Perfect for Day Trips! 15 Onsen Facilities Near Hakone-Yumoto Station

Japan is a country that boasts of abundant water resources, with as many as 27,000 hot spring sources at approximately 3,000 locations. Hakone-Yumoto is one of the leading onsen (hot spring) hot spots in Japan that can be easily accessed within an hour from Tokyo via shinkansen (bullet train). Keep reading to learn about some specially-curated hot spring facilities near Hakone-Yumoto Station that are perfect for day trips!

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1. Yunosato Okada

Yunosato Okada's selling point is its open-air bath perched on elevated ground which offers a panoramic view of Hakone. Every day, 390,000 liters of hot spring water flows from its 5 water sources. There are 17 types of baths for you to choose from at this facility, including an indoor bath, plasma bath*, sauna, waterfall bath, and rock bath. Plans that include lunch are also available.

*Plasma bath: A kind of bath equipped with devices that release electromagnetic currents into the water. Said to help improve body function.

2. Izumi

Many tourists are attracted to Izumi for its hot spring water, which comes from the oldest source in Hakone.

Its Awase-yu, which combines all 7 of Izumi's hot spring water sources, is also very popular. Each bath is on the smaller size - perfect for those who want to take their time to relax. If you'd like to take a break after your bath, private rooms are available for an additional fee.

3. Tenzan Tohji-kyo

Tenzan Tohji-kyo is a hot spring facility located in the mountains. Guests can enjoy the lush greenery of the surrounding bamboo forest during the summer, or take in the beautiful autumn foliage while relaxing in its baths.

The facility has two main areas: Higana Tohji Tenzan, a chloride hot spring said to relieve shoulder stiffness and poor blood circulation, and Kayoi Tohji Ikkyu, a simple alkaline hot spring that is good for the skin. On weekdays, buy the Hashigo bath ticket for 100 yen. It allows you to enjoy both hot springs for the price of one! Those who rent the private tatami rooms here can also access Oku no Yu, which has separate baths for men and women.

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4. Tonosawa Ichinoyu Honkan

Tonosawa Ichinoyu Honkan is a longstanding ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) which was established in 1630. Its building was designated as a tangible cultural property by the Japanese government in 2009.

As there are no showers, bathers wash by scooping up hot spring water from a drain that has been around since the hot spring facility opened. You’ll get a feel for Japan’s history as you scoop the hot spring water with a hand pail to wash. From the windows, you can also admire the natural beauty of Hayakawa Valley which runs alongside the ryokan.

Those who want to enjoy the baths at their own pace will be pleased to know that they can stay overnight as well.


5. Hakone no Yu

Hakone no Yu has entirely private hot spring sources and offers 5 different hot springs, including an open-air bath, an expansive indoor bath with a large window, and a jet bath. Guests can bring their own food and drinks to this hot spring resort and stay for as long as they like at the lounge for free, or rent a private room for an extra fee. There is also a bath for dogs for guests who would like to share the experience with their pet.

6. Kijitei Hoeiso

Kijitei Hoeiso is designed around the concept of allowing visitors to feel as if they have returned to their hometowns. This facility is surrounded by densely-forested mountains, and heats its hot spring water by burning wood waste so as to protect the natural environment. The interior furnishings and garden are designed so that guests can savor the feeling of being in a traditional Japanese house.

Access to this hot spring facility is only by advance reservation, and is limited to 5 groups of customers per day. The open-air bath allows you to admire the clear stream that runs alongside the building, offering a unique experience for its visitors.

7. Hotel Hatsuhana

The hot spring water at Hotel Hatsuhana is clear and alkaline, and is well known for its skin-beautifying effects. Many women love coming here for the incredible female-only spa.

For those who want to take their own time in the bath, the single person-sized bath is highly recommended. Bathers can enjoy the sights and sounds from the nearby river. A lunch plan that offers a full Japanese course meal is available exclusively for day trip customers.

If you'd like to stay longer, overnight stays are also available.

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8. Hotel Nanpusou

Enjoy Hotel Nanpusou's brightly-colored communal bath lavishly made of granite and blue stone. The alkaline hot spring water here is said to relieve joint pain and stiff shoulders. Treat yourself to a lively atmosphere and wide variety of services that can only be expected of a resort hotel like this.

9. Furusato

Furusato is a small and secluded inn with only 8 rooms. Day trip visitors can freely use the large lounge, as well bring their own food and drinks.

There are 3 baths here with clear alkaline hot spring waters. As prices are reasonable, this place is popular with tourists.

10. Hakone Yumoto Onsen Tenseien

Hakone Yumoto Onsen Tenseien’s selling points are its garden with a waterfall and its large open-air rooftop bathtub that measures 17 meters long. The hot spring for day trip visitors is open 23 hours daily. Guests can use the lounge area for free, eat at its restaurant, or relax in the nap room at their own leisure.

11. Hakone Pax Yoshino

In addition to their bath-only plan, Hakone Pax Yoshino also offers a variety of other plans that include options like accommodation or dinner. Guests can enjoy their privacy in a reserved bath or choose to stay overnight here.

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12. Yoshiike Ryokan

Yoshiike Ryokan is surrounded by a Japanese-style garden that starts with a pond by the entrance, allowing visitors to enjoy Hakone’s rich natural environment.

The hot spring water here is drawn entirely from a private source. There are a number of different baths available, including an open-air bath made of natural rock that offers a view of the garden, and a free private bath where you can relax for as long as you like. After your bath, don't forget to check out the free lounge, or stay overnight if you like.


13. Yumoto Fujiya Hotel

Yumoto Fujiya Hotel is a longstanding hotel managed under the Fujiya Hotel chain, which was established during the Meiji era (1868 - 1912). There is a wedding hall located on the premises, and the interior of the hotel is extremely beautiful.

There are open-air rock and cypress baths for men, while women can enjoy the simple alkaline bath which is said to be good for beautifying skin. There are also reserved baths and a low-temperature sauna (additional fee required) to choose from. If you prefer, you can also stay overnight here.

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14. Hakone Yuryo

Hakone Yuryo is distinct for being situated within a traditional Japanese-style house. Its large communal bath features clear alkaline hot spring water. Visitors can also enjoy other facilities such as the Tsubo bath, which is shaped like a jar, and an aromatherapy sauna.

Although those below elementary school age cannot use the large communal bath, there are 19 private open-air baths which can be enjoyed with the whole family.

15. Kappa Tengoku

Kappa Tengoku is located at the elevated plateau in front of Hakone-Yumoto Station. It is well known for its reasonable prices. For example, adults can use the foot bath for only 200 yen!

The open-air bath made from rocks uses water from its 2 private sources. Guests can buy soft drinks, alcohol, and snacks in the lounge. For those who want to take their time in the bath, consider the reserved baths available here.

Now that you have read all about the hot spring resorts near Hakone-Yumoto Station, have you found any that catches your fancy? Many of these resorts can be accessed directly by bus from the station, so you can even try a day of onsen-hopping. There are also many other unique onsen resorts besides those featured here, so you are bound to find something interesting even on multiple visits. How about giving all these onsen resorts a try if you can?


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