15 Best-Selling Items at Laox, the Popular Duty-Free Store Where Tourists Do All Their Shopping

"Where should I go shopping in Japan?" "Where’s the best place to buy souvenirs?" "How can I save as much money as possible?" Those are some of the most common questions tourists have when visiting Japan, and the answer to all of them is Laox. Laox is one of Japan’s largest general duty-free stores with an impressive lineup of high-quality, high-demand merchandise. One of the best things about Laox is that it combines quality Japanese products and services, like cosmetics, apparel, health food, daily necessities, games, and souvenirs, with a philosophy of providing the lowest possible prices by “putting themselves in the shoes of the foreign customer.” Here are the 15 most popular products sold at Laox.

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What Exactly Is Laox, the Duty-Free Shop So Popular Among Tourists?

Formerly a major electronics store, Laox used to be known for their household electronics and audio equipment. Today, they’ve become famous throughout Japan as a general duty-free store with a wide range of services and products specifically aimed at foreign tourists who make up the bulk of their impressive customer base. But seeing as customer needs change on an almost daily basis, Laox is constantly updating their lineup of products. Additionally, to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for their diverse customers, the store offers such services as quick and simple tax exemption procedures, in-store cosmetic counseling specialists, and a multilingual staff.

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15 Best-Selling Laox Products and the Secrets to Their Popularity

Suitcase 94.5 L (Laox) / 5,000 Yen (Plus Tax)

Laox first developed their original suitcases to help customers shop as much as they want without worrying about packing. According to store staff, the suitcases are “such popular items and such a huge bargain, you almost don’t want to let others in on it.” For the same storage space, other suitcase companies easily charge anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 yen, but Laox only asks for 5,000 yen, so it’s easy to see why their suitcase is one of their bestsellers. The store can afford to slash prices so much because the suitcases are mass-produced and Laox sells 40 to 50 of them in a single day.

Folding Umbrella / 2,500 – 3,500 Yen (Market Price)

Next to suitcases, another product very popular among tourists are Japanese folding umbrellas. It isn’t hard to see why. Japanese folding umbrellas are beautifully designed, functional, durable, and so diverse that you can easily find one that’s perfect for any age group, style, or fashion choice.

Parasols have also been shaking up the Japanese umbrella industry lately. It used to be that parasols only came in dull black or silver, but in recent years they’ve become more refined and started appearing with all sorts of cute, chic designs. Some models even advertise being able to block 99% of the sun's rays. During Japan’s notoriously hot and humid summers, parasols like that can be lifesavers, making them a must-buy for tourists who worry about heat strokes. Lately, we’ve also seen the introduction of new models to the market, such as parasols that can be used during rainy days, and umbrellas that work as parasols.

Stainless Mini Bottle MMZ-A352/A502/A602 (Tiger) 2,380 Yen/2,680 Yen/3,280 Yen (Plus Tax)

Though stainless steel bottles can also be found in other countries, many tourists seek out the Japan-made ones because of their reputation for being high quality, safe, and durable. The appeal of Tiger’s stainless steel bottles is their smooth 4.4cm-wide opening, which provides the refreshing feeling of sipping from a stainless steel container without sacrificing functionality, combined with their light weight (the 0.35L ones are around 170g, the 0.5L ones are 190g, and the 0.6L ones are 230g). It almost feels like you’re drinking in zero gravity, making the Tiger bottles perfect for carrying around with you at all times.

Laox provides Tiger products manufactured in both Japan and Vietnam. The Japanese ones can be twice as expensive as the Vietnamese ones, but seeing as Laox offers aftercare services for your Japanese Tiger products even after you leave Japan, it’s easy to see why those are the more popular choice.

Hair Dryer nanocare EH-NA5B (Panasonic) 15,800 Yen (Plus Tax)

Hair care is a lot of work. Not only do you need a hair dryer for it, but the longer your hair is, the longer it takes to dry. Worse yet, just like with dental or skin care, you need to do it every day, otherwise things tend to go bad fast. Something as important as hair care therefore needs the best tool possible for the job. Enter nanocare, a state-of-the-art Japanese hair dryer using Panasonic’s “nanoe” particles that have close to 1,000 times more water content than regular negative ions. The dryer is designed with a special nozzle to increase the speed of drying while moisturizing each strand of hair, resulting in a beautiful, healthy-looking finish. It is also equipped with a fan mode to relieve stress on the skin caused by sudden changes of temperature, giving your hair a nice shine with none of the damage. As if that wasn’t enough, the dryer also has the ability to switch between AC100-120 V to AC200-240 V, so you can use it all over the world.

5-Blade Linear Shaver LAMDASH (Panasonic) / From 29,800 Yen (Plus Tax)

Shaving is an integral part of a gentleman’s grooming routine, but it can also be a source of problems for many people, from missed spots to uncomfortable shaves or nicks. But those days are now over thanks to Panasonic’s advanced 5-blade LAMDASH shaver that pulls the hair and cuts them off at the root, revolutionizing shaving. It’s what’s made the product a big hit among Japanese men. Using proprietary linear motor-drive technology, the fastest of its kind in the world, the shaver is able to achieve 14,000 strokes per minute, delivering speedy shaves to even the thickest of beards. And thanks to the head’s wide range of movement, the blades adhere closely to the skin, leaving no hair behind. But while LAMDASH can give you the closest of shaves, it’s easy on the skin and leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It is truly a feat that can only be accomplished by Japanese technology.


Photo PLUS EX (YAMAN) / 32,000 – 47,000 Yen (Plus Tax)

For the past few years, Japanese women have not been able to stop singing the praises of YAMAN’s Photo PLUS facial massager series, and for good reason. YAMAN has been in business for over 40 years, and in that time, it’s become a leader in the beauty device industry. The Photo PLUS series is the result of using the company’s most advanced technology to create the ultimate household face massager, which ended up astounding industry professionals and delighting people all over the world, like when it came in at first place in a 2018 ranking conducted by 100 flight attendants. The device was also the most popular facial massager of 2018. To this day, Photo PLUS has sold over 2 million units, making YAMAN the top facial massager manufacturer in all of Japan, a title that it’s held since 2016. 

The massager is equipped with 5 anti-aging facial care modes: CLEAN mode, which cleans out the pores; MOISTURE mode, which moisturizes every nook and cranny of the skin using ion technology; EMS UP mode, which stimulates the facial muscles for a healthier, more toned skin; RF LED mode, which penetrates and warms up the skin; and COOL mode, which cools down the skin to give it a soft, smooth texture.

In short, what Photo PLUS does is close to magic, with some people saying that just a few minutes with the device after a long, hard day is all they need to feel energized for tomorrow. Try it out for yourself to completely revolutionize your skincare.

Perfect Whip u (Shiseido Senka) / 398 Yen (Plus Tax)

Ever since its debut in 2009, Shiseido’s Perfect Whip u has been Japan’s bestselling facial wash. The wash’s dense microbubble foam penetrates and cleans out even the smallest of pores, protecting the skin from further damage. Perfect Whip u uses natural silk essence (sericin, hydrolyzed silk, glycerin), sodium acetylated hyaluronate, and sodium hyaluronate to moisturize your skin, giving it a healthy shine and glow.

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ANESSA Perfect UV Skincare Milk (Sunscreen) 60ml SPF50+ (For Face and Body) (Shiseido) / 3,000 Yen (Plus Tax)

Is it possible to avoid sunburn while maintaining beautiful skin? A lot of people have been asking that question and they finally have their answer with Shiseido’s Perfect UV Skincare Milk, which keeps the skin looking young while blocking even the strongest of UV rays. It uses “aqua booster technology” that strengthens the milk’s UV protection barrier when the product comes into contact with sweat or water, keeping your skin protected in any and all situations. And thanks to the milk’s carefully-selected skincare ingredients, the product protects your skin from getting ashy and repairs damages caused by dryness. Better yet, the product doesn’t turn white when applied, leaving only a smooth texture and soft skin behind. It will withstand a towel, but can be easily washed away with soap, so cleaning up is the simplest thing in the world. Shiseido’s Perfect UV Skincare Milk is so popular, a lot of tourists visit Japan specifically to buy it in bulk.

Crushed Diamond Eyes (KATE) / 1,200 Yen (Plus Tax)

With large high-purity clear glitter particles and aurora colors, KATE’s Crushed Diamond Eyes set brings a twinkle to your eyes. The sparkly glitter color particles, in combination with the dreamy and brilliant polarized color palette, create a distinctively clear and gorgeous effect around the eyes that shines as brightly as diamonds, living up to the product’s name. With two brilliant palettes at your hands, a sharp and fresh look is not far from reality.

A “clear and transparent look” has been trending in recent years in the Japanese world of fashion and makeup. From PVC bags and shoes to accessories such as bangles, piercings, or hairbands, all things transparent are definitely in. As such, the trend in cosmetics has also shifted from bold, voluminous eyes, to a subtler, glistening, and transparent look. But there’s still a lot you can do with Crushed Diamond Eyes, from layering the two palettes to create a gorgeous glimmering effect to sectioning off colors in stylish patterns. Ever since this trend first caught on in Japan, many visitors from around Asia have been following it closely, and Crushed Diamond Eyes is a big reason why.

Designing Eyebrow 3D (KATE) / 1,100 Yen (Plus Tax)

Famous among cosmetic enthusiasts, KATE’s Designing Eyebrow 3D allows users to create soft and natural eyebrows (dark, medium, or light) while also doubling as a nose contour to accentuate their eyes. Considering the longevity of the colors and the quality of the brush included, a 1,100-yen price is a deal you simply cannot beat. The lightest beige in the kit is a highly flexible color, creating an overall soft set of brows when applied with the large brush as a finish.

Medicated Lip Cream (DHC) / 598 Yen (Plus Tax)

In recent years, DHC’s Medicated Lip Cream has grown in popularity among the many Japanese people who suffer from chapped lips. Once applied, it becomes a protective barrier that moisturizes the lips while giving them a nice glow. The cream is infused with aloe extract, virgin olive oil, a licorice derivative, and vitamin E, which moisturizes and protects lips, although the cream itself is colorless and odorless, making it easy to use in your everyday life. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular today, alongside the fact that, unlike similar products, DHC’s Medicated Lip Cream doesn’t need to be reapplied over and over again. Instead, it instantly infuses your lips with all the nutrients necessary to keep them moisturized with just one use. The cream’s secret is that it’s additionally infused with oils similar to those found naturally in the human skin, making it easier for it to be absorbed by the lips.

DHC’s Medicated Lip Cream also doubles as a makeup lip base, which no other product out there does. Too many people have bad experiences with lipstick drying out their lips, but by using DHC’s product as a primer, you’ll not only prevent dryness but also make the lipstick color appear more vibrant and glossier. It can also be applied after putting lipstick on for that extra shine. But no matter when you apply it during your makeup routine, one use of DHC’s Medicated Lip Cream is enough to understand why so many people in and outside Japan have grown to love it.

Solar Salt Mire Biscuits (Nomura Irimame Kakoten) / 250 Yen

Local food and snacks are one of the many items that tourists seek out when traveling abroad. One of the most popular snacks at Laox are Nomura Irimame Kakoten’s Mire Biscuits. Loved by locals for nearly 100 years, this historic snack uses high-quality crystallized salt produced by using the power of the sun and wind. Combined with specially-selected flour, the resulting biscuits deliver a wonderful harmony of flavor. Just one bite is enough for the saltiness to hit you before it all slowly turns into sweetness as you munch away on the crispy biscuits. Once you start eating them, it’s almost impossible to stop!

KitKat Series (Nestle) / 350 – 800 Yen (Market Price)

KitKats first appeared in 1973 and since then have become one of Japan’s most famous snacks. Today, the Japanese versions of the KitKat have won the hearts of people all over the world. From the standard chocolate to the popular matcha (powdered green tea) or the many seasonal flavors coming out of the country, the Japanese KitKat lineup is very diverse. Especially popular is the souvenir series which includes over 20 KitKat varieties like wasabi, strawberry cheesecake, Japanese sake, and limited local flavors from regions all over Japan. With each flavor packed separately in its own unique style, the series is the perfect souvenir that can be shared with your coworkers, friends, or family. Additionally, these KitKats have a place for writing short messages in case you need to tell that special someone a special something. It’s easy to get caught up in what souvenirs to buy, so why not save yourself the trouble and get these delicious, delightful little treats that you won’t find anywhere else outside Japan. Interestingly, the name “KitKat” also sounds a bit like the Japanese phrase “Kitto Katsu” (~”I/You will definitely win”), making it a popular talisman given to friends and family members before a big exam or sports match.


Hanan Chocolate (Rock Confectionery) / 900 Yen (Plus Tax)

“Japan has very little vegan, vegetarian, and halal options.” That’s what many people think of the country, whether they’ve visited it or not. And, to be fair, finding halal souvenirs can be a little difficult in Japan. To fix this problem, Haneda and Narita Airports have recently implemented corners that sell halal-certified products, which you can also find in convenience stores/supermarkets in Ginza, Asakusa, and other areas with a large number of tourists. At the same time, major supermarkets and restaurants have also started looking into offering halal-certified products and menus as Japan’s population becomes increasingly aware of the dietary needs of some of the visitors to their country. As a general duty-free store aimed specifically towards foreigners in Japan, Laox did not waste any time establishing their own halal corner, which has been a big hit.

Among many of Laox’s halal-certified souvenirs, the most popular one has been the Hanan Chocolate. “Hanan” means “compassion” or “kindness” in Arabic, and it was conceived by students at Tokyo University in the hopes of the sweet chocolate becoming someone’s “act of kindness.” The chocolate comes in three flavors: Milk, White, and Dark, and has been modeled after Mt. Fuji so that its unique shape would remind people of Japan. It’s one of the reasons for its continued popularity. Hanan is, of course, a popular souvenir among Muslim visitors to Japan, and because the chocolate uses a soy-based emulsifier and sugar without any animal bone char, the resulting product is low in calories, making it a delicious “kind” gift for your health-conscious friends.

FriXion Ball Pen / 200 – 1,000 Yen (Market Price)

Japanese stationery items are sought after by people all over the world because of their amazing functionality and high cost-performance rate. But even among them, the FriXion Ball Pen stands out. A trailblazer in its own industry, the pen owes its popularity to its erasable ink, a heat-sensitive substance that turns invisible under friction from the pen’s “eraser.” It’s a completely revolutionary approach to ball pens that, unlike similar products with actual erasers instead of disappearing ink, doesn’t leave behind any eraser leftovers. People also really love that unlike pencils, the FriXion Ball Pen doesn’t smudge or leave any kind of signs of erasing after it’s done. All this said, this really is an erasable pen, so make sure not to use it to sign any official or important documents.

Laox’s Exclusive Inbound Services

Laox staff provide support in over 21 languages, including, but not limited to: Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean (may differ in some stores). Product displays are typically in Japanese, English, and Chinese. The store staff are knowledgeable about world affairs, and will give detailed descriptions of each product to help customers choose one that’s best for them. It’s one of the things that people love most about the store, and it helps Laox stand out in the Japanese service industry, which is often criticized for not having adequate foreign language support. The fact that customers can go through their tax exemption procedures at any of the cash registers is also a reason why Laox is so popular among foreign tourists.

Additionally, each Laox store is equipped with an automatic currency exchange machine that handles U.S. Dollars, Euros, Chinese Yuan, Korean Won, Thai Bahts, Australian Dollars, Taiwan Dollars, and Hong Kong Dollars, making it a lifesaver for when you suddenly run out of Japanese Yen. The machines also accept credit cards, QR codes, and other digital payment methods. Some Laox stores, especially those in Tokyo, are also equipped with a tourist information center that you can check out before or after you finish your shopping.

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Laox store list:
Japanese: https://www.Laox.co.jp/Laox_store/stores/
English: https://www.Laox.co.jp/Laox_store/en/stores/
Chinese (Traditional): https://www.Laox.co.jp/Laox_store/tc/stores/
Chinese (Simplified): https://www.Laox.co.jp/Laox_store/cn/stores/


When Visiting Japan, Do All Your Shopping at Laox!

Laox is dedicated to offering foreign visitors in Japan the best customer experience possible. This goes beyond simply having an impressive inventory. It also includes tax exemption services, providing tourist information, and offering exclusive coupons to tsunagu Japan readers. Whether you’re visiting Japan for the first or nth time, you’re sure to marvel at Laox’s lineup that includes everything from daily necessities to things you never even knew existed.


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