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While guesthouses often have shared bathrooms and kitchens, they’re reasonably priced and you can meet fellow travelers there to make wonderful memories with as well. There are many kinds of rooms at guesthouses, such as those with single beds, twin beds, shared rooms, women-only, Japanese-style, so you can find the best one for your preferences along with the best location to make your trip amazing.

1. Osaka J Hoppers, Fukushima

This international guesthouse located at a very convenient location near the JR Fukushima Station, one stop away from Osaka Station. It’s a popular guesthouse where backpackers from around the world gather and enjoy a cultural exchange. One night usually runs $25-30. 

2. Business Hotel Taiyo, Shin-Imamiya

This guesthouse has women-only floors as well as Japanese-style rooms. They also offer amenities including bath towels, face towels, and toothbrushes. One night usually costs $25-30.

3. Hotel Toyo, Tennoji

This reasonable hotel is one station away from Tennoji Station and sits close to both Shin-Imamiya Station and Doubutsuenmae Station. One night can from from $16-40.

4. Hostel Q, Nanba

This youth hostel sits in the middle of Nanba. This is a really convenient hostel for the popular sightseeing sights of Dotonbori and the Glico sign! There offer women-only dorms. One night is usually around $25-35.

5. Hostel Base Point Osaka, Nanba

This hotel is only a minute away from Nanba Station, making it perfect for sightseeing. Of course you can easily reach the Nanba area, but it’s also really convenient for Umeda and Shinsaibashi. They offer not only single and twin rooms but also gender-separated dorm rooms. One night can run between $28-64.

6. Hostel 64 Osaka, Shinsaibashi

This guesthouse was designed to be a fashionable concrete building. It’s in a convenient location where you can easily reach Shinsaibashi, Horie, and Minamisenba. One night runs around $60-180.

7. Osaka Hana Hostel, Shinsaibashi

This guesthouse is a remodeled business hotel in the Shinsaibashi area. It’s only 2 minutes from the station and is also rather reasonable, making it a really good deal. One night is usually about $32-50.

8. Tenma Itoya Guest house, Osaka station

This guesthouse is near Japan’s longest shopping street, Tenjinbashisuji Shoutengai. It’s close to Osaka Station, making every sightseeing area easily accessible. You can also enjoy the traditional scenery of residential Osaka. One night runs around $35-80.

9. U-en, Osaka station

This guesthouse, a comfortable 10 minutes away from Osaka station, is a former luxurious traditional Japanese restaurant built in the 1940s that was renovated into what it is today. Average cost is $30-50 a night.

10. Bonsai Guesthouse, Momodani

This is a perfect guesthouse near Momodani Station for people who want to travel throughout the Kansai area as it’s very easy to head to both Nara or Wakayama from here. You can enjoy bonsai on the roof. Average price for a night is $28-34.

11. Imazato Guest House, Imazato (Female Only)

This guesthouse is near Imazato Station. The female-only dormitory has large semi-double beds, making it a popular choice for female travelers. Prices start at $35 and includes breakfast.

12. IM Guest House, Momodani

This guesthouse is in an Osaka residential area that’s just 5 minutes away from Momodani Station. They have month-long plans that are a great deal for people having long trips. Nightly costs run around $25-66.

13. Guest House Odori, Tennoji

This guesthouse is near Tennoji Station. It’s very convenient because while you can easily get to Umeda and Nanba, you can also easily reach Nara and Wakayama. While the area in front of the guesthouse has a very urban atmosphere, if you walk away from it, you’ll find a scenery overflowing with the feeling of traditional residential Osaka. Average night runs around $25-35.

14. Youth Hostel Gyokusenji, Nosecho

This youth hostel is in the Osakan suburbs. It feels like a completely different world from the city center so it’s recommended if you want to experience something new. It’s about 20 minutes away from Osaka Station on the Hankyu Takarazuka Main Line with a transfer at Kawanishi-Noseguchi Station to Yamashita Station, from which you can take a bus. One night costs around $28-34.

15. Shin Osaka Youth Hostel, Shin-Osaka

This youth hostel is close to Shin-Osaka Station, making it very easy to access Umeda, Nanba, and Kyoto. One night starts at $32.

16. Guesthouse Caminoro, Mikuni

This guesthouse is near Mikuni Station and is inside of a shopping street so you can catch a glimpse of the bustling Osakan commercial traditions that have been continuing since time immemorial. It’s also very easy to access many sightseeing spots such as Umeda, Shin-Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto from here. One night is around $25-58.

17. Guesthouse Rainbow, Nishi-Kujo

This guesthouse is near Universal Studios Japan and offers long-term plans for guests who want to stay a month or longer. Its retro Showa-era interior gives it a very homey feeling. Monthly stays start around $200 with a $100-200 deposit.

18. HOTEL MIKADO, Shin-Imamiya

This reasonable hotel in a residential area near Tsuutenkaku and Janjan Yokocho. It’s recommended for people who want to stay in a cheap hotel that allows you to have private rooms. You can meet many friendly people in the neighborhood. Average price is around $20-25.

19. For Leaves Inn Nagai, Nagai

They have single and semi-double beds that two people can share! This guesthouse in the Nagai area has a very homey feeling. There are also rooms that four people can share. One night averages $20-25.

20. Sakai Hostel, Sakai

It’s only 32 minutes on the express train from Kansai Airport to Sakai Station, so if you’re looking for a reasonable place to stay by the airport definitely try here! It’s full of customers from all around the world so you can also experience some cultural exchange during your stay. Average night runs around $25-35.

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