12 Guest Houses Suitable for Long Stay in Kyoto

Hotels and ryokans are all very well but if you want to stay long on a budget, guest houses are a good alternative. Staying in a shared dormitory and cooking your own meal would save you costs, enabling you to chip in to your sightseeing. Here are 16 guest houses suitable for long stays in Kyoto.



1. Guest house KINGYOYA (ゲストハウス金魚家)

Kingyoya is a small inn which was renovated from the traditional town house in Kyoto Nishijin. It is located near tourist attractions such as Kinkakuji and Kitano Tenmangu. Guests can enjoy its home grown rice at breakfast. Price: 2,700 yen for staying in a dormitory or with breakfast 3,400 yen per night. Facility includes: Shower, internet, electric jug, hair dryer, refridgrator etc.  Air conditioner is equipped in all rooms. 

2. Guesthouse Kioto (京都 ゲストハウス 木音)

KIOTO is a guest house which was once a traditional town house in Nishijin. As a main feature, guests can feel the warmth of wooden house in this guest house.

There are tourist attractions such as Kitanotemangu, and Senbonshakado close by. Price: 2,700 yen for the use of dormitory. Guests can enjoy simple Japanese breakfast which comes with beautifully cooked glossy rice with only extra 700 yen. 

3. Kyoto Guesthouse Roujiya (Rouji 屋)

Roujiya is a Kyoto town house-style guest house located in the quiet area near Nijyo station. There is a shared space where guests can cook for themselves, or relax comfortably. All rooms are equipped with air conditioners, and there are internet connections in every room. There are Nijo Castle and Mibu Temple close by. 

4. Guest house Yululu (ゲストハウスゆるる) 

The guest house Yululu is a small old traditional house located 10 minutes away from Kyoto Station. Right in front of the guest house there are Kyoto Museum, the Manga Museum, and the bus stops that takes you to many tourists attractions such as shrines and temples. 

Kitchen is shared and rooms are equipped with air conditioners.

5. Kyoto Guest House Hannari (ゲストハウス Hannari 京都)

Kyoto Guest House Hannari is named after the Kyoto dialect which represents the mellow and opulent quality. Price: 2,500 yen per person for the use of dormitory.  It offers free drinks( 6 different sorts are served at all time), towels, breakfast toast, and earplugs, all of which normally cost extra at other places.

6. Guest house SHIORI-AN (ゲストハウス 栞庵) 

Guest house SHIORI-AN is located close to Kyoto Station with an easy access to many tourist attractions and business locations. It has been renovated from an old Kyoto town house which was originally built in Showa era. 

Guests have free access to the kitchen with microwave and electrical jug.

7. HARUYA Higashiyama (はる家 東山)

HARUYA Higashiyama is a guest house which was renovated from the 100 year-old town house from Taisho era. 15 minutes away from Kyoto Station, the location of the hostel is within an easy reach to many tourist attractions.

Facility includes: Air conditioners for all rooms, and kitchen/shower/toilet are all shared. Free internet access.

8. OKI's Inn (沖のまちやど)

OKI’s inn is a guest house which was renovated from the building from the Taisho era. Guests can feel how people used to live in the olden days and it is well recommended to take a walk through Yanaginamiki in Shirakawa to Gion or Kiyomizu-dera. Toilet, shower, basin are shared, and there is a public bath house near by.

9. Khaosan Kyoto Guesthouse (カオサン京都)

Khaosan Kyoto Guesthouse is the Kyoto branch of Khaosan group which is widely spread across Japan. The guest house itself is modern and does not represent traditional town house ambience, however the Japanese modern living room creates the atmosphere which naturally enables guests to talk with other travellers. Since it is accepting guests from across the globe, the group has its own know-how to accommodate various needs and requests of overseas visitors and that also applies to this guest house. 

10. Ichien-sou (一円相)

5 minutes walk from Gion Shijyo station, Ichiensou is a guest house which was renovated from a traditional Japanese house. There is Hanamikoji near the inn and guests can observe the street with lots of atmosphere. 

11. Small World Guest House (小世界旅社))

Small World Guest House is a guest house renovated from a little flat town house on the narrow street of Murasakino in Kyoto. Toilet and shower are shared, however there are 9 bath houses on the longest market street called Shinomiya Shouten-dori nearby.


The building was originally built on December 8th, 1897.  It is now a traditional Kyoto town house and registered as the Tangible Cultural Property. At Uronza, guests can experience the Kyoto from an old era.

Facility includes: Toilet, shower room, basin are all shared. No air conditioners.

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.

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