20 Reasonably Priced Hotels and Ryokan in Osaka

Here are some lodging establishments in Osaka where you can stay for 3000 yen or cheaper! Even though they're so cheap, these 20 places have plenty of services and amenities to make your stay comfortable. Many of them are also in great locations near train stations, in residential areas, or in business areas!



1. Smile Hotel Nanba [Nanba]

This reasonable hotel is in a perfect location for sightseeing, just 20 minutes away from Universal Studios and the airport. Even though it's a budget hotel, there is free breakfast included. The rooms are clean and perfect for relaxing. There is also a coin laundry on premises. Rooms start at 2500 yen.

2. Hotel LiveMax Nanba [Nanba]

This has a perfect location near Osaka's business district. It's built so you can immediately relax as though you've come back to your own home, and it's decorated and furnished with comfort in mind. It's near Nanba Station and Kyocera Dome so it's a great reasonable hotel if you're in the city for concerts or other events. Every room has WiFi so it's also popular with people on business trips. Rooms start at 3000 yen.

3. Business Hotel Mikado [Shin-Imamiya/Shin-Sekai]

This is a reasonably-priced hotel in Nishinaru-ku, an area full of simple lodging establishments. It's off the main street so it's in a very quiet area and the building itself is very nice. There are dormitory and private rooms (both Japanese and Western) available as well as a sauna and bath. It's very popular with foreign tourists for its cheap price but array of services. A single Japanese-style room starts at around 1900 yen per person.

4. Business Hotel Taiyo [Shin-Imamiya/Shin-Sekai]

The building facade is made with red brick, and the inside is also splendid, especially for a budget hotel. There are many Western tourists here, so the big public bath is very fun since it feels very international. You can stay in a large Japanese-style room for less than 3,000 yen, and there are women's-only floors. A single room starts at 2,100 yen.

5. Business Hotel Raizan South Building [Shin-Imamiya/Shin-Sekai]

This budget hotel in Nishinari-ku is very popular with foreign backpackers. It's just a 2 minute walk from Doubutsuen-mae Station and Shin-Imamiya Stations, and there are many cheap eateries around too. The south building and north buildings of this hotel are split, and in the southern building there's a TV, kitchen, fridge, and computers available for use. You can check-in 24 hours a day, which is very convenient. A single starts at around 2200 yen.

6. Business Hotel Raizan North Building [Shin-Imamiya/Shin-Sekai]

Many foreign travelers stay at this budget hotel. As long as you check-in by 1 AM, you can enter and depart as you please. Even though the rooms are reasonably priced, there are Western and Japanese rooms and they're all complete with TV, fridge, and air conditioner. Rooms start at 1,600 yen for one person in a single.

7. Hotel Sun Plaza [Shin-Imamiya/Shin-Sekai]

This is another budget hotel just one minute away from Doubutsuen-mae Station and Shin-Imamiya Station. The facade is painted pink so it's easy to see, and they can have their information printed in English and Korean to make transactions smoother. There are many foreign travelers. The floors are split up by gender. One room starts at around 1350 yen.

8. Business Hotel Shinbashi [Shin-Imamiya/Shin-Sekai]

This is another budget hotel in the area but it's greatest characteristic is its bath. The public bath is for men only but there is a bath with a view. They allow long-term stays. Nearby there's a shopping arcade where you can easily have dinner. The rooms on the men's floors all have internet. All the floors are separated by gender so even if you come as a couple you will have to sleep in separate rooms, so be aware. Rooms start at 2550 yen per person.

9. Business Hotel Sun Plaza [Shin-Imamiya/Shin-Sekai]

This budget hotel is near the train lines running through Shin-Imamiya station. You can see Tsuutenkaku Tower from the men's bath. There are non-smoking rooms, and rooms with WiFi. Women can also stay here so it's very popular with foreign tourists and backpackers. One room starts at 1500 yen.

10. Hotel Zipangu [Shin-Imamiya/Shin-Sekai]

This is another budget hotel in the same area, but it boasts heating, cooling, and TV in every room. If you stay long-term you get a discount on your room costs. This is a rare hotel for this area that allows women on their own to stay as well. Rooms start at 1500 yen per person.

11. Hotel Toyo [Shin-Imamiya/Shin-Sekai]

The budget hotel has a facade that looks old, but the inside is actually rather wide. There are many cheap eateries in the area and this hotel is popular with foreign backpackers. One

12. Business Hotel Fukusuke [Shin-Imamiya/Shin-Sekai]

This is a men's only hotel so it's perfect for groups of men that are looking for cheap lodging. It's in the same area as the ones mentioned above so they have the same perks: nearby stations, eateries, and Tsuutenkaku Tower. Long-term stay contracts are available. A single room starts at 1500 yen.

13. Hana Hostel [Nanba/Shinsaibashi]

This cheap lodging in the business district of Shinsaibashi is both business hotel and hostel There are dormitory rooms where you can interact with other lodgers and enjoy cultural exchange. There are also business hotel-class private rooms. There is also a kitchen, bath, and living room area available for use. Rooms start at 3000 yen per person.

14. Hostel Base Point Osaka [Nanba]

This is a business hotel in Nanba, the heart of Osaka. It's only one minute away from the station, so it's a perfect area to enjoy sightseeing, shopping, and entertainment. In these dormitory rooms there are 6 bunk beds so they sleep 12. Each bed has a book light and a curtain as well as a locker. It's perfect for foreign backpackers. Prices start at 2800 yen per person. 

15. Business Hotel Chuo [Shin-Imamiya/Shin-Sekai]

This is a budget hotel in the Nishinari-ku area like many of those already listed. Even though it's reasonably priced, shampoo and conditioner are available in the bath, and they offer free coffee at the front desk. Behind the hotel is Shin-Sekai, where Tsuutenkaku and many famous kushikatsu restaurants are located. It's a perfect place to stay to enjoy cheap Osaka food. Single rooms start at 2500 yen.

16. FOR LEAVES INN Nagai [Abeno/Tennouji]

This is in a perfect location for access to Osaka Station and the Sakai area and it's near Nagai Park. Singles are 3000 yen and twins are 2500 yen per person. It's a perfect hotel for business trips or sightseeing. There is free coffee at the front desk and breakfast is available for 500 yen. It's popular with foreign tourists. 

17. Neyagawa Trend Hotel [Neyagawa] 

This hotel is in Neyagawa, an area between Osaka and Kyoto, making it perfect for both business and sightseeing. Every room has WiFi, the breakfast comes with bread from a local beloved bakery, and on the 11th floor there is a relaxation room and an observation deck. And it's still so cheap! Rooms start at 2350 yen.

18. Hotel San Marco [Daito]

Daito is east of the city of Osaka, and is very close to a huge outlet mall. It's very easy to get to the center of Osaka from here. The building facade looks like a resort hotel, and the rooms are big and bright. It has many amenities for being a budget hotel. It's a 12 minute walk from Konoikeshinden Station. A room for 2 starts at 2500 per person.

19. Chaya Yado Iseya [Shijonawate] 

Shijonawate is east of the city of Osaka, and this small ryokan has been in business for more than 100 years. You can experience Japanese hospitality that overflows with elegance and charm. There are free drinks and snacks available, and it's in a perfect location to travel to Kyoto, Nara, and Hyogo. Rooms start at 3200 yen per person.

20. Business Ryokan Kinsou [Kadoma]

This budget ryokan is in Kadoma, in eastern Osaka. It's very close to Kadoma-shi Station and the Osaka monorail, making it very convenient. You can bring food from outside, and there are fridges in the room and a microwave in the lobby so you can chill and heat your food whenever you need. It's plenty for people who just want a place to sleep. The baths are shared. Rooms start at 3000 yen per person.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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