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1. Okichan Theatre  [Okinawa]


You can watch dolphin Oki-chan and friends` show with a clear view of the great Okinawa beach.

During the show, they explain about the natural habits of the dolphin. Of course, the show is free, and there are exclusive wheelchair spaces prepared, as well. On top, the show is a popular free tourist spot for children.


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HP: (Japanese Only)

Address:  424 Ishikawa, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa (Google Map)

2. Shugakuin Rikyu(修学院離宮) [Kyoto]


The government manages the park and the facility is located in Mt. Hieisanroku(比叡山麓).By mid 18th century, the 108th Emperor built Shugakuin Rikyu(修学院離宮). This park is open to the public, where one is able to experience the beauty of the historical dynasty culture, and enable visitors to understand beauty and symbolic meaning of the Japanese garden.


HP: (Japanese Only)

Address:  Shugakuin Yabusoe Sakyo Ward, Kyoto-city, Kyoto  (Google Map)

3. Asakusa Cultural Visitor Center [Tokyo]


Taito-ku visitor center in front of Kaminari-mon (雷門)[Thunder Gate].There are Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean tourist pamphlets available. Additionally, there are foreign currency exchange booths, a PC corner for public use, as well as free Wi-Fi.This is an indispensable free service spot for visitors and tourists in Asakusa, Taito-ku.Also you can climb up the tower to look over the city and view the Tokyo Sky Tree.


HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Kaminari-mon 2-18-9  Taito-ku , TOKYO (Google Map)

4. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo-Garden [Tokyo]


Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo(ホテル椿山荘 東京) is in a forest-like garden of Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.The beautiful garden is opened to the public. People are able to come and enjoy the different trees and plants, including “Tubaki(椿)”, “Sakura(桜)”, with the addition of several historical sites. The three layer tower (三重塔「圓通閣/Sanju no toh [Entsu kaku])on the top of the small hill in the garden, judging by the feature of the architecture is estimated to have been built around 1300s , this tower is registered in Japan`s cultural heritage site.


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HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Sekiguchi 2-10-8 Bunkyo-ku,TOKYO (Google Map)

5. Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery [Hokkaido]


A whiskey factory in Hokkaido founded by the Japanese major liquor maker Nikka.

The place was chosen as the first step by Mr. Masataka Taketsuru(竹鶴 政孝) of the Nikka foundation to begin making his whiskey and spreading it across Japan. They issue a factory-tour(70min/free charge) which includes the whisky and other alcohol tasting which makes this place is a great free tourist attraction for people who love to drink.


HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Yoichimachi Kurokawa-cho 7-6 Yoichi-gun, HOKKAIDO (Google Map)

6. Mt.Narita-San Park(成田山公園)[Chiba]


The great garden of Shinsho-ji temple(成田山新勝寺)built in 1928.During the season of spring, 350 cherry blossoms bloom(桜), blanketing the whole park in a shade of light pink.Additionally, one can also enjoy roughly 460 of red and white plum blossoms(紅梅、白梅)azalea trees, and maple trees(紅葉), with each season.They have the Plum blossoms festival in spring and Maple tree festival in autumn. Plum blossoms festival has the Nodate-tea party(野点) and everyone can join this party free of charge.

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Narita1 Narita-city, Chiba (Google Map)

7. JAL Workshop Tour – Sky Museum [Tokyo]


The Japanese aircraft company JAL Manufactory-Tour.

A powerful experience of viewing an airplane at massive aircraft hangar.People can take pictures in pilot uniforms, and experience driving an airplane on a simulation system. Visitors a given stamp cards for the tour to enjoy the stamp rally to collect each stamp at each location in the JAL manufactory tour.

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Hanada-Airport 3‐5-1 Ohta-ku,Tokyo (Google Map)

8.  Suntory Yamazaki Distillery [Osaka]



This was the first distillation of whisky in Japan.

Victors are able to observe the process of the Suntory Whiskey factory during factory tour.Additionally, one can enjoy a tasting session of whiskey made with “good water of Yamazaki’s”(山崎の名水‐離宮の水).So this place is a really good free tourist attraction for people who love to drink whiskey.

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Shimamoto-cho Yamazaki5−2−1 Mishima-gun, Osaka (Google Map)

9. Happo-en(八芳園) [Tokyo]



A Japanese garden that has convey the “wabi”  by Happo-en

Happo Park holds a marriage ceremonial hall and a conference room, in a garden approximately 39, 670 square meters (12, 000 坪) located a very large area of central Tokyo.The beauty of the Japanese garden in particular is a most see.There is a splendid view with the maple leaves that fall in autumn or and the cherry blossoms that bloom in spring. The elegant carp swimming in the large pond is a tourist attraction in which you can thoroughly enjoy the beauty and the tranquility of the Japanese garden.

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address:  Shiroganedai 1−1−1 Minato-ku, Tokyo(Google Map)




TOKYO METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo Sky Scraper Viewing(free charge) 202meters high skyscraper gives you a view of the metropolitan Tokyo.Visitors are allowed to take pictures, however visitors are advised not to use a tripod. Tokyo Tourist Information Center is also located here, which is free use for visitors.

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Nishishinjuku 2-8-1 Shinjuku-ku , Tokyo (Google Map)

11. Hotel New Otani Garden [Tokyo]

(ホテルニューオータニ庭園 )


A very large Japanese garden(日本庭園) in the Hotel New Otani.There is a massive tree which is over 300 years old,42 stone lanterns(灯篭), vermilion-lacquered red bridge(太鼓橋), more than 300 craps(鯉:緋鯉&真鯉) living in the pond(清泉池)and a waterfall (大滝)of approximately 6meters height, etc…This garden is known as one of the most famous gardens in Tokyo. One is able to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of Japanese garden.You can escape the metropolis and enter into a luxurious world of quiet calm for a moment. It is perfect free tourist attraction.


HP: (中文)

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address:  Kioi-cho4-1 Chiyoda-ku ,Tokyo (Google Map)




A tour of the Japanese instant noodles maker “Nissin Food Products”, Of course, entrance fee is Free.”CUP NOODLE” is sold all over the world and you can enjoy and experience this world wide cup noodle at the “Instant Ramen Museum”Visitors are able to create one`s very own cup noodle flavor. * Visitors do not need a reservation.One can view every product that NISSHIN had sold since the establishment of its business.It is an over overwhelming experience to see the massive kinds ramen which can only be seen at the Japan ramen paradise.The free tourist attraction and it’s good for Japanese especially ramen-fan.


HP: (中文)

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Masumi-cho 8-25 Ikeda-city Osaka (Google Map)

13. Farm Tomita (ファーム富田)[Hokkaido]


Farm Tomita renowned for its lavender is located at Furano-cho ,Hokkaido . Visitors will experience the aroma shower from the huge lavender field as well as the lavender ice cream.

The farm is open from the spring to autumn season. There is a shop and museum decorated with dry flowers with the admission fee being free so that you can enjoy the nature in Hokkaido.


HP: (中文)

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Kisen Kita 15-go, Nakafurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido 071-0704 (Google Map)

14. Okurayama Jump Stadium  [Hokkaido]



Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium is own by the city of Sapporo, and sits on the east slope of Mt. Okura, which is 307 meters high. There the local tournament is held Ski Jump stadium, but this place is not only for ski jump, but also for winter sports. There is a Sapporo Winter Sports Museum and a restaurant were one can enjoy lamb dishes (Jingisukan).


HP: (中文)

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: 1274 Miyanomori, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido(Google Map)

15. Kurobe-dam (黒部ダム)[Toyama]


The massive dam called Kurobe Dam which was built in 1963 in Toyama Prefecture has been ranked for three years on  TripAdvisor(website)  as a recommended free tourist attraction. The main attraction is viewing the over 10 tons of water per second at a height of 186m. Additionally, the light house , tour boat ,spring water fountain riding trolley bus ,many things awaits you. You can enjoy the view of the scenery and dam while walking down the light house staircase

*In addition, it is necessary to confirm information before going because it is limited during the sightseeing period.  By the way 2016 year’s sightseeing period will open from April 16 to November 30 , 2016 (period may be changed by circumstance)

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Tateyamamachi Ashikuraji Nakaniikawa-gun,Toyama (Google Map)

16. Kanoya Naval Air Base Museum [Kagoshima]


The museum documents the Special Attack Unit and the Marine Self Defense Force during World War II, which displays records of the special attack unit called “kamikaze”(神風), and memorial items during the war.This museum is a great chance to rethink about the past war as well as the possible wars to come.You cannot miss this valuable free tourist attraction when you come to Kagoshima Prefecture.

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Nishihara3-11-2 Kanoya-city , Kagoshima (Google Map)

17. Ex-Taisha Station(旧大社駅)[Shimane]


The station is an ancient Japanese-style building.

The Taisha Station opened in 1912 and was again rebuilt in 1924.

It is a valuable spot where you can thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the architecture were wooden construction brings one back to a nostalgic feel like the Izumo Taisha Shrine(出雲大社)of Monzen-machi(出門前町).The station was closed in 1990, but the building was appointed to the important cultural property of the country in 2004.

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address:  Kitaaraki441-3Taisha-cho Izumi-city , Shimane (Google Map)

18. JMSDF Kure Museum [Hiroshima]


A museum of the Marine Self Defense Force.The museum holds on display one of the actual submarine that is not used any more.Visitors are able to board a submarine to view the captain’s room and officer’s room, as well as experience going underwater on a simulation system.There is souvenir shop that has several items with the Self-Defense Forces label printed on them.This museum is a free tourist attraction where one can learn with in depth of the Japanese Self Defense force.

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Takara-cho 5−32 Kure-city , Hiroshima(Google Map)

19. Kirin Beverage Yokohama [Kanagawa]



The Kirin Beer factory located in Yokohama. Authentic Kirin beer factory experience for free. You can experience sampling of several kinds of beer and fragrance of hop.

Additionally, at the end of the tour one can sample fresh beer up to three cups.In recent years Kirin beer has been popular widely in the world so it is an ideal free tourist attraction for beer lovers.

HP: (Japanese Only)

Address:  Namamugi 1-17-1 Tsurumi-ku Yokohama-city ,Kanagawa (Google Map)

20. Japan Mint Museum [Osaka]



apan Mint Museum is located in the Mint Bureau yard in a building built in 1911 as a thermal powered station.This museum displays momentous currencies to the public and various documents and introductions about Mint.Additionally this location is very famous for cherry blossom(桜) viewing.Cherry trees become in full blossom in spring, and many people come to view their beautiful bloom. It is strong recommend if one wants to see cherry blossoms in Osaka.


HP: (Japanese Only)

Address: Tenma 1−1−79 Kita-ku Osaka-city, Osaka (Google Map)

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