These Are Tourists' 2018 Top Picks For Affordable Hotels Near Tokyo Station

A huge metropolis like Tokyo requires multiple days to be properly enjoyed, so once you've booked your train or flight, you'll have to buckle down to find a nice hotel, possibly in a convenient location. Unfortunately, this usually results in a price increase, giving you a hard time if you're on a strict budget. No worries! Here is a roundup of 20 affordable options near Tokyo Station that were highly rated by other tourists!



1. Sleep by the Riverside at Oak Hostel Cabin [Suitengumae]

Capsule hotels are probably the cheapest accommodation type you can find in Japan, and this futuristically designed hotel by the riverside is one of them. Other than the incredibly good price, this place is highly appreciated for the friendliness of the staff, the cleanliness, and the many amenities provided that would grant you a pleasant stay even if you forgot your whole bag!

The shared space has a Scandinavian wooden design. You can either relax and enjoy a nice city view from the windows or socialize with other fellow travelers.

These are the capsule rooms. If you've never slept in one, this is your chance! They do look a little claustrophobic, but thanks to the Wi-Fi, the comfortable mattress, and all the other equipment, you'll get used to it in no time. Plus, you can borrow a smartphone, which can be quite the life-saver if you don't have a Japanese SIM card!

2. Admire the Classic Modern Design of &and Hostel Kanda [Kodemmacho]

Referring to itself as a "smart hotel that connects the world", this is a budget-friendly facility in Kanda, with both dormitories and private rooms. You're going to love the modern design and sense of cleanliness of its rooms and common areas!

The "Smart Dormitory" is divided into 2 floors, one for men and one for women. You can close the curtain to create your own little semi-private room. Each booth is super clean and cozy, and equipped with Wi-Fi connection and bedside lamps.

To help you cut your expenses, there's also a functional kitchen corner where you can have a snack or microwave your own meal. Save the money you would spend eating at a restaurant every day!

3. Take in Japanese Atmosphere at Bnb+ Wa Shinbashi International [Shimbashi]

Bnb+ (bnb plus) is a chain hostel with branches in various areas of Tokyo, and this is the one in Shimbashi. It is designed to be Japanese-style, meaning that the rooms are furnished with decorations and objects that will remind you of ancient Japan, like paper umbrellas and folding screens.

This is what the dormitory looks like. It was built with the aim of offering a space where one can relax and forget about the outside world. The hostel is indeed a little separated from the noisy main street, yet still very close to Shimbashi Station. Every booth has a hanger, curtain, free Wi-Fi, and wall sockets.

Here's an example of their Japanese-style touches. Other than toiletries, you can also use one of the lockers and hairdryers (the latter not available at night).

4. Enjoy the Homecooked Breakfasts at Irori Nihonbashi Hostel and Kitchen [Bakurocho]

This lovely place aims to offer "a more local, handmade" travel experience. What do they mean by that? Let's start with "local". The hostel is surrounded by cafes, street food stands, and restaurants where lots of locals hang out. Moreover, the staff will be more than happy to give you information and tips about what to see and where to eat!

The dorms are either mixed or female-only, and furnished with cozy bunk beds. Most amenities are free, but extra stuff like slippers and towels can be rented for cheap.

An "irori" is a Japanese traditional hearth placed at the center of the table for you to grill your own food and eat it right away. Of course, you will find it in the shared kitchen space, along with all the necessary utensils and plates. Let them take care of your breakfast (500 yen) and enjoy a full "handmade" Japanese experience!

5. Sleep on Actual Train Beds at Train Hostel Hokutosei [Bakurocho]

The name of this place was not chosen randomly. The dormitories are, in fact, designed like railroad sleeping cars - in particular, those of an old limited express train called "Hokutosei", now discontinued. Beds and other equipment are those once used on the real train, which makes the atmosphere kind of nostalgic for Japanese train fans.

This photo is from one of the female dormitories. The seatbacks bend over and turn into a comfy bunk bed! There are also male and mixed gender dormitories, each located on a different floor. In all 5 floors, characterized by their own color theme, you'll find lockers and shared toilets. The 6th floor is dedicated to showers and laundry machines, and is open 24/7.

This is a purple-themed bunk bed on the 3rd floor. Remember that any room you pick will have power ports, air conditioning, and linens. Doesn't it look super cute and comfy? Train Hostel Hokutosei allows you to sleep in a fancy, unique environment for a super affordable price!

6. All Your Needs Will be Met at Hiromas Hostel in Kanda [Iwamotocho]

You'll definitely feel at home in this cozy hostel. Although they only have dormitories, they are clean, well-maintained, and cheap!

Particularly worth mentioning is the lounge area on the 1st floor. Its wooden furniture creates a lovely, laid-back atmosphere. You can store your food in the shared fridge, as long as it's fresh and in good condition. There are also computers that you can freely use.

This is the inside of a sleeping pod, which comes with a light, wall socket, hanger, and a small locker! You'll be also offered a bath towel, a lock for your luggage, and a hairdryer. All toiletries like soap and shampoo are free. Dormitories are separated by gender and can be accessed with a PIN code. Undoubtedly a great solution for when you're on a budget!

7. Japanize Guest House & Bar [Bakurocho] is a Hostel by Backpackers, For Backpackers

Aiming to let you "enjoy Japan to the fullest", Japanize was created by a group of backpackers eager to welcome new friends from every part of the world.

Of course, you'll find everything you need for a pleasant stay, but this is also a place where you can share your travel experiences with other guests and get precious advice on things to do and see in Japan.

They also have an amazing cafe that doubles as a bar! The menu offers a large variety of original dishes inspired by recipes from around the world, with a slight Japanese touch. The hostel is located super close to Bakurocho Station, too!

8. Have a Cuppa While Reading Manga at Hotel Houshi Kaikan [Bakurocho]

In the same area, there is another option that many tourists recommend for those who prefer wider spaces. Its name is "Hotel Houshi Kaikan". It offers reasonably priced single, twin, and semi-double Western-style rooms, as well as Japanese-style rooms that can be booked for groups of up to 3 people.

Its forte is probably the manga corner with over 200 comic books! Borrow your favorite manga, pour yourself a free drink from the bar, and relax. If you're more of a social person, you can use the shared computer and free Wi-Fi instead.

This is what the Japanese room looks like: tatami (rice straw) mats and futon (mattresses), along with a TV that has all the main channels. The facility also has a free public bath that's separated in 2 areas for each gender. Despite being near the city center, this place is truly a relaxing hotspot!

9. Travel All Over Japan Without Leaving Tokyo at Bnb+ Toranomon [Toranomon]

This branch of Bnb+ combines a hostel with VR through its 360° VR room near the front desk, where you can experience what it's like to visit various places in Japan without leaving Tokyo. Plan your trip in a whole new way by using it!

You'll be surprised by how nice and clean the rooms and bathrooms are. Guests are also charmed by the various amenities and equipment, like free slippers, toiletries, and cosmetics.

Compared to most dormitories and capsule hotels, the ceiling is quite high, allowing you to comfortably sit up and use your computer if you need to. The location is also extremely convenient, close to the station and a convenience store.

10. You Can Actually Find Vegetarian Meals at Full Cabin Hostel [Bakuro-yokoyama]

This capsule hotel is less than a minute's walk from Bakuro-yokoyama Station. There are separate men's and women's floors, but there's a lot more than that. Keep reading to find out what makes Full Cabin Hostel unique!

Its capsules feel like space ships, thanks to the white-themed design and the futuristic control panel, from which you can turn on/off the air conditioning or charge your phone while using their high speed Wi-Fi. Plus, there's even a handy bed tray to help you use your laptop or do some work in a comfortable position. 

This is the shared lounge. When you're hungry, you can order various dishes, including vegetarian options. Your second dish onwards is half price off! If you're in the mood for something more Western, you can try the Italian restaurant on the 1st floor of the building. 

11. Get Japan Travel Advice While Staying at Planetyze Hostel, Cafe & Bar [Higashi-nihombashi]

Located on a corner of Yasukuni Street (Yasukuni-dori), this is an amazing option if you want to stay right in the city center for a reasonable cost. The hostel staff specialize in Japan travel, come from all over the world, and are able to offer assistance in organizing your trip! Don't panic if you don't speak Japanese, as they are multilingual.

Starting from the beautiful cafe and bar, the whole place has a modern wooden design that creates a relaxing, nature-like atmosphere. You can spend time here sipping a cup of coffee and chatting with other backpackers.

Now, onto the rooms. There are several options available here, from 10-bed mixed gender rooms, to more privacy-friendly twin or double rooms. There's also a female-only dormitory, if that's what you're looking for. Everything is clean and beautifully designed, including the shared toilets and showers available on each floor. Definitely a good, affordable choice!

12. Experience the Best of Cosplay Culture at Bnb+ Costelun Akiba (Female Only) [Iwamotocho]

Are you a female cosplayer? This is the place for you, then! This all-female hostel was recently established Akihabara, Tokyo's foremost otaku paradise. In tribute to its location, you are welcome to wear cosplay anywhere within its premises and ask anything on this topic!

The bunkbeds match all the other Bnb+ facilities: cozy, functional, and quiet. The bathrooms are extremely wide and clean, and you'll be provided with plenty of free toiletries.

This is the common space, where you can stretch your legs and watch TV, as well as use its white background to take great cosplay photos and selfies. It's got something you won't find in any other hostel: a sewing machine and an iron for any emergency cosplay fixes! How amazing is that?!

13. Get a Pleasant Night's Sleep at Capsule Value Kanda [Kanda]

Of all the capsule hotels seen so far, this is probably the one with the most classic design. As the name suggests, this place offers fully-equipped capsules for both tourists and business travelers at some of the best prices around.

If you're used to wide hotel rooms and tall beds, this probably doesn't look anywhere near as comfortable, but it actually is! Of course, bathrooms and changing rooms are in a much wider separated area, allowing you to stretch your legs and unwind.

Being able to accommodate so many guests in such a small space is what makes capsule hotels so cheap. Though they look small, they actually contain everything you need for a good night's sleep. If you've never had this experience yet, why not try it here? 

14. The Owner of Backpacker's Mini House [Otemachi] is the Friendliest Around

This is a lovely, small guest house that's ideal for backpackers and travelers on a budget. It consists of 3 floors: the ground floor is entirely dedicated to the reception and the shared living room, while the other 2 floors are the dormitories, one floor per gender.

These are the incredibly soft and comfortable bunk beds. If you're not that into capsule hotels, this is a great compromise. It is also conveniently within walking distance from several train stations and tourist hotspots.

The common space offers everything you need to cook your own meal, from kitchenware to a microwave oven. If you need anything else, just ask the owner, who is mentioned by most guests for his friendliness and kindness!

15. Bnb+ Trip Community Tokyo [Toranomon] is the Greenest Hostel You'll Ever See

Walk 5 minutes from Toranomon Station to get to this lovely hostel. The numerous cascading plants hung throughout the facility create a soul-soothing atmosphere.

Even the narrowest corridor feels like a habitable space thanks to the hostel's green touch. Everything is clean and well-maintained.

The booths are way bigger than expected, and you can easily sit upright thanks to the high ceiling. Other than the free toiletries provided, a highly appreciated point is its proximity to restaurants, train stations, and tourist attractions. If that sounds like it would suit you, check it out!

16. Learn How to Do Japanese Flower Arrangement at Guest House Trace [Higashi-nihombashi]

This hostel's mission is to leave an everlasting impression on you, hence its name. Its main feature is, without any doubt, the large Japanese-style community space where you can sit, relax, and make new friends. Several Japanese culture-related events are held in this space each month, such as kimono try-on sessions and ikebana (art of Japanese flower arranging) lessons.

This lovely wood-themed bar called "Wadachi" serves delicious Japanese sake and food, offering guests a taste of the real Japan. Do stop by for some drinks and snacks! Who knows, you might even make a new friend.

This is what the beds look like: relatively wide, clean, and comfortable. You'll find a light, power outlet, and a hanger on the wall. There is also a curtain that you can use to give yourself some privacy. Showers and toilets are numerous and spacious, and you can have bath towels for free. This is a great option if you're after something more than just a place to crash. 

17. WithB Hostel [Suitengumae] is the Perfect Place for a 1 Day Layover

Don't let the modest sign and entrance trick you: this hostel is actually quite stylish! A night here might be a little overpriced compared to the rest of what's listed in this article, but please keep in mind that it is located in a fantastic area. This means that you can save time and money on transportation!

Here's where you can mingle with other tourists or just relax. Feel free to pour yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea. You can also microwave your food or order a delicious light breakfast in the morning (from 300 yen).

This is the beautiful dormitory, separated by gender. Lay down on your soft bed and pull the curtain to create your own little hideaway. If you're concerned about your valuables, you can store them at the front desk. The staff speak English, Russian, and several other languages, so rest assured that you won't have any communication issues! 

18. Have a Room All For Yourself at Hotel Horidome Villa [Kodemmacho]

Dormitories and capsule hotels are just not your thing? Well, in Tokyo, there are budget-friendly hotels as well! Here, you will find Western-style rooms with all the necessary amenities: slippers, toiletries, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi. If you didn't bring your laptop, you can even borrow theirs (for a price)!

Something you definitely can't get in most budget hotels and hostels is a window. Many of the rooms here allow you to enjoy the sunlight and a decent view from your bed. Another big plus is that all the rooms come with their own bathroom!

This hotel is particularly recommended if you want to rest after an intense day out working or sightseeing. It even offers free freshly made coffee to boost your energy in the morning!

19. Pay Only For What You Need at Nine Hours Woman Kanda (Women Only) [Kanda]

Nine Hours is a capsule hotel chain aiming to offer a simple environment to do 3 basic activities: shower (1h), sleep (7h), and get dressed (1h). This totals 9 hours, hence its name. This is one of its women-only branches.

If you're a lady who wants budget accommodation without giving up on style, this might be the hotel for you. The only decorations are writings and doodles that will guide you throughout the building, like the capsule numbers in the above picture.

The inside of each sleeping pod is bright and kind of futuristic. Since it's meant to be just for sleeping, everything is kept pretty simple and there isn't any additional equipment, such as a TV. Each of the 3 activities are charged separately, so keep that in mind if you plan to stay here.

20. Nine Hours Takebashi [Takebashi] Will Let You Jog Around the Imperial Palace

If you're a man and you liked the concept of Nine Hours, you can opt for the Takebashi branch instead. Its strategic location near the Imperial Palace allows for a fantastic feature that you rarely find in hotels of any sort: for as little as 500 yen, you can rent running wear and shoes and take a scenic run around the Palace!

Of course, afterwards, you can use their shower facility for an additional fee.

There are sleeping pods on several floors, which all maintain the same minimal style of the chain hostel's other branches. Everything is nice and clean, and the price-to-quality ratio is amazing if you consider the fabulous location and high-quality service!


Were you aware of all these low-cost possibilities in the center of Tokyo? One of the top things to do in Japan is to stay at a capsule hotel, of which there's tons of options, as this article as shown. But there are also plenty of affordable places that offer more space for you to stretch out. Check them out today!

*All of these prices are estimates and per person. They are variable and will change depending on your booking date.


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