoise which you cannot resist thanks to the maple's aroma and texture of the walnuts.

No. 7: Original Assortment (GRANSTA)

This set comes with 6 different types of cheesecake, each with its unique texture and taste as a result of the varying types of cream cheese used. Compare them against one another to see which is your favorite!

The baked cheesecake, which is available exclusively at GRANSTA, is known for its rich flavor and the right amount of sweetness due to the generous use of fully-ripened cheese.

No. 6: Panda no Tabi 5-Pack Set (GRANSTA)

Cute pictures of pandas or famous locations in Tokyo, such as Tokyo Tower and Kaminari-mon, are drawn on these prawn rice crackers.

No. 5: Tokyo Station Limited Edition Cookie Assortment 20-Piece Set (Keiyo Street)

This product is wrapped in limited-edition packaging featuring the Marunouchi building of Tokyo Station. It contains 10 pieces each of their popular Salt & Camembert cookies and the Honey & Gorgonzola cookies.

No. 4: Tokyo Gianduia Choco Pie 8-Piece Set (GRANSTA)

This is a limited-edition dessert of the long-standing chocolate brand Caffarel originating from Turin, Italy, which can only be found at GRANSTA. Its signature product Gianduia, which has a history of more than 150 years, will fill your mouth with a rich hazelnut flavor.

No. 3: Tokyo Kaminariya 8-Piece Set (Keiyo Street)

This langue de chat made from rice flour is shaped like the horns of the Thunder God. It contains soft cream which is topped off with nuts.

No. 2: Maple Financier 6-Piece Set (GRANSTA)

This shop is known for using a lot of maple syrup in its products, as seen from this financier that has a crispy exterior but tastes moist and flavorful on the inside.

No. 1: Tokyo Station Limited Edition Waffles 10-Piece Set (GRANSTA)

These waffle sandwiches have been the company's signature product since its establishment! The waffle batter is grilled piece by piece before cream and fruits are sandwiched in between. There are more than 600 different flavors, including around 20 seasonal varieties.

Where To Buy

・Keiyo Street


Now that you know what souvenirs to get, try purchasing some for your friends or family the next time you drop by Tokyo Station!


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