19 Budget-Friendly Hotels in Tokyo That Won't Disappoint!

Are you looking for a place to stay in Tokyo? Have you checked the budget-friendly options only to find disappointment in their negative reviews? Well, look no further. This article will give you a list of 19 hotels that have been guest approved with excellent reviews, and they are all within a reasonable price range, if not on the cheaper side. What's more, they can be booked online. Let's have a look!

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1. Backpacker's Mini House [Otemachi]

Located in the center of Tokyo in the Kanda area, this dormitory-type lodging is great if you're traveling alone or with a group of friends. Male and female guests each have a gender-segregated floor for their safety and comfort. 

All of the rooms including the bedroom, washroom, and bathroom are shared among the guests.

Many of the guests are raving about the friendly and generous host by the name of Jiji, and they all seem to be in love with this character in the reviews. How heartwarming is it to be able to feel welcome in an unfamiliar country to spend some nights engaging in fun conversation with the host and the other guests?

2. Kaisu [Akasaka]

Kaisu is located in the heart of Tokyo in the Akasaka area and is within walking distance of the bustling Roppongi. The location was formerly a ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurant), and has now converted into a hostel, cafe, and bar with a modern Japanese interior that retains its appearance from the ryotei days in certain areas throughout.

The cafe and bar area serves as a gathering place for the guests and locals to exchange information and make new friends, all while enjoying a healthy meal made with the vegetables from the local farmer's market. Don't miss out on the carefully brewed coffee and their selection of beers and cocktails, too, and enjoy the mishmash of cultures and languages in the artsy atmosphere!

Two of the rooms are shared with up to 6 and 14 guests per room, but there is a female-only room which can be shared with up to 10 guests. All of the beds in the shared rooms are pod-style bunk beds with curtains and lights fitted for each to give the guests enough privacy. There is one private room available for up to 2 guests (pictured above) which is a tatami room with 2 sets of futon (foldable mattress). All of the guests share the restrooms. 

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3. Ficus Tokyo Akihabara [Akihabara]

Ficus Tokyo Akihabara is a facility that opened in October of 2017 in the Akihabara area and is just a minute on foot from Suehirocho Station. 

There are two types of rooms - the private family room and the private double bed room. The private family room is fitted with two double beds. Both of the room types are equipped with a toilet, bath and shower, basic toiletries, a refrigerator, and more to provide you with the basics for a comfortable stay.

There is also a shared kitchen with a microwave and basic utensils for guests to use. Given that the rooms are private and that all of the essential amenities and features are equipped, the rates are comparatively cheaper than other mainstream hotels in the area. Guests will definitely get more for their money!

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4. First Cabin Akihabara [Akihabara]

First Cabin is a capsule hotel chain noted for their luxury style pods that are somewhere between the typical capsule hotel and a so-called business hotel. The Akihabara branch is just a 4-minute walking distance from Akihabara Station and offers 2 styles of cabins.

Pictured above is the First Class Cabin, and unlike the conventional capsule hotels, guests won't need to climb up a ladder to enter the pods. Better yet, the cabin actually has some floor space and a high ceiling making it much easier and more comfortable for guests to change clothes or move about the room. 

First Cabin will provide you with just about everything you'll need for a nice stay. The entire facility is designed to make you feel like you are in an exclusive airport lounge and traveling first class. Your stay at this high-quality capsule hotel will be on a whole new level, without having to dig deep into your wallet!


5. Super Hotel Lohas Akasaka [Akasaka]

Super Hotel Lohas is a business hotel that features a large communal bath to soak your tired body after a long day.

Although the rooms are not very spacious, they are fitted with space-saving furniture and comfortable, clean beds. Another plus is that the whole establishment is non-smoking, so guests won't have to be bothered by the smell of cigarettes. 

The hotel more than makes up for its small rooms with it being in one of the most convenient locations in Tokyo - just around a 4-minute walk from the subway station of Akasaka with easy access to all of the major locations and sightseeing spots in the city, plus a convenience store on the first floor. What more could you ask for? Oh, and there are lots and lots of eateries, bars, and shops in the neighborhood, too!

6. Centurion Ladies Hostel Ueno Park (Female Only) [Ueno-hirokoji]

Here's something exclusive for the female travelers! This hotel's numerous positive reviews are evidence that female-only capsule hotels are gaining the popularity that they deserve. This hostel is situated in a great location near Yushima Station and is easily accessible to the various tourist attractions in the Ueno area. 

The well-maintained sleeping floor offers a scenic view of Shinobazu Pond (Shinobazu no Ike) in Ueno Park, where you can observe the seasonal greenery. The beautiful environment offers a change of pace when you're busy traveling, shopping, or sightseeing. 

The hostel provides many other convenient features and services to protect the safety of and offer comfort to the guests such as a spacious common lounge, fine toiletries, and clean, fluffy towels. It is highly recommended for the solo female traveler who needs a safe place to stay as well as the group of friends who want to travel on a frugal lodging budget.

7. Akihabara Bay Hotel (Female Only) [Akihabara]

Bay Hotel sits in the busy Akihabara area and offers safe lodging exclusively for female travelers. Guests will be accommodated in the seemingly typical capsule pods, but each pod is immaculately clean and surprisingly spacious. Security is also top-notch. You'll be provided with a key that unlocks all of the doors of the floors that are secured at all times.

The entire facility is decorated in soft pastels and the guests are pampered with the female-focused amenities and toiletries. Notice the cleanliness!

The best part of this hotel is its location, as it is conveniently located a mere 5-minute walk from Akihabara station with easy access to the electronic stores as well as the manga and anime subculture scenes. There are convenience stores and fast food places in the neighborhood if you get hungry. A quick ride on the trains and subways will take you to the other areas of Tokyo in no time. It is a great option for staying in a fun area for cheap.

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8. Capsule Net Omotenashi no Oyado [Ueno]

This capsule hotel is right near Ueno Station, with great access to other areas of Tokyo. What's unique about this facility is that it is a combination of an internet cafe, a manga cafe, and a Japanese-style bath mixed into a capsule hotel. In the lounge, you'll find a library of Japanese manga (comics) for you to dive into. If you're a manga fan, this is going to feel like home to you! 

This capsule hotel is pretty self-sufficient - within the building you can find all you will ever need, and there is a convenience store if you require anything extra. The pods are well-maintained and clean, and all the staff here are extremely hospitable ("omotenashi" in the hotel's name refers to Japanese hospitality). 

Shower rooms are available to guests, but there is also a large Japanese-style bath in which you can stretch your limbs and enjoy a relaxing bath time. The sauna is another popular feature where you can unwind before hitting the sack. This hotel offers plenty of recreational facilities, so you'll have lots of things to do once you're checked in! 

9. Nine Hours Woman (Female Only) [Kanda]

Nine Hours Woman is another capsule hotel to cater exclusively to the increasing demands of female travelers. It is conveniently located near Kanda Station along one of the main roads lined with convenience stores and coffee shops.

The near-futuristic capsule units are stylish in their simplicity and have uniquely designed mattresses that allow for a level of comfort not possible with coil mattresses.

The minimal and polished shower rooms are equipped with all of the toiletries and amenities you will need for your stay. The rest of the facilities are spotless and well-organized, giving you an overall feel of the contemporary Japanese aesthetic.

10. Guest House Tokyo Azabu [Azabu]

This facility opened in September of 2017 in the Azabu area. The closest station is just a minute away, and Tokyo Tower is around a 7-minute walk. There are restaurants, convenience stores, and coffee shops nearby, so the location is very convenient while still keeping a distance from the commotion of the busy streets. The pod-style units are surprisingly spacious with fresh linens provided.  

The entire guest house is well-secured and very clean. All of the showers and bathrooms are shared, but they are kept nice and neat. The friendly, English-speaking staff will make sure that your stay is pleasurable. 

11. Hostel Pumpkey Tokyo [Yotsuya-sanchome]

If you're the social type who loves to meet people, this hostel is the place for you. The concept of Pumpkey is based on the "Cool Japan" culture in addition to it being convenient and affordable. "Cool Japan" refers to the wide range of Japanese products and creations such as gadgets, anime, games, fashion, and general concepts and subcultures as well as the traditional heritage and culture that people overseas consider to be very cool.  The big city of Shinjuku is close by where you'll find anything from the latest fashion boutiques and kawaii shops to the traditional Japanese gardens, shrines, and museums while touching on both the new and old of Japanese culture.

The dormitory-type rooms are fitted with comfy bunk beds with clean sheets, curtains, and lights provided for each unit. There is also one room that is designed exclusively for the female guests. The bathrooms and restrooms are shared, but the hostel ensures that they are spic and span.

The reviews mention that the international staff are very welcoming and helpful to make sure that you are enjoying your stay in comfort, and can offer services in English or French in addition to Japanese. The whole experience at Pumpkey might be something similar to staying at a friend's house in Japan.


12. Nihonbashi Muromachi Bay Hotel [Mitsukoshimae]

At this capsule hotel, you can expect a warm welcome from the friendly and helpful staff at check-in. Well-situated at the center of Tokyo with great access to Ginza, Tsukiji, Asakusa, and Akihabara, Bay Hotel is the perfect place to stay if you're planning on doing a lot of sightseeing and shopping.

The capsule units are clean and comfortable with lockers, showers, toilets, and a lounge area all available on the same floor. The multi-level floors are separated by gender. Another point to add is that they offer a Long Stay Plan with better rates for guests who stay more than 2 nights.

Each floor is secured with their state-of-the-art security auto-lock system to ensure the safety of the guests. The hotel has earned positive reviews not only for their helpful staff, but also for their cleanliness, plentiful amenities, and well-equipped facilities. 

13. Zabutton Hostel [Akabanebashi]

Zabutton is a hostel and coffee shop situated in a quiet neighborhood near Tokyo Tower. Roppongi is at an easily walkable distance and the closest subway station of Akabanebashi is just a few minutes away. Guests will be sleeping in dormitory-type rooms equipped with bunk beds, and there is a female-only room for up to 4 guests, as well as a private room with a bunk bed for up to 2 guests.

The friendly and hospitable staff will accommodate you with true Japanese omotenashi to make sure your stay is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. The cozy and warm atmosphere of the hostel makes it easy for guests and staff to mingle and socialize.

The coffee shop offers light meals and baked goods, so how about grabbing some coffee and donuts while you're there? 

14. THE PRIME POD GINZA TOKYO [Higashi-ginza]

Talk about the creme de la creme of capsule hotels! Just look at this well-designed and hi-tech capsule facility that looks very much like a conventional hotel.

The pod units feature Serta mattresses from Dream Bed Co., Ltd. to ensure quality sleep. If you want to go extra, there are grand pods, almost like hotel rooms, that offer a nice view of the city in the privacy of your own pod.

The designer capsule hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Ginza near the Higashi-ginza Station, with direct access to Haneda and Narita Airports, as well as to most major sightseeing destinations. The area is one large shopping district with plenty of food spots and Tsukiji Market is just a walk away. Enjoy the luxury of staying in Ginza at an affordable price!

15. Tokyo Ekimae BAY HOTEL [Nihombashi]

This Bay Hotel branch is situated just 2 minutes from Nihombashi Station and around 7 minutes from Tokyo Station on foot, offering great access to your travel and business destinations. 

To provide safety and comfort for the guests, the women's floors are separated from those of the men, and all of the floors are installed with a card key system. The capsules are clean and spacious, and guests will be provided with essentially everything they might need for a pleasant stay.

The women's floors are from 6th through 8th, and there are well-maintained washrooms and private shower facilities on every floor. You'll definitely get your money's worth at this capsule hotel! 

16. Sotetsu Fresa Inn Ueno-Okachimachi [Okachimachi]

Fresca Inn is a new hotel which opened in November 2017, right at the heart of the Ueno Okachimachi area and close to the multiple train stations and sightseeing locations.

Each room is equipped with a tablet, air purifier/humidifier, and Wi-Fi connection for your convenience, and you'll be sleeping comfortably in the top-quality Simmons bed. The rooms are relatively small, but there are upgraded rooms with more floor space available for you to choose from.

The hotel has special amenities for the female clientele who might be needing extra personal care products like bath salts, makeup remover, facial lotions, etc. They can also lend out facial steamers and curling irons at your request. All of the facilities are brand new and clean, and the location is great - you'll be getting a great value for the money!

17. Myoujin-no-Yu Dormy Inn Premium Kanda [Kanda]

Located just a 1-minute walk from the JR and subway Kanda stations and around a 5-minute walk from the main street of Akihabara, Dormy Inn Kanda provides safe and clean accommodation with special services for the guests.

The inn's biggest feature is the Myojin no Yu, a Japanese-style bath facility complete with an open-air bath and sauna to enjoy a nice relaxing bath time that'll leave your skin soft and glowing. The bonus is the complimentary beer or juice after your bath! That in itself is something you might look forward to coming back to, but there's more. From 9:30 pm - 11:00 pm every evening, a free bowl of ramen is served at the restaurant as a late-night snack. How nice is that?

The neatly-kept rooms are relatively spacious for a hotel in Tokyo so you'll have plenty of space to pack and store your luggage. All of the basic amenities will be provided for, and there are a restaurant and vending machines within the hotel as well as a convenience store on the ground floor. It's no wonder this hotel has great reviews!

18. Ochanomizu Hotel Shoryukan [Ochanomizu]

Shoryukan has over 65 years of history in offering hospitable accommodation to travelers in the Kanda Ochanomizu area. There are a few train and subway stations nearby with the main one being Ochanomizu Station, just around 6 minutes away on foot, so it's a great location if you are planning to make full use of the public transportation during your trip. Pictured above is the jazz cafe and bar, Olympus, where guests are welcome to enjoy a simple yet satisfying breakfast on the house to start off the day!

The hotel is designed with a modern Japanese decor and guests can stay in a room with either a futon to get the feel of the ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) experience or a Western-style bedding. There are also rooms with a private open-air bath in the balcony if you wish to stay in luxury.

The large Japanese-style jet bath is another feature you don't want to miss at the end of a long day. Shoryukan has received numerous positive reviews for the exceptional quality of its services and staff. You'll be able to enjoy the accommodating atmosphere of a ryokan while appreciating the convenience of staying at a hotel.

19. Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo [Tokyo]

Are you willing to spend a little extra? Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo is a long-established hotel that has been offering the extravagant Japanese-style lodging experience for over 100 years. Located just 3 minutes away by foot from Tokyo Station along with other convenient subway stations in the area, Ryumeikan has great access to the other destinations in the city. 

Guests can choose from a variety of rooms. The upgraded units include a tatami space in addition to the bedroom to enjoy your own little piece of Japan in the comfort of your room. Some of the rooms boast a great view of the city from the windows as well, and all of them are fitted with top-quality mattresses and kept spotlessly clean.

Many of the guests find the in-room amenities and the full set of toiletries to be more than sufficient. International travelers seem to approve of the high-tech washlet toilets in the rooms as a whole new experience. Your stay at Hotel Ryumeikan will feel as if all of the Japanese culture, old and new, have been condensed into the lodging facility.


So, did any of these hotels strike your fancy? Most of these hotels earned high points for cleanliness and accessibility, but what made them extra satisfactory was the level of hospitality offered to the guests. The bottom line is, if you want guest approval, then it all comes down to how well the guests are treated. These hotels have been exemplary in displaying just that - accommodating their guests with the authentic Japanese hospitality.

*Please note that the estimated rates provide a general price range of the facilities; as such, the actual rates may vary depending on the time of your stay. In addition, the prices are subject to change without notice so please check with the facility prior to booking. 

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